We were able to do this through the test, app which actually had the 1080p upgrade and was doing pretty well, but that’s been blocked out for everyone, since it got too much attention and microsoft shut that down a few days ago, but there’s another way. If you want to access your xcloud games quickly on your pc, that you can do that, and you may already be familiar with something called bluestacks we’re going to download bluestacks for here, just go to bluestacks.com and you’ll. Have the option up here to download for or whatever the current version will be when you go here so we’ll do save file and we’ll get this installed now the official xcloud or x game pass game streaming is coming to pc, ios console and that type of Thing but it’s not there just yet so this is just another nice work around that you can get in and if you just want to do something quickly in a game, you’ll be able to do that. This way, uh through for your x cloud games, now it’s. Definitely not the best way to to play your games, and this is meant for like phone and tablet type thing. This is the android app running in the emulator, but it does work surprisingly well. The latency is not too bad. I use my xbox controller and if i just want to be able to hop on and do something quick, i can when i’m away from my console.

So i get logged into the google play store here. Once you have your bluestacks installed we’re going to search for game pass. You can see everything i’ve been doing here on the screen. We’Ll click install, it will only take a few seconds. It will only take you, like less than five minutes to be set up, ready to go and you’ll be able to stream your game pass xcloud games to your pc. So now you can go over here to my games as well. This is where it will show up your game. Pass will show up. You can click this anytime, you open bluestacks. Now we’ll go larger on screen here now you can also go full screen with f11 and when we get into game we’ll do that that’s very handy to be able to get in and out of full screen. But if you’re multitasking it’s nice to be able to game in this window as well, you also have a lot of other options over here for screenshots and recording and different types of things like that, and also your full screen. So now, being already a member of game pass ultimate i’m. Just going to use my controller click here and get signed into my microsoft account once you do that you click let’s go and there you have it. It’Ll load us right into game pass, which has the cloud games or the android app here. It’S working very fast, very smooth i’ll go full screen for us now, navigate with my xbox controller, which is uh connected through bluetooth and we’ll.

Just uh we’ll hop into outriders i’ll just show you a game run in here real quick, but this is how you can play your xcloud. Your game pass game stream games on pc, while we’re waiting for that official drop to happen so that we can do it. Uh properly from microsoft, but this is another way to be able to do it real, quick now. This is still going to be that 720p 30. it’s not going to look the best, but latency for me was pretty good. I had a nice connection, it wasn’t stuttery or anything like that – it’s just poor on the resolution, and we definitely want to get that quality up soon for xcloud. But this is a great way, like i said, to be able to jump in do a little bit of gaming, real quick when you’re away from your console or whatever until they get us official, so i’ll. Let you check out just a little bit of outriders here and then i’ll jump back in with you all right, guys, that’s pretty much gon na. Do it so come back to camp here now, if you want to exit the game you’re, just gon na hit the escape key and that’s gon na bring up your quit game menu. So you click that click escape click, quick game and instantly takes us right back to the home, where you can then navigate again and jump into another game. Grand theft auto was just added um and a bunch of other great games on xcloud.

So thanks a lot for coming check. It out guys really appreciate it.