The notch is visible. It even goes as fast describing the additional screen real estate. You will get with the tap s8 ultra, compare to the 12.9 inch ipad pro. It even mentions it on the documentation that mentions the name ipad pro and 12.9 inch. It says 20 more display by having the 92 percent body to ratio body to screen ratio achieved by shrinking the bezels, but also by increasing the overall size of this tablet. And yes, it’s still 16 to 9, and that is great for media consumption, love it or hate it now hang on. There is more. What i want you to do today is really let’s get ourselves. I want you include. Yes, you i want, you included, let’s, get ourselves into a more practical, pragmatic place, and i tell you why, if you own a tab, s7 or tablet 7 plus, like i have here in front of me, please get it out now. Please do it. I wait very briefly, but please get up. You may be watching this video on the tablet. 7 more tapas 7 plus thumbs up for that. But i want you to look at this very closely. I have got mine here in front of me. Please look at the camera hole and we know this is the selfie camera now. Imagine you get a secondary camera next to it, because that’s what they’re saying right, you get an ultra wide angle camera. So you have two small cameras next to each other here, but stick with me when you now hold the tap seven tap, seven plus here right in front of you, you focus on the camera placement.

Now i want you to visualize use your logical place. You have visualize the screen, um visualize the bezel shrinking around that camera placement here right here. Let it shrink let it shrink. Only this portion will stay and voila you have your notch. So look from a company’s standpoint. I can tell you what samsung is doing i’m guessing here, but that’s pretty much what it looks like you have an additional ultimate wide angle: camera for your beautiful video calls happening and that’s going to be placed next to the camera. That is already available right. So there’s no new re engineering involved, there’s new, no new development involved and no new patents. And what have you so all of this will be taken from what they have already here in front of us increase the size, make it worth a thin and have that additional camera shrink the bezels, and then you have your type of s8 ultra. Obviously, with that 14.6 amoled super amoled display and that massive battery, but from a company business point of view, i guess i bet this is what they’re doing and it doesn’t make it better, but it is probably the most comfortable in the most business minded way. Samsung is doing it and there’s. Obviously, a couple of reasons for that number one: is they want to push this out this year? The unpacked event had been scheduled. I think there was a rumor for the first week in august now, it’s been postponed to the last week of august, and this would make it easier to push something out without having a new redevelopment and re engineering.

The other reason is you: have these releases every year, right, i think, apple and or samsung. They could actually release the perfect ipad or tap as whatever it’s called if they wanted to the same for the phones, but this is up to them because it’s, a business they’re gon na, have to make money, and it is what it is. But the the question i really have is why they are not using – and i have to read this from here – is the under panel camera technology, that’s apparently being used for the galaxy z fold, reality that’s coming out, and that probably comes into my second reason that Maybe the successor of the type s8 ultra will have this and it will come out then the following year. So personally i don’t think it is an issue as of today i think it’s quite funky, i don’t know i have to see it. Obviously i have to see and see how it feels. Are you going to touch it all the time when, because it is so big, do you need bigger bezels? I know microsoft their excuse for having these massive bezels on the surface. Lineup is because they say if you use a tablet, then you want these bezels, but i don’t know yet unless i test it – and it is probably the same for you personally, i don’t think it’s a big issue yet but we’ll see when we have it.