Called second screen turns your galaxy tab into a second monitor for windows, computers, similar to how sidecar works on macs hello. My name is brad ivy tech for creative professionals and when i sat down to review the galaxy tab s8 ultra a few weeks ago, i set aside some time to check out samsungs new second screen feature. What i quickly came to realize is that i had not set aside enough time to really test this out. The way i wanted to so that is what im going to be doing today doing a little bit of a deeper dive and checking out some of the quirks. I ended up having a lot of questions about this, like how does this work on a lower powered tablet, like the s7 fe that came out last summer? What conditions does this end up? Performing best in ive also been critical of apple sidecar in the past. It does something similar. I wanted more room to show what these do side by side and explain why. I think that this was a better implementation than what apple put together. Specifically when were talking about artists and illustrators. Who may see this tablet as a replacement for something like a wacom drawing tablet? So what is second screen? How does it work, so what you want to do is swipe down on your samsung tablet and toggle on the second screen feature and then on your windows. Computer youre going to hold down the windows key and press the letter k.

This brings up some options to connect your device to an external device, so you click on the device youre looking for and youre good to go now on the tablet side, youre going to get an option here. If you want to optimize your stream for video or if you want to optimize it for drawing slash gaming, i i love that theyve added this in here, you can choose how you want to prioritize your connection, so i of course chose drawing and gaming theres. Some features along the side here, im going to check that box thats important to me. What thats going to do is its allowing me to use the touch screen on the tablet and, of course, the pen. It also has some little quirks here, like it accesses the devices speakers, so in that regard, for some people, theyre – probably going to want more granular control than windows actually gives them here, because it completely takes over the tablet. But overall you know, i didnt think it was that big a deal you can set this up to mirror your display, extend your display or be the primary screen that youre, using instead of your laptop screen for the sake of testing, i ended up going with the Extended screen because thats the way i like to use these now in my initial review, i was really impressed by how well this worked, because when i connected it – and i was drawing there was some lag, i could definitely tell there was some lag, but overall it Felt good i was drawing it felt responsive.

I i liked the experience. Of course, there is going to be more lag here than there would be in a native android, app or more lag than you would find if you were using a traditional graphics tablet. But i think the key question is: is there too much lag to still be responsive and feel like youre drawing and there i thought it was fine. So once i got into the flow, it was a lot like drawing on a cintiq and the s pen itself is really really good. When youre talking about pressure, it gives you really smooth lines. I found that it was extremely accurate, so all of the things that youre used to getting in an s pen were available right here on windows. Now i want to be careful here because, even though i think its good, i dont want to go out and say its as good as a traditional screen based graphics tablet. For example, colors get dulled a little bit when youre streaming that image over where a lot of the dark and light areas meet, you get some degradation and image quality. You could definitely see that when youre looking at the tablet screen, even if you go into windows and adjust the resolution and play with the settings, and things like that, you can still tell that youre not getting quite as good of an image as this screen is Capable of producing now for a lot of artists who really appreciate visual fidelity, because those are the people who absolutely love it, especially like photographers, they arent gon na like this at all.

The other piece of this, of course, is, is the lag itself which ive already mentioned, and ive talked about really comes down to how much lag you personally can handle sitting down and inking an old sketch. I really wasnt having too much of a problem with it. From time to time, the connection would definitely dip and i would notice the leg getting a little bit worse once or twice. I would turn off the screen and reconnect it, and it would be fine, sometimes if i just waited a minute or two for it to catch up with me. It would also get better. So my general takeaway was yes. This definitely can be used in place of a wacom screen tablet, but i would say only for limited use if you want to jump into photoshop every so often and and sketch something up, thats good, maybe something you can toss in your bag take to work with You so if you need to draw on occasion its great for that, but if youre using your drawing tablet, one or two hours a day or more thats when id say its, probably not that full time replacement, youre looking for now the great thing about a lot Of these tablets, like the s8 ultra that im talking about here, is how portable it is. But if you do, you should really be protecting yourself by using a vpn like nordvpn, who happens to be the sponsor of todays video nord is more than just a vpn.

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I mentioned there were different settings here. You had the video versus the gaming slash drawing settings. I tried playing videos on the drawing settings and overall it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be it wasnt chunky at all. I thought it worked well. It wasnt as smooth as watching just on my main laptop screen, but it was passable drawing on the other hand, when i was in the video mode, was definitely laggier and i could see why they added that separate setting. Just for that now i was curious. Was it the hardware that was making this work so well? I was testing on a dell xps, which is probably the best windows machine. I own definitely the best windows machine i have. Unfortunately, i dont have any really old laptops just sitting around that. I could test this out on, but i did want to test it out on something that maybe didnt have such a good graphics card. So i grabbed the surface pro 8.. So i did some tests there and i got the same results still good work, pretty much. The same exact way so then i was curious what about android hardware, so i grabbed the galaxy tab. S7 fe, which is a larger tablet that samsung came up with last year, bid last year a budget version of their seven plus from the year before. It also got this feature in an update, so when i connected that to the dell, the lag was here again uh and at first it was laggy, but then i found that it was getting better over time and as i tested it more and more, i thought: Hey this is, this is pretty good.

This is good here as well, so this versus sidecar and what is my beef with apple sidecar anyway. So i said on twitter and i may have said in my previous video. I think this is a better implementation than sidecar, and the people of twitter were like. You got some explaining to do. Okay, so heres the thing sidecar as a second screen, does some things really well, but when it comes to drawing an illustration, theyre just not implemented. Well and apple hasnt done anything to make them better in the year since it was introduced. So what does it do well? Well, the screen quality itself is really good. In fact, i think the image quality i was getting on the ipad pro was better than what i was getting on: the tab: 8, ultra s8 ultra, so the image quality is best in class there and, if thats, what youre looking for. I think the ipad does that better, where sidecar really falls apart. For me is that drawing experience i mentioned before when drawing in photoshop every time i put the pencil down on the screen, it produces a little blob before the line starts, drawing so whatevers happening there. It detects no pressure sensitivity at the very beginning, and then it starts catching up anyway, thats thats horrible and its a complete non starter. If youre doing any kind of line work that has to be clean, so i could stop there and say: okay, i cant use this because of that, but but theres more.

The other thing that comes across here is that the lines are kind of wobbly. There is some mechanical jitter, a fair amount of mechanical jitter uh when youre drawing slow angled lines on this thats, something that happens with a lot of battery powered styluses. That doesnt happen a whole lot like you really have to look for it to try to find it when youre drawing on the ipad in a native app, but as soon as you hook the ipad up to a computer, you see it all over the place. So thats another thing that goes against it when im trying to create clean line, art that its working against me. If im in photoshop, i can pinch and zoom, i can use two fingers to pan around. But again this is not implemented particularly well. Pinch to zoom is fine. It works okay, but panning around that canvas with your hands its just a mess. That thing is you move like a pixel or two and that canvas is flying all over the place, so yeah thats? Why im impressed with second screen its? Not because its perfect in every single way, its just that i think its implemented extremely well for artists and illustrators, and you can tell that theyve thought through a lot of those things from the jump. But what do you think, let me know down below in the comments. Thank you all for watching and ill talk to you.