This mammoth tablet. 14.6 inches is absolutely fantastic. 5.5 millimeters thin. It weighs just over 760 grams, and i did find in my first impressions that well its you know as youd expect very big for your standard kind of tablet. Use you really want to have it in the keyboard stand or in a stand like i have now. So has my first impressions changed. This video will also follow up on things that were missing in my first impressions. Ill focus on the performance take a look and analyze what kind of frame rates we get the refresh rate battery life and charge time and pretty much all you need to know really about this particular mammoth tablet here from samsung. I wanted to look here at this ui performance, so one ui now a week later has just been fantastic. For me, performance is really good. Everything is fast, so the gestures all working, good, theyre, swapping over between various different applications, its all really nice and smooth and quick – and i dont really see too much noticeable lag. But i do sometimes see a little bit of a frame dip, okay here and there. So what im showing right now is this was 120s, not actually our fps counter. That is the refresh rate. So what i wanted to do here is just take a little look at the performance. What kind of frame rate is it delivering so under the developer settings? If you go into developer options, you can enable this, which is called gpu watch now ive got it on turned it on now.

The widget and youll see right here the average frames per second 121., so thats good. But you will see here when sometimes you trigger things like the gestures and youre scrolling and moving about see how it dipped down to 84 to 60 to 30., so thats just the way the ui is. But you dont really see these dips unless youre someone that plays um high fps games, like you, used to 144 hertz monitor gaming at 144. Hertz youll probably pick up on that. Okay, but the average joe wont you wont, be able to see like the noticeable lag or anything like that. Often when bringing up just all of the apps there in the app drawer can sometimes trigger a little bit of a frame dip, but its pretty solid. This performance is good and i just go back to some other apps here, so some of them will be rendered at 60 and here its only pumping out four frames per second, as you can see, so this is saving a bit of battery life, so thats good, Really, because why do we need this to be pumped out at 120 frames per second, we dont. You see that when we start to move, though that frame rate then picks up to 120 or well over at least 90 most of the time, and that is smooth. Okay, im not really seeing any lag, its very, very smooth performance here in netflix and its going to be like this in a lot of content that, when its static now, it wont take too long.

That frame rate should actually drop down again, but its keeping it 117 there, which is good and thatll, be throughout the ui youre gon na see this in chrome uh other areas. You can see right now that thats only four frames per second, that doesnt need to pump out much, and why is that its? Because this page hasnt loaded, okay, there we go, but once you start to scroll same thing: okay, so while its not an adaptive refresh rate, it is adaptive rendering you could say, okay, which is a good thing, its going to save on our battery life. On the subject of battery life, what am i able to get so screen on time, 7 hours and 48 minutes? This was at 120 hertz. So if you run it at 60, you will get, i would say about 10 hours of screen on time. You can see my use here that i was doing a little bit of well emulation there playstation 2, a lot of netflix okay, watching some episodes, mostly um at night there, and this is why there was a few pauses during the day thats night time, so standby Battery drain was very good. It only dropped a couple of percent a lot better than what ive seen on previous one ui roms, but thats been one ui two and three and on android 12. It seems to be reasonably good here: okay, a little bit of gaming, as you can see an antutu benchmark now did i run it for two hours and 36 minutes.

I didnt, but i had it in the background because it was measuring the charging times thats. What ill get on to so realistically, i do believe my brightness was set to approximately 200 nets, okay, which is reasonable for indoors. I believe that most people should be able to get between seven and nine hours, uh, maybe even less. Of course, if you game youre, really only looking at about four hours really or less than that, actually about three and a half charge time, so here we go now. This is not the official charger because i didnt get one in the box and im not gon na buy one. So i used my 45 watt power delivery charger. No, in fact, its 65 watts – and it took only 100 minutes to go from nine percent to 100 percent, which is very good. Its almost an 11 000 milliamp hour battery, so i dont think thats too bad, especially for samsung. That is that previous models did not charge very fast performance, so i just wanted to show this very quickly. Okay, i wont drag this out that it could perform better here. Samsung have basically underclocked this theyve, not let it reach its full potential here. The snapdragon 8 gen 1 – and i do know this because im testing phones that can reach a million points and over or slightly under with antutu. If you like your antutu scores, you can see here at least that it could do better.

It could definitely do a lot better, but samsung decided to throttle it or power limit it. The internal storage, ufs 3.1, very, very quick here and those sequential reads and rights – are excellent and the random reads and rights which are the important ones. They are looking very good there, not a problem with that. So ive already covered all this in my other video, but i just wanted to touch base that the performance out of it is super quick, very fast one of the fastest android tablets, if not the fastest. I have our fps counter and resource monitor right there with the gpu and the cpu. We can see what kind of load its under and lets have a look now at a very demanding game. Gentian impact, i wont, bother about pub g because thats not actually that demanding, but this title certainly is on my widgets floating around all over the place here now you can see this is where the refresh rates no longer 120, its gone now to 60 hertz, which Makes sense because this game doesnt run at 120 here its at 60 max so were looking around 45 down to even 32 frames per second here now its? Not because i want to stress this not because its face down on the table, the only reason im playing it face down on the table so im holding it like this theres, going to be my lights and reflections all over the place thats.

