I got a big one here to unbox. I got a brand new galaxy tab, s8 ultra and i got two of them. One of them has 5g top of the line: high specs 250 uh, 512 gigabytes of storage, 16 gigabytes of ram and obviously in 5g, on the other one wi fi, 256gb gigabytes of storage and 12 gigabytes of ram. So i am too excited to be honest. Uh, in fact, im a little nervous, and that is because of the massive 14 point inch display size of this tablet. I just didnt want to get buyers remorse, so i dont know what to expect so lets just unbox this thing, because i cant wait any longer. I remember to subscribe because im going to do a full review of this one, and let me know if you want to know anything in particular about this one in the review. Video so ill be sure to cover that one as well. All right here we go. Listen, i know that most of you still dont have this one. I actually got these a week ago, but ive been so busy that i didnt really have time to make any videos about them. So this is how it is out of the box and a nice cover lets see. I am really really nervous, like you have no idea, because i want to see how it feels um, how it looks, how it feels in one hand i want to test all those things so in a very nice cover, lets see what else is in the box.

Ill put this aside, the the s pen included in the box. Thank you samsung for including the s pen and the box, because obviously it seems like uh in the recent years youve been following in the apples footprints and not including a lot of things in the box. So i dont know how long youre gon na go with that, but lets see okay. What else here this is. I dont know why its here, oh obviously, for the memory card slot. Probably for that one and some yep. This is the usbc cable, but no charger. No charging brick no charging brake included, and that is it so lets Music see how it feels and how it looks. Yeah this one supports the 45 watt uh super fast charging, and this is standard across all the models Music. Well here we go now. Take a look yes, its big. This thing is big. I was like i said. I was really nervous because i see all these pictures and i have no idea how it really feels in uh in person. So, just to give you some perspective, this is a galaxy phone and this is the tablet. I just want to put it right here i mean this is a stupid comparison, but you know its easier, perhaps to give you some perspective, how big this thing is. However, it feels like i was a little bit too worried because its not that heavy to be honest, its just the shape of it, the rectangular shape of it thats a little awkward when you want to hold it this way.

So i might want to hit this surface area, but uh speaking of hitting things around. These are much more durable than the previous generations, with the armor aluminum casing guards. So no worries on that and obviously its got the notch here. So thank you samsung for that. What did i just say they just keep doing what apple does i dont want to see a notch anywhere on any products, apple or non apple products? I dont care what you say. I dont care, if you say its their identity, but i dont like notches. We have a slight uh camera bump on the back as well. If i hold maybe this one, maybe you can see its really not that bad. To be honest in terms of pricing, the wi fi model costs 1200 or 1350 euros, and the 5g model costs 1700 euros and it is not yet available in the us. I cannot feel any wobble at all, so the camera bump is really small, really not that protruded yeah. So we have the speakers on the bottom part, a usbc, uh slot and then uh microphone and the volume buttons and uh power button um. Also, all these come with a fingerprint sensor, which is great, i love their fingerprint sensors and that is it okay. So how do i feel about this right now? Do i already feel regret buying this massive tablet or not, and i think its really hard to say at this point, because i really havent tested it, but i know that i cannot hold it this way its a little awkward.

If i want to hold it this way in this landscape mode, but if i want to hold it this way, it actually feels quite all right. So there are a couple questions here. First of all, who is this tablet, for, i think the most obvious one is probably content creators, if you are a design, graphic designer or do video editing, you definitely use the massive real estate that you have here, that you probably wouldnt, get in most tablets and Or if you are a content consumer, so if you watch a lot of um online content, a lot like youtube, videos or netflix, and things like that and the other question is – is samsung gon na set the standard for all the future tablets and all the all Or all other brands gon na follow suit, or is this just a one time hit and then forget about this massive size right now, im still very excited. The worry that i had a little bit for the size is itll be gone already, so yeah. If you want to write something in this way in this landscape, its a little bit awkward and its definitely gon na youre gon na feel it its heavy. Its heavy and your hand is not gon na be happy about it. Now i mean my hand is already tired by just holding it for a few seconds, but if you hold it this way and you right or perhaps draw its a little bit better or maybe even this way.

So this is probably fine as well as for the s pen. It feels really comfortable to hold. It comes with one button on it and well cover the the button and what it does, the s pen and everything about it in the review. Video so make sure you watch that one as well, so stick around all right there, you have it folks stay tuned for the review. Video again, let me know if you know if you want to know anything in particular in the review, so i can cover that as well and about this guy. If you want to know how you can win this one, just go ahead and uh read the description of this video. However, i cannot guarantee that this one will work in your country. The 5g uh will not work in all countries, but you can obviously work and use the wi fi there.