Maybe, but go with me on this. I think that the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 4, is the best tablet of 2022.. Why do I say that? Well, I say this because I did a similar video last year talking about the z fold 3 and how it had basically completely replaced my usage of a tablet. Now there are two different camps: whenever it comes to tablets, one is people like to use them as a laptop replacement and a productivity tool, and some of that can be replaced on here, because I mean you see its got a pretty decent sized screen on here. However, sometimes you need a little bit more heavy lifting its, not really so much ideal for note taking or for school. I use it for business all the time, though, I was signing a lot of representation agreements, some legal documents sending them right back with with this. So you can do a lot of cool stuff with it, especially with Adobe. However, the other Camp, which is what I fall into for tablet usage, is Media, entertainment, game playing and some on the go productivity. So this is something I will always carry in my pocket. When I first got my Samsung Galaxy my original fold, I used to take it with me to court. I would go to and I would have the docket pulled up. So I could see when the cases were being called up, I would be able to pull up my emails and some client notes and stuff, so theres a lot of viability for this as a portable productivity device.

Keeping you connected with work. The battery life is better than ever. Youve got the stylus support now, which I use the stylus on here all the time. So I think that the z fold 4 is the best tablet of 2022 for people who want a media consumption, portable productivity device and also a phone now youre kind of limited. When you have something like this, you got to carry it around everywhere, its big its bulky, and this is the S8. Could you imagine, having the big 14.6 inch tab? S8. Ultra thats huge thats, a very big tablet, so I got the S8 and I got ta. Tell you Ive hardly used this. Like I tested out in the beginning, I took it with me when I went to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona back in February of this year, Ive taken it on other trips and mostly yeah. I use it with the keyboard. The Samsung keyboard is actually pretty good on here, and the keyboard works out pretty good its pretty neat using decks and stuff. But of course you have decks on here. Youve got decks, wired and wireless. So if you want to have something that you can use and hey, this is a great One: Stop shop and thats the other thing. A lot of folks will go out and buy lets say an s22 Ultra s22 Plus theyve got an expensive thousand plus dollar phone right. Well, then, theyll go and spin six seven eight nine hundred dollars on a tablet.

You can do all of it all in one with just this device, and I think that thats great, because not everybody needs a full fledged tablet, not everybody needs. I would love, though, if they had a keyboard that you could get with this if they had a keyboard dock. For this a case with a miniature keyboard, I would be in heaven. I would use it all the time so maybe Samsung thats some food for thought. Moving forward, but I thought this would be a good time to talk about this because a lot of times people look at the 1799 price tag on here and they scoff at it now, of course, with Samsung nobodys ever paying that right even like right now. I think today is the last day of the sale with Samsung, where they were taking straight up. 350 off and Ive got a link in the description uh. It probably wont work a week from now, but its supposed to work for Black Friday as well. So they did this pre advanced Black Friday sale where they took 350 off instantly so that loaded from what 17.99 to like, 13.50 or 1450, I dont know Im bad at math in public but yeah 350 off and then a thousand dollars enhanced trading credit. So if you had an old like lets, say z, fold three laying around S21 Ultra, I want to trade in your s22 Ultra and get some Top Value dollar for this stuff.

You could get a z fold four for 100, like a couple hundred bucks right. You could get it for a couple hundred bucks. Theyve got the high storage option 512. If you want to get it, and you could just use that now I use this thing every single day. I carry it around as my secondary phone. I use it at night. I make all my thumbnails for YouTube on here. I reply to my YouTube Community stuff on here. I tweet on here. I sign documents on here like a lot of times, especially if I get companies they want to do some sort of a sponsored video deal. I dont even need to go get on my PC. I can do it all right here on this. Of course you can do it on a note. You can do it on other phones, but its really nice, because a lot of people traditionally would look at the tablet for those two reasons that I talked about for being a productivity device, but also for entertainment. This is great. I mean the tablets are so big. Now, could you imagine handheld playing on here like? Could you imagine using this this tablet and holding in your hands to play fortnite Call of Duty war zone is going to be coming out as estimated in May or youre gon na? Do it on this guy right here, like thats, its perfect for hand, size, big gaming and its good for watching videos? I love watching videos on here.