Why im not doing it and if i was to play like that, the result will be exactly the same. Ive already tested this in a previous video. So why is the performance here not performing as it could? Ive got a phone at the moment that im reviewing that has the snapdragon 8 gen 1.. It runs a solid 60 frames per second, even after one hour, even in the demanding areas, even with boss battles, everything its a super, solid frame rate and performance. Whereas what samsung has decided to do well down to 29 frames per second on the top settings here, what samsung decided to do is play it safe all right, they dont want it to get too hot, and when you look now with the thermal imaging camera, this Is actually after gaming for one hour, get up skids up to about 36 37 degrees celsius on the back, so definitely samsungs playing it safe. They could push this chip so much harder, but they just chose not to they want it to be cool. They dont want issues they dont want to damage the batteries. Theyve got their reasons behind it, but i hope with the thermite update, they improve the gaming performance. Quick look at youtube so once the quality picks up here of my internet connection or the buffer health, should i say it will run it at 1080p, but thats all it seems to be. For me. I dont know if itll switch over to 1440, but it wont do 4k.

That was a common question. Youtube playback ive not seen any issues with it. It looks great on such a massive screen, just viewing one of my own videos here. So i dont get slammed by copyright from anyone else: okay, thats. The only reason im doing that not to blow my own trumpet here anything getting out of that its still very good and the scrolling performance uh great, okay, no issues, but what i wanted to test now is those four akg tuned speakers. They are excellent, very loud, but not only that theyre rich and ill give you a sample at 100 volume now. So those are some impressive speakers theyre very loud now. Are they better than the ipad pro 12.9? I dont have it on hand anymore. I sold mine, but i do believe they are. I think they are better. These are probably the best uh tablet. Speakers theyve done an excellent job with them and the bass you get out of them, but they dont distort either. I dont see anyone complaining about these speakers, no ones going to go and say: oh, they sound terrible because they dont theyre fantastic and our web camera. So this is one area that the tam s8 ultra certainly excels. I think it has the best webcams hands down that i have seen in the tablet. So two 2 megapixel cameras. This is the main one. We dont have any electronic image stabilization, so you can see it shakes around a little bit, but this is not going to be an issue because youll probably be using this in the keyboard dock or in a stand, so you wouldnt really be holding it.

So if i tap now, i can ultra wide and you can see you can do this on the fly without actually breaking the video. So this quality, i think, is going to be excellent for zoom calls whatsapp skype things like that. So if i swap over back again to the main camera, you see that ones slightly better quality. What i really like about this as well, is listen to the quality of these microphones. You can probably hear that rooster in the background. Crowing really really good quality here, and i think this is definitely the best video quality you get out of front facing cameras on a tablet. Just like the front cameras, you can shoot 4k video with the rear camera its 13 megapixels weve got that ultra wide too. That you can swap over to, but not as youre recording, because it only supports 1080p, but the main camera here, 13 megapixels with electronic image stabilization. The quality is reasonably good for a tablet, but not quite as good and as sharp and as detailed as those front facing cameras now photo samples. Just a few snaps here you can see that it does take a reasonably good photo, the tab s8 ultra. Now our screen, this is what its all about 14.6 inches. Absolutely huge, so well just go into it a little bit here and my thoughts on the screen. Now a lot of people got a bit triggered when i mentioned it.

Doesnt have dc dimming, and for me that was not an issue, but it would be really nice to have. Why is it nice to have well its a form of controlling the brightness and it should stop any flicker, but it doesnt its got pulse width, modulation, youre, very sensitive to pulse width, modulation, flicker on amoled screens, then at lower brightness levels. You could possibly see it now. Ive done my best here to make the screen look and represent exactly what its like. But you see this bit of effect going on thats to do with the glass okay. It should actually look a little bit better, but theres no banding now showing at all in my video here touch response great 120 hertz its a fantastic screen. Now the ppi, when i mentioned in the first impressions, video thats, not as sharp as the tab s7 plus screen that again seemed to have triggered a few samsung fans, its just a fact. Okay, because the pixel density on this model isnt as dense and not as densely packed the pixels as that other tabby, 7 plus, but it makes sense because its a smaller tablet – this is larger. By no means is the screen blurry. It was just a straight out comment to say it: doesnt look as sharp as the tab s7 plus when you look at it closely, but normal viewing distances, fantastic screen, gestures, work, great touch, import, very good. It reacts instantly really.

