The Galaxy z45s weed will actually climb to 275 grams up from 263 and it will be 6.5 mm thick compared to 6.3 mm. Now you might be thinking why there is the case well its because maybe it will feature a spin slot and its also because of the camera centers, because we are going to see some new camera sensors. Now, according to South Korean users, Samsung has created some novel hinge, known as dumbbell hinge or water drop hinge that enables the main screen to sync inside the phones body in order to avoid internal screen from freezing. That means that also means the full 5 will be able to fully fold flat thanks to its newer design. Just like the Oppo Find N2 or even the upcoming pixel fault. Now the primary display will still be 7.6 inches in size and 1768 by 2208 resolution is gon na, be there. The fourth five will actually be a little bit more taller and wider than the predecessor the Galaxy Z4. Now the dimension will look like this compared to the full force Dimension, which makes it look like this. Why the weight gain, though well, according to most recent rumor, the phone would actually replace its 50 megapixel Samsung camera with a 108 megabix of main camera. Seen last time on the s22 ultra, because this years Ultra model is getting the 200 megapixel one. So Samsung is trying to attract the market that avoids full performance because they usually carry the cheaper in cameras on them, even though they are the most expensive ones and according to the source, the 12 megapixel Ultra wide angle, camera and a 64 megapixel teleported camera.

With a 2X optical, zoom is going to be there as well in addition to the primary camera, because these are early rumors and the phone is still quite a few months away. I would suggest you to take these rumors with a grain of salt and subscribe. This channel, because I will definitely keep an eye on this interesting fold – form now heres the thing as a friend I can tell you. The full 5 might not even come with their spin slot, even though it is rumored why that is the case, because the foldable phones actually needs a different kind of an S Pen, and that needs a different kind of mechanism that takes up more space and that Simply means its going to be thicker and wider, or maybe something like that. So, in that case, the thinner S Pen, that we love from the note series or even the ultra models of this in the past year, cant be expected for a foldable phone because its just not gon na work with it, because the mechanism needs a lot more Space, but that doesnt mean Samsung will not find a way to do it. Well, definitely, surely they might, but I will definitely keep an eye on this one. But what your and my eyes are waiting to explain is the Galaxy z45, and here is a first look at the Galaxy default 5. I mean a prototype, maybe the Samsung executive is holding the fold 4 in one hand and the full five.

In other I mean four five prototype lets, call it. As you can see, the fold 5 prototype in images appears to be much more thinner for an S Pen slot, though it is still difficult to tell from one image alone, but one thing that makes it clear is that this phone is gon na, be crazy, thin And much more practical in terms of carrying every single day, then the full four is so put out your thoughts in the comment section below. I want to know what you think: okay, after releasing this free 8K wallpaper pack. Here is absolutely stunning. 8Kward pack called Light Beam on any monitor computer tablet or even smartphone.