We have ever durability, tested and yeah. I think i know whats going to happen and you think you know whats going to happen, but theres that small chance, like with the ipad pro that we get surprised this is almost a full millimeter thinner than the ipad pro, though so i have my doubts. The only way to find out for sure is by doing a durability test. I was, however, super surprised that the box was shipped out this thin. We can already tell that theres no charger inside of it. Speaking of shipping, though huge thanks to stamps.com for sponsoring this video ive been using stamps.com for the last few years to ship out my jerry rig, knives and whisper project. T shirts its been super helpful when comparing shipping rates and getting exclusive discounts from ups and usps. All year long and those discounts, i can pass directly onto you guys that way. My stuff doesnt have to be expensive, plus one of my favorite things is. I can do everything right here for my own house, without standing in lines or taking unnecessary trips to the post office. Dont just take my word for it. Stamps.Com has been helping over 1 million small businesses for the last 20 years, save time and money, and you wont, find these discounts anywhere else up to 40 percent off of usps and 76 off of ups time is money and stamps.com helps you save both head to Stamps.Com jerryrig for a four week trial, free postage and a free five pound digital scale, with no long term commitments or contracts.

Stamps.Com jerryrig and you can be up and running in minutes with just a normal computer and a normal printer and ill get back to shipping out the knives and t shirts as soon as we finish with this durability, test lets get started: Music Applause, Music, this galaxy Tab s8 ultra tablet is huge far larger than anything apple sells, the largest apple ipad is 12.9 inches, and this bad boy is a solid 14.6 inside the box. We get the tv size gadget along with the s pen, a sim card removal tool for the expandable memory and some documents, as well as a very long, usb c cable, but no charging brick. As far as the price goes, this tab s8 currently retails for about 1099, which does match apples price for the ipad. Pro, however, apple does not include the apple pencil in the box. Where samsung does this s pen mounts and receives its charge through the glass panel near the camera? Lens samsung is still calling this guy an s pen, even though its very different from the s pen styluses. We find inside of the phones, as you can see, from the s pen inside of my note, 10, plus its very much smaller than the one included with the galaxy tab at least thats how it appears on the outside on the inside. However, once we snap it open its a very different story, tucked inside of the larger housing, is the exact same hardware from the baby s pen its, like a nesting doll.

It still has the copper coil circuit board, as well as little capacitor at the top. That allows the pin to do its gestures and act as a remote for the camera. It does have a larger mounting magnet on the side, but the top half of the pin is just filled up with a large plastic spacer and one additional magnet to keep the pin secured to the glass very interesting. I imagine well be able to see how it all connects from the inside of the tablet here in just a few seconds. Lets continue with the scratch test. Samsung has made this tablet about the same size and shape as a normal piece of paper. Just a tad longer in the hot dog direction, theyve somehow managed to cram a whole screen: motherboard 11 200 milliamp hour battery and frame into a body thats just 5.5 millimeters thick its insanely thin for americans, thats about 10 razor blades stacked on top of each other, And as we see from the scratch test, glass is indeed the top layer of this technological sandwich with scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7.. This means that up here at the top notch, these two cameras are also protected by that same screen. Glass, both of these cameras are 12 megapixels, one with a normal lens and one of the wide angle lens its kind of hard to get. This whole thing in frame on my desk, but samsung is still indeed using the microplastic protection all around the edges.

Its the same clear, clingy bits that we find on all samsung cell phones, Music. The right side is made from metal with two of the four loudspeakers and a usbc port flipping it over long ways. We can check out the top real estate Music with its sd card slot microphone, hole, metal volume, rocker and metal power button. One of the perks of this tablet over the ipad is the external storage slot that allows for an additional one, terabyte of removable memory in the form of an sd card, and i dont want to be keeping score or anything but for the same price. This tab, s8 is bigger, comes with the stylus and has expandable storage as long as it doesnt snap in half, it does seem like a pretty decent tablet, personally im more of a laptop guy, but i can see why tablet people do their thing Music. It also has attachment points at the bottom for a physical keyboard, one hobby or profession. That probably really appreciates a larger screen are digital artists, and i dont want to brag or anything but im somewhat of an artist myself. I just dont, usually use the screen side. The back of the tab, s8 ultra, does have the samsung logo inlaid onto the metal. Personally, i think it looks kind of cool without the lettering in place. A little more subtle. The s pen, docking and charging location is glass, along with the covering thats over the dual cameras: a 13 megapixel normal camera and six megapixel ultra wide camera theyre.

Definitely not the best cameras samsung has ever come out with, but, like i said earlier, this tablet is probably more made for artists rather than photographers, speaking, of which im a pretty big fan of dinosaurs. Like jurassic park, sounds like a good time level enthusiast over here. However, i did attempt to draw a dinosaur back in 2017 on the back of the pixel 2 xl and like i did an ok job, but lets see if theres been an improvement over the last 5 years. You know ive had some time to perfect my craft. Let me know what you think down in the comments. Did i do good with this new dino buddy, or should i buy a few more tablets and keep practicing feel free? To be honest, i can take the heat you know who cant take the heat, though dinosaurs, ill position, the lighter over here on the weather, app icon, since that seems to be increasingly relevant. Lately samsung has put a 14.6 inch amoled panel on this s8 ultra along with 120 hertz hdr, 10 plus, and it lasts for about 25 seconds under the heat from my flame before going white and getting permanently damaged, and it actually looks super cool. The adhesive between the glass and pixels seems to have bubbled up and tie dyed a portion of the pixels in different shades kind of like a burned gradient as heat moves away from the epicenter. Once again, this test doesnt show us much.

I just started doing it. Six years ago and cant seem to stop the last thing i want to check, though, before we turn, this tablet into a foldable is the fingerprint scanner everywhere online says this is an optical scanner, but judging by the minimal light and thinness of the display, while setting My fingerprint im curious, if its actually ultrasonic, we should find out soon enough. Luckily, even after adding my copious amounts of level 7 deeper grooves over the surface of the scanner, it still manages to read my fingerprint and unlock the screen every single time, nice work samsung. Finally, the bin test remember for two years in a row, apples ipad crumbled like crackers up until last year, when the new m1 ipad finally survived the microsoft surface. Pro 6 also survived, but none of them were as large or as thin as this samsung tab. S8. Ultra with the first bin from the back, we actually get some hefty curvature, but no cracking. It did, however, fight back and pinch multiple of my fingers very solidly between the glass screen and metal housing. Now, if it looks like this hurts, i can indeed confirm that that observation is correct. There are now parts of me inside this tablet in ways i never imagined. It is, however, still alive and functional contrasting very much to the stolen portions of my epidermis flipping. The tablet around and bending it from the screen side we get a decent flex, but no creaking, cracking or breaking its still frustratingly in one piece.

Normally i try to stay objective during my durability test, but today i opened this box fully expecting carnage and instead it took a bite out of me while receiving no structural damage in return, and i am a decently large person. So, according to the current laws of the universe, it should snap im not sure what physics defying black magic samsung constructed this thing with, but the galaxy tab, s8 ultra has survived my durability test and im very impressed. My mind is blown and im going to go. Rethink my life as always snag a jerry rig knife for yourself, with a link in the description.