No one is going to be complaining about this screen because it is a grade, one of the best tablet screens out there very quickly, our s pen. So this for a lot of people is the key reason to get it, of course, because you got a huge amount of screen real estate here to use nice sharp resolution, and this pin has now a 2.8 millisecond latency latency. There is incredible very fast, and i i cant detect or see with my eyes anyway any delay there. It seems to be very, very quick as soon as you write there. It is coming out so solid and, of course, the harder you press. Those pressure, sensitive levels are then triggered and the darker it was going to be so for apps that support that s. Pen support nowadays, of course, is very, very good here, so you can enable a lot of apps that only the s pen is going to work. So you dont have any problems, then, because its palm rejection, total palm rejection and youre able to jot down notes very, very quick so for handwriting, its great okay, really good experience here with the s pen. Now the fingerprint reader has something that ive been complaining about. Its been hit and miss the weird thing is its starting to get better and better and better. It was the first day it was terrible, the second day wasnt great. It must have some sort of why this is the only thing i can think of some sort of algorithm, thats, actually learning here so watch as i test this out.

Thats good, i dont know whats, going on its getting better and better its starting to work better either that or the moisture levels in my skin, for some reason now are working a lot better than what it was in the first few days. But this is strange. It really has improved whats. My final verdict, then, after a week with this, it is hands down the best android tablet, its a fantastic tablet and probably the best tablet at the moment. At the time of this video, there are a couple of areas that i hope samsung can improve upon, with firmware updates. First off my biggest complaint is that fingerprint reader ive reviewed all of their galaxy phones, and this is something thats reoccurring. On the initial release, fingerprint readers, arent, perfect, okay, arent great, remember the s10. I had a lot of problems with my s10, its kind of like that a little bit so this definitely they have to improve that now. Theres. Some absolute hilarious comments on my first video that people said i was making it look bad youre supposed to tap and hold youre tapping too slow. You need to tap faster if you dont hold for a second or so it tells you please hold okay. So its not me its just the way it is and, as i demonstrated in this video, its still problematic anyway, the other is the performance of the snapdragon 8 gen 1.. While it is super quick, very fast, fast, wireless were only reaching about 90 or 85 of the true potential of this chip.

How do i know this well? Im reviewing phones that have the snapdragon 8 gen 1, and they can get a lot higher points. So, im talking about a million over a million points with antutu, just a few look at that benchmark. Okay and this scores well less so its around 15, even over a percent that theyve throttled it back theyre, limiting the power limits, theyre lowering the clock speeds and the thermals on it are fantastic, so ive, seen after gaming for hours on this or an hour, pubg Gen chain impact it gets warm around where the camera is, they could have done a better job with the thermals. Maybe a transfer heat pipe in there, a bit of graphite film or whatever a few tricks up their sleeve to make it a bit better to push the performance. So i hope a firmware update comes out that they allow it to get a little warmer to the touch its normally called the skin sensor, where its warmer, if they just push that up to instead of being around 35 degrees to throttle it set it to 42 Or something we could push it a bit harder there, the screen, it is very, very good. Okay, its bright its amoled, its 120 hertz and ive got zero complaints with it really, apart from it, doesnt have dc dimming so for some people, ultra sensitive to pulse width, modulation flicker with the dc dimming, which is another form of using current another form of manipulating Uh the brightness control it reduces that flicker, so its a shame its not there.

Maybe it could be added with software. I dont know if thats possible, thats, just one minor thing, but the brightness is there. The auto adaptive brightness is working great too. I dont really have any issues with it. Touch response is great and then s pen so for the artists out there. Definitely you want to get it for this. For that uh s, pen, the other things i can point out wireless performance, amazing speakers, amazing uh. It really is quite good and the build in general, very thin, very fragile, but lets get on to then the use of this. So this is why my first impressions was that its a its a huge tablet, a little bit too big for me personally, is what i was getting at. For me, the sweet spot is about 12.4, okay, so the tab, s7 plus or the s8 plus for me, is a better size. I think okay, because i use my tablets me personally, my own use everyones different, of course, as tablets i like to hold them and after about 10 15 minutes 20 minutes its like its a bit heavy ive been watching a lot of netflix on this. So i end up having to just let it support its own weight and hold it, which is fine and its wow. You know an amazing screen to be looking at their content gaming on it. I would do with a controller, but if youve only got touch controls with a game like ginge and impact youre out of luck, and it is a bit uncomfortable with this tablet to then use it.

A gaming like that i dont find great so thats. Why? I said that its too a bit of a niche product like artists, are just going crazy for this stylus, of course, that huge screen you can use and the latency of this of the s pen is absolutely brilliant. So i believe still that most people will use this as a laptop, an android laptop. You keep it in the keyboard dock. It comes with the keyboard dock. When you pre order – or at least it does here in europe – and you probably be having it stood up here in a stand or you use the keyboard case – stand cover. So its really not so much a tablet, more, a laptop that you can use for short, bursts short periods as a tablet there, so very niche product for me still im going to say that that nothings changed its a little bit too big as a tablet to Use it as a tablet. That is so. Thank you so much for watching my follow up one week review.