I think we can all agree. Samsung makes some awesome. Looking screens a lot of people buy galaxy tabs for the screens. Well, they obviously understand that, because the tablet ultra is their biggest tablet offering. Yet this thing has a massive 14.6 inch display that ive honestly spent way too much time watching stuff on its so awesome its like having a little tv if youve always wanted a large screen tablet theres a lot to like here. The wide aspect ratio frames, content beautifully, bezels have been slimmed down for that extra immersion and, as always, the amoled screen gets you, those inky, blacks, great for consuming content at night. The quad speakers on here definitely get louder than the tampa state plus, but i will say i find the speakers on the 12.9 inch m1 ipad pro to be slightly more pleasing to listen to, but then theres the notch. Look. I understand why they had to do it to fit these dual front facing cameras but im just gon na say it im, not a fan, its fine most of the time, but its super distracting when watching content. The good news samsung has some software built in to hide the notch by covering it with a black bar, so no big deal. I guess the main reason to look past. That notch is because of how good that extra ultra wide camera will make your video chats look. It can shoot up to 4k video, which is super rare for a tablet and has an auto framing feature that comes in real handy.

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Samsung is still including the s pen in the box, which is nice. I personally do a lot of journaling on my tablet and the writing. Experience with the larger surface area and improve latency is awesome. A real benefit of the size is that you can split screen with a second app like the web browser and still feel like. You have plenty of room to write comfortably one of my favorite ways to use this massive screen has been as a second display for my actual computer. It works with any windows pc. I use a third party app called super display, but you can just go with samsungs wireless second screen option. If you have good wi fi. This would also pair really nice, with a laptop for a relatively portable dual screen setup but yeah if youre on windows. This could be a great way to get more use out of the tablet. Besides the screen one other thing galaxy tabs are known, for is the multi tasking capabilities. I just love how flexible it is now are most people going to run five or six apps stacked on top of each other, probably not, but we all have different needs when it comes to getting our work done. Having that option is great, that extra freedom and open approach is even more awesome on a large display like this. It feels like with every update they add more and more multitasking options. For example, you can enable this little handle that lets.

You jump between a split screen or a pop up window. The multi tasking experience here is seriously next level performance, while multitasking is also super snappy. I can tell samsung put extra effort into that over the years. So if your workflow requires you to have a ton of apps open at the same time, yeah, i think youre gon na really appreciate the larger screen here, while samsung and google have done a great job, the biggest knock on android tablets is that apps arent optimized For the big screen and thats, even more obvious on a 14.6 inch display, you cant really blame samsung, though, because theyre doing everything they can, if an app doesnt support landscape samsung built in a setting for that. If an app looks all stretched out in landscape, samsung has a setting for that too. The issue is, you need to tinker and play with the settings to get apps to work. The way you want them to and thats going to turn off a lot of. First time, galaxy tab owners. Just imagine you drop over a grand on this. You go in to open your favorite app and it looks all wonky, not a good first impression now for those of us who have experience and understand the workarounds like using pop up windows or using the web versions of apps, its obviously not a deal breaker. But you cant blame someone for wanting a more polished, app experience, though especially at this price.

I was super happy to hear that lumafusion was launching an android app later this year, but no matter which way you slice it android tablets are still gon na need more support from developers. I do have faith that its gon na get there its just gon na. Take some time, samsung dex has always felt a little underappreciated on galaxy phones, but i seriously think its found the perfect home on their galaxy tabs. What better fit for the desktop like mode than on a device like this thats, essentially tied to your desk. Due to its size, dex is by far the galaxy tabs, most valuable feature and what sets it apart from something like an ipad pair. This thing with samsungs, equally expensive keyboard cover and youve got a makeshift android powered laptop. You can even take it a step further and plug in an external monitor and now youve got yourself a desktop computer, all powered by the tablet for day to day tasks. This is more than capable. Samsung is charging 350 dollars for this keyboard cover and, while i think its a nice complement to the tablet, thats a lot of money for this but dont get me wrong. The kickstand with this flap on the back is seriously amazing. I really like that they added backlighting and improved the trackpad, but, to be honest, the typing experience here: isnt 350 dollars great theres. Also, this weird delay whenever the keyboard goes to sleep ill type and the words will show up like after a second or so it doesnt happen all the time.

But it throws me off when it does bottom line. Wait for a sale or some sort of bundle deal from samsung because for 350 dollars you can get a really nice mouse. Keyboard tablet stand and still have some money left over. A good keyboard plus mouse can also be used with other devices too, and you can keep using them when you do upgrade to your next tablet. This not so much, oh, and if you are pairing a mouse with this, make sure to enable corner actions in the accessibility settings. I love this feature and have been using it ever since i discovered it, you can basically customize what happens when you move the mouse pointer to each of the four corners. So, for example, i have it so. The top left pulls down the notification shade. The top right takes a screenshot. The bottom left opens the recent menu, and the bottom right takes me to the home screen its a neat little trick that can really improve productivity battery life has been surprisingly good. For me, i went into this expecting the massive display to absolutely demolish the battery, but it hasnt better life isnt. Something ive really had to think much about ive easily gone through a full eight hour work session and since it essentially lives on my desk im, not worried. It takes 90 minutes to fully charge from zero to 100, which is 10 minutes more than the tabas 8 plus, with its smaller battery whats cool is you can also plug in your phone or earbuds, and the tablet will charge those devices up, so it kind of Works like a massive power bank too.

All right to summarize the ultra shares a lot of the same specs as the tab is 8 plus youre, essentially paying extra for the larger screen and a better webcam. If you dont really need those two things, the s8 plus still has a killer screen and will be much easier to carry around with you for tablet use. The ultra doesnt feel like a traditional tablet at this size, its trying really hard to be a two in one laptop replacement for some of you. It might be that, but most people will probably still be more efficient on an actual laptop. To be honest, i really really like this tablet. If you can work around the app issues, this thing is so badass. For me, this is more of a luxury product. The screen size with how thin it is just gives it that wow factor galaxy tabs have a lot going for them like the tight integration with galaxy phones, the growing partnerships with google, plus microsoft and next level multitasking, but youre 100 buy this for the screen. This is for someone who wants the biggest best looking tablet display on the market, so they can consume their content like a boss. This screen lives up to that hype. Watching stuff on this thing is seriously amazing as usual.