I think for those of you who maybe like the Galaxy Z fold devices, but she cant bring yourself to use them because of that crease there in the middle, which I think you can see pretty clearly there for a long time for the entire time. In fact, Samsung has been using their own sort of design marching to the beat of Their Own Drum when it comes to the hinge mechanisms, as well as the way that this display is actually folding and therefore creating the crease. Now the result of their strategies. With this is that you wind up having a crease that is very, very visually noticeable when youre on a dark screen when youre looking at it off axis, as you are now, and the light is hitting it a certain way now. I have long said that, when the display is simply on and youre looking straight at it, you dont really see the crease at all. You can still feel it when you go across it. There is a a dip there in in the screen. That is definitely noticeable. However, the reason the Samsung has gone for this route, it creates a crease that is more visible than some of their competitors, which we will be looking at here in a moment is because evidently this has allowed them to keep these e fold devices water resistant. This is something that their competitors do not currently have. Lets. Look at this image here from the Oppo Find into review for Mr mobile, and you can see here.

What we have is the z fold 4 up here, and the Oppo Find in two here lets. Let this progress a bit further, because I think he probably lets you see the lighting a bit better. You can see there that that crease on the fold 4 is in fact, quite a bit more visible than it is on the find N2, and that is because the Oppo Find into as well as devices like the Moto Razer use an entirely different design for their Folding mechanism, and that creates a different appearance to the crease. Now the downside has been that it doesnt allow them to make their devices water resistant, and that has apparently just been something that Samsung is not willing to do without. They seem to be more than happy to give you a device that has a very visible crease, as well as a crease that you can feel a lot more than on these other devices and the trade off being water resistance. Now we have this tweet here to look at today from Ice universe, who has been a relatively accurate leaker and with Samsung stuff theyve tended they tend to be more accurate than not they tweeted on the 14th, almost midnight or so not that long ago, at all, Samsung Electronics plans to apply the droplet hinge structure to the z fold. Five Samsung internally calls it a dumbbell hinge. Water drop hinge, plus waterproof is finally here. So what are we talking about? This is a water drop or, I guess now, theyre calling internally a dumbbell hinge or or screen folding mechanism.

So what you have here is the actual actual hinge of the device so take my Z fold to the hinges over here. I keep unlocking this thing. The hinge is over here and you can see how it opens and closes and on the inside. This is your screen, So currently the way that the fold works, and apparently this in some way affects the water resistance, the IP rating. Currently, the screen has a much smaller diameter uh fold to it. It has creased much more harshly which, like I said, helps with water resistance, but because it is creased more harshly that apparently creates a deeper crease when it is open any more visibly noticeable crease. Basically, what were doing by increasing the radius of the fold you can see this on the Oppo Find in too, rather than having a very narrow, very thin area of the crease. Very you know its very noticeable very deep, but very narrow youve spread that crease out over a much larger area, which makes it a bit less noticeable. It is also true that, on these designs, when that screen opens up, the screen is actually pulled more taut, which kind of helps raise things up in the middle and balances everything out, and it appears if this tweet is true. If this leak is accurate, that is where Samsung is going with the Z fold five. They evidently have been waiting for the ability to have this kind of crease this kind of folding mechanism, but maintain that water resistance now its important to note that ice Universe, though, is not the only source for this.

There is a Korean publication, which I will link to in the description that is reporting the exact same thing, but they go into a little bit more detail. They say the biggest feature of this structure which theyre talking about this new water, droplet type, the dumbbell type, pins youre, using the same terminology when it is folded, the two sides meet each other seamlessly Im sure we all know by now that when the fold 4 Closes there is still a small gap between those two sides, and this is something that a lot of competitors are not still dealing with when they close they close totally flat. There is no gap between them, so that is going to be a really nice Improvement. If this all pans out to be true, now from there jumping to a Phone Arena article, they are reporting that the device is going to weigh about 275 grams, which makes it a little bit heavier than the fold four. But apparently, that increase in weight is due to an improvement to the camera components. We are evidently going to be going from a 50 megapixel sensor that is in the fold 4, which I thought a lot of people say those mediocre camera experience. I thought that it was actually pretty good, but at any rate, theyre going from 50 megapixels to the s20 to ultra is 108 megapixel camera. Now this is potentially a a really really good thing, because this is not some new sensor.

This is a sensor. Samsung has been using for a while on the ultra phones and theyve, really gotten the software dialed in in a really nice way. So, theoretically, they can just bring that algorithm over bring this Hardware over to the fold five and roll on with a really nice camera experience, and perhaps an experience that is becoming of a super ultra Flagship premium device like the fold 5 is going to be. They also add that the telephoto will be going from that 3x Optical to a 64 megapixel telephoto camera that is 2x Optical. Now they will be leaning more on a hybrid Zoom at that at that level. Right, because now I believe, what is it? A 10 megapixel? 3X Optical. Well, if youre at 2X and 64 megapixels, you could zoom into X Optical, but then youre going to have a digital crop. Thats going to be able to take you in pretty darn far and still have really nice quality and then round it out with a 12mb makes Ultra wide. That just seems to be in stasis. No one seems to ever touch the ultra wide cameras, its all about that zoom and those primary lenses. At any rate, this all sounds like some really nice upgrades to the fold five right, so a less increase, a device that can fold all the way flat. A massive bump in the primary camera, potentially a bump in the telephoto, really all certainly sound like an absolutely incredible device.

I still wish they would address the aspect ratio a little bit make that external screen a bit less like a TV remote, but nonetheless it sounds like Samsung is getting very, very serious with the fault 5 and we have to keep something in mind. Ive talked about the crease already in this video and every other competitor of Samsungs already has a crease. That is less noticeable, but none of them are launching in North America. However, the pixel fold is coming to North America sometime. We really hope this year, Microsofts surface Duo. 3 is rumored to be switching to a single folding OLED and it will launch in North America either at the end of this year or sometime in the following year. So competition is about to really heat up in North America and it seems as though Samsung is taking that a bit more seriously and kind of jumping ahead on their typical, very small iterations weve, seen from fold all up to fold four fold four to fold. Five. Might be quite an impressive jump, and this is something we can all, I think, get very, very excited to see, as always links to all this in the description down below. Let me know what you think about all this stuff. In those comments, I would love to have a nice conversation on how excited you are about these changes potentially coming to the Galaxy Z fold, five. Of course I will be covering that device on this channel as we move forward so subscribe.

So you dont miss out on that guys Ill see you on the next one and until next time stay nerdy.