Here i have just completed one month im using my new m1 13 inch macbook pro computer, which replaced my previous 2016 model with the intel chip which i had purchased in 2017 ill, be comparing my new m1 mac to that. Previous model, during this video, my new m1 mac, i ordered with 16 gigabytes of unified memory and the 512 gigabytes of ssd storage, twice as much of each as on my previous model, its hard to tell the physical differences between these two models, as the design is. The same, and there are no external differences, one disappointing factor is that there are still only two usb 4 ports on the side, and this is supposedly the pro model. So i went on amazon and i found this lion way adapter, which has seven ports on it. It has two usbc an sd card reader, a microchip card reader and two usb ports, plus an hdmi port. So this has resolved my port issue, but i still wish id have two more ports on this computer to really make it a pro model. This m1 mac is very fast, just lifting the lid from its idle position. It comes on instantaneously, ive, never seen apps open as quick as they do. With this m1 processor safari just comes on instantaneously mail, just loads right up photos, instantaneously. Google chrome will try so theyre, just four apps uploaded instantaneously ive, never seen such speed. One of the best improvements to this computer is the new magic backlit keyboard, which has replaced the previous butterfly one and tapping on the keys on this.

One feels so much better and they dont stick, which was a real problem. On the previous model. I had some keys like the x. I really had to pound down on it with my finger to make it work. So this is a great improvement. There seems to be more travel in these keys and you dont get petite when typing a longer document. As far as the track back goes, i am mostly a mouse user, but this track pad is large and its very easy to use and it makes pinching zooming and swiping a very easy task. I use imovie and photos a lot and produce videos from my youtube channel. This is one of the main reasons i upgraded to the new mac. Previously, i was getting those whirling beach, balls and stuttering and force quitting about while video and photo editing and multitasking, and this has all disappeared on my new computer, but no hiccup so far. So this is my biggest satisfaction with the upgrade this m1 computer is very quiet. I know it has an active cooling fan, which i heard often in my previous macbook pro, but this machine runs much cooler with the m1 processor. I used to hear the fan, often in my previous mac, with video editing, photo editing or upgrading software, but not in the case here with my new m1. I know it has a fan, but ive never heard it. This computer also uses true tone technology, which makes the images on the retina display and touch bar appear more natural.

The mac uses advanced sensors to adjust the color and intensity of the display and touch bar to match the ambient light, so that images appear more natural. The display is also very bright, with 500 nits of brightness. One of the best features of my new macbook pro is the battery life, which is a marvelous improvement on my previous intel mac. I was lucky to get three or four hours with continuous use now, even with video and photo editing, i get a whole day and more apple planes will get up to 20 hours on this battery and for the first time i feel i can leave my home Without the battery charger im just trying out the webcam on my new m1 macbook pro, unfortunately, it is still the 720p webcam, not the 1080p we were hoping for, but on the new m1 macbook, the m1 chip has provided this webcam with better image processing, and i Certainly find the colors much sharper and more brightness than the webcam i had on my previous macbook pro with the intel chip. Also, the microphones have been upgraded to studio quality with the three mic array and the speakers have also been upgraded to ones with high dynamic range. So there has been improvements to the webcam mics and speakers on this m1 macbook pro. You can hear those speakers on my new m1 macbook pro that are with a high dynamic range, certainly a better sound that came from my previous macbook one feature i really liked and my new m1 macbook pro was the touch bar.

Some people do not like it. They prefer the function keys, but i really find it a great addition to control the volume of your programs, the brightness control, your media and have access to essential features of the different apps that youre using and the touch id button is also a great feature to Have to first of all to unlock your mac to make purchases and to access apps without typing in your password, so im, certainly in favor of the touch bar just in summing up. I know this computer is not perfect, its a first generation with this m1 chip. The first of its kind, but i feel its revolutionary – i highly recommend this computer for its speedy performance battery efficiency, many improvements and its well built and would be long. This certainly is better than any intel. Computer ive had its a very stellar machine which i enjoy using and find worth the investment its been a real game changer.