I just got done watching re, watching The Game of Thrones series on here and then, like I said, I use the stylus on here, its so nice, so you get the best of most everything that a tablet has to offer whenever it comes to a traditional tablet. But you get it in a handheld format and you can take it on the go, use it anywhere and whats. Also nice, with this case, is you can take this off? This is the official Samsung case its got a partition you can put on there. That has a stand, so you can prop it up and you can use it that way, so Im still playing my boom beach on here Im playing some other games. I was disappointed with dead by daylight. It really is not very good on mobile. I played on the Xbox all the time, iridescent level. Thank you very much, but yeah. I just thought I would make this video again. I made this video last year talking about the z fold, three, and even more so this year this has been the first one to really really sell me on carrying it all all the time I got the z fold or sorry, the original fold before it was Called the z fold, I used it for a couple of weeks couple of months and I just kind of got tired of it. It wasnt wasnt quite optimized, well enough and then the full two.

It was a big huge Improvement. The full three kind of disappointing didnt really change much, but this one, the battery life, the processor in here they did a much better job. I can actually use this all day the improved camera support. I wish they would put the 108 in here like I get. Why they really want to kind of have the flush camera set up here? They dont want a big camera module on. It maybe well see some more improvements with the z fold five, but I saw this as low as it was under 900 bucks. I think, on Amazon the other day, renewed Amazon renewed, like way way way cheaper and Amazon reneweds nice, because you get basically a three month. Try it out policy. I you have three months unconditional. You can return the sucker if you dont like it. If theres a problem with it, the phones not that old, the phones barely three months old, it came out what August were in November now, so I think that Samsung did a good job here. There are some things I would still kind of like to see. I know I complained a little bit not having 108 megapixel camera and I want stylus support on the front. But when you take a look at this at what you can carry it around and use it on a day to day basis, especially as like a secondary phone, its amazing as a secondary phone, because it prolongs a battery even longer because lets say you use your Iphone or your s22 Ultra for your texting and your tweeting, and you pull this out for work or youre using it for listening to music youre using it for doing your productivity stuff.

You want to do some drawing, and the nice thing is: weve got all the multitasking stuff its easier than ever to open up multiple windows. You get the taskbar down on the bottom, which I absolutely love, because it makes it where its really easy to switch back and forth between apps. So you just press and hold. There pulls up the tab there, and then you can also have the productivity tab over on the right for commonly used apps. You can double up some of the apps where it opens them up at the same time, theres a lot going on here. That makes it a lot more than I think a lot of people thought was a gimmick for the longest time. It may be the first one, maybe even going to the second one, but were Beyond gimmick territory and, like I said its, not a Beyond a lot of people to spend a thousand twelve hundred dollars on a phone and then go spend another six. Seven. Eight. Nine hundred dollars on a tablet, you can get a z fold four, especially with the sales deals, instant rebates, trade ins for significantly cheaper than buying two of those, and I think more people, if they were to give it a chance, would see how actual good it Is at doing all that stuff like its its Top Notch so thats all I got in this video. If you have any questions or comments, then please go in the comment section.

I will get back with you, but let me know your thoughts. Do you think that were, I think there are two different types of tablet users and I think, if youre trying to use it for school, you got a teenager, somebody or youre taking notes in college. This is a great option and it really is, I think, theres a place for tablets, but I think now, finally were in a position where you can kind of have this modified small. All our tablet, experience that meets most peoples needs, and then you can use it as a single only device or carried as a secondary device or just enjoy not having to carry around and use this bulky thing, and I will not miss the days of accidentally dropping One of these massive heavy tablets on my face falling asleep and dozing off in bed because Ive done it and it hurts so thats how Ive got as always. If you enjoyed the video, please hit the like and the Subscribe button and the little notification Bell.