Looking for a new keyboard for gaming – and here are your requirements, you wanted to be rgb, you wanted to have mechanical switches and you also wanted to be 60 percent, but with all that, you don’t want it to break the bank. You wanted to be affordable and kind of budget friendly and in today’s video i’m gon na answer. Just that this is the new gambias hermes, e3 it’s, a 60 rgb mechanical keyboard that retails for 50 in the us, as well as 3700 rupees in india, comes in both white as well as black color and in today’s video i’m. Going to give you guys my full review from the design and build quality to the key switches to all the cool rgb effects it has and how to change them, and basically everything you need to know about this keyboard. The gaming experience the typing experience, the you know sound test of the keystrokes itself and in the end, i’ll answer your question: should you buy it? Is it worth your money, so all that good stuff in this video and if you’re, interested in technology related pc, related content just like this go ahead and subscribe to the channel as well as hit the notification bell, so you don’t miss our future uploads. But with that being said, this is yusuf from tech, droids and let’s get started Music, fun, Music, all right. So starting off with the unboxing experience of the gamers hermes e3.

You have a very colorful box with all the features and specs neatly: labeled opening up the box, you’ll get the keyboard itself in a form protective sheet, and you have a small accessories box where you have your plastic keycap puller, which will help you, you know, take Out the keycaps in case you need to clean the keyboard or something is stuck inside. You want to remove it, so it’ll be pretty handy for that, and you also have a 1.8 meter, usb type c, to type a cable, because this keyboard has a usb. You know type c port here and the cable is detachable, which is a really nice feature in my opinion, because let’s say in the future, your cable breaks down or it freezes and it stops working. You don’t have to change the keyboard itself. You don’t have to buy a new one, just get a new, cable and it’ll. You know start working like it was new, so i really appreciate gamdia’s. You know, including that detachable cable, but one complaint i have about the cable itself – is that it’s, not braided it’s white in color, black keyboard you’ll get the black cable, but it should have been braided for this price. Just you know in increases durability and the longevity of the keyboard itself, but that’s something you can buy on your own as well as gamdias, can improve in the future, so let’s say you’re. Making a new version of this keyboard include a braided cable.

Now talking about the you know, design and build quality of this keyboard, it is very small, very compact, and again it is 60, as i said, so, the form factor is really tiny, but it is four centimeters thick, which is not a lot for you know: keyboard, Like this and it’s 550 grams in terms of weight, so it’s very easy to carry around, and i personally, like you, know smaller keyboards. My main keyboard right here is the gamdia’s hermes, e2 it’s a 80. You know or 80 keys keyboard, and this is a 60 one. This is even smaller, so let’s say you have a small desk. Just like me for my gaming, you can, you know, use something like this because it saves you space, gives you more room for your mouse itself, and you know when you’re playing games like valorent and csgo. You really require that mouse space and when you have a small desk having a small keyboard, should really help. So you know the design and build quality of this keyboard. I really like it’s, very tight. Very compact it’s completely made out of plastic. It is good quality. Plastic and the build quality is decent in the future. Gamdi’S can improve the build quality. Maybe you know make use of some metal if possible in certain places. But yes, there is some creaking noises in this keyboard. If you do, you know, go really harsh on it, but there is no like deck flex.

It is pretty good and the keycaps are very sturdy, and i really like the you know, build quality of the keyboard overall towards the back. You do have four rubber feet, for you know, grip and just the stability, so the keyboard stairs where you want it to and talking about keycaps itself. They are, you know, double shot, abs, plastic keycaps, which is what you expect for this kind of pricing, so that’s the build quality and design and the talking about the switches itself. These are ortemo blue switches, which are rated for 50 million keystrokes, and this keyboard has all the basic features like 1000 hertz polling rate, uh n key rollover, anti ghosting as well. As you know, the windows key lock, so you can disable the windows key. If you’re gaming, so it doesn’t disturb you, so you just don’t accidentally all tab out from a competitive game. That, in my opinion, is a really nice feature, and, apart from that, the detachable cable, as i said, is really good. Now this keyboard is not compatible with their hera software, so gambi’s hera is not supported on this keyboard. I think it should have been. It would be very easy to change the rgb effects, all right, so another thing that you’ll have to get used to with 60 keyboards. Is you know using one key for two or three functions? So here you have the fn one button and the fn two button. These will be used to activate you know, keys that have two functions on them, for example the number layout here so from one to zero.

These also act as your function keys from f1 to f12. So let’s say you want to alt f4 you press alt, you press fn one and if then you press the four key and then you will be able to close out windows and stuff like that, so again, that’s something you’ll have to get used to. There is a learning curve to it. It’Ll take some time, but in the end you will get used to it and it is not a big deal. In my opinion, you are saving a lot of space. This is a small form factor and there’s going to be some quirks that come with it so that’s that and the way you change and customize the rgb lighting on this keyboard is by using the function two button as well. As all the you know. Last four function keys so from f9, f10. F11. F12. All of these you know keys will be used for rgb lighting, so f9 will change the rgb effect. So there’s 19 rgb effects on this keyboard. So let’s say you hold fn2 and keep pressing f9. You will cycle through all the rgb effects and there’s a lot of them, so you won’t, get bored for the most part. Now f10 is to turn on and turn off the rgb lighting now let’s say in the daytime. You don’t need the rgb lighting, because you’re able to read everything on the keyboard very easily. You can turn it off now.

F11 and f12 are for brightness, so f11 will decrease. The brightness of the rgb lighting and the f12 key will increase the brightness of the rgb lighting and talking about readability and visibility of things on this keyboard, the main legend itself. The main font of the keyboard is very bold and very gamery. Very easy to you know read even in daylight as well as in the night time, but the sub legend, the mini font right here for the you know, other functions, it’s kind of irregular and not so uniform like here. You have it on the top. But here you have it on the bottom, so my suggestion in the future would be to clean that up, but overall, the keyboard itself is really nice: the design, the build quality, the rgb effects, the key switches itself, in my opinion, are very nice all right. So now let’s talk about the typing and gaming experience of the gamers hermes, e3. So talking about the key switch itself, as i mentioned, you know before in this video. These are our temer blue switches, they’re, very tactile and very clicky. The feedback is there and they have a lot of key travel as well. So, in my opinion, they’re very nice, very decent for this price and your experience typing and gaming is going to be really nice on this keyboard. I edit a lot of videos. I play a lot of fps games like cs, go invalidate, and i also browse the internet and type a lot of emails.

I can type you know quite fast, basically on any mechanical keyboard, i can average 80 words a minute, no problem. This keyboard has been no exception. The keystrokes, you know felt very natural. There was a lot of key travel. As i said, the feedback was good, the tactility is nice and, in my opinion, it’s a really nice keyboard for the price for 50 or three thousand seven hundred rupees, at least in india. There is no competition for the gambia’s herbies e3 in the market. Right now and let’s say you’re looking for a 60 rgb mechanical keyboard, you can definitely check this one out. I’Ll leave links to amazon as well as some offline retailers down below. So you can buy this and help the channel out in the process, so yeah amazon, as well as flipkart links, will be down below in the description, so go check it out. If you want to learn more about the gambias hermes, e3 i’ll leave a link to their official website as well. Alright, so that’s pretty much it for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed if this video was helpful, go ahead and smash like button as well as subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell. So you don’t, miss out on future uploads, also join my discord server. If you have any questions regarding my videos, it’ll be linked down below as well, but with that being said, my name has been you, so you guys have been awesome.