Tech today were taking a look at the samsung galaxy tab s8 ultra now. Samsungs goal with this tablet was to make the best tablet that money can buy, but did they actually succeed were going to take a detailed look now ive included time stamps down below if you want to skip around – and i also want to mention up front that This video is sponsored by best buy. They did send me the tablet and asked me to talk about it, but i am allowed to give you my honest and true opinion providing the pros and cons of the device, but i just want to make sure everyone out. There knows that this content is sponsored by best buy, and i also want to mention that i have been buying my tech from best buy for many years, because they have an excellent return policy and i have also recommended best buy to friends and family way before They ever sponsored any of my content now, if you do decide that this tablet is the one for you, you can help support my channel as well as my sponsor best buy. If you use the link in the video description down below to make your purchase without further ado, lets get right into this review and talk about the technical specs of the galaxy s8 ultra tablet. Now this monster tablet features a 14.6 inch 16 by 10 amoled 2960. By 1848 pixel, so this is also a 120 hertz display for snappy and fluid animations, and i got ta say actually using the device has been very snappy and responsive experience, two giant thumbs up in that department.

Now it comes with an eight core snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor. This is going to provide plenty of performance for doing just about anything. You would normally do on a tablet now, depending on which version of the galaxy s8 ultra you buy, youll get either 8 12 or 16 gigs of ram and youll get 128 256 or 512 gigs of storage. But you do also have a micro sd card slot, which is nice. You get a 11 200 mah battery now thats a very large battery, but its also a very big display. I was typically getting about six to eight hours of heavy use, depending on what kind of brightness and what im actually doing on the tablet, its certainly possible to kill it a bit quicker than six hours or get a bit more than eight hours, depending on. If youre doing something really really heavy like 3d gaming or youre doing something very light, like editing a word document now it comes with the latest connectivity technology with wi, fi 6e and bluetooth 5.2, and it comes with an s. Pen stylus, you dont, have to pay anything extra to get that stylus now, depending on which model you get itll cost 10.99 to 13.99. So this tablet certainly has a very expensive starting price. Now the detachable backlit keyboard has a touchpad, but this whole keyboard, kickstand setup is going to run you 350. Now i havent been able to test out this extra keyboard cover, but from the user reviews that ive seen at launch here, there has been some technical glitches.

Double keystrokes or the touchpad not being as responsive as desired like it tends to go to sleep, and then you have to wake it up regularly, which is not an ideal experience. If youre trying to use the tablet like a laptop now samsungs charging 350 dollars. For this keyboard stand probably because thats what apple has historically charged now at 350, this seems overpriced to me. I would have much rather seen this keyboard accessory be added on for maybe 200 or maybe 250. Instead, especially when there are cases with kickstands and alternative keyboards. That cost a lot less so lets talk about the ergonomics of this massive tablet. How is it actually to use the device now at 14.6 inches? This tablet features an enormous, yet surprisingly, ergonomic feel because of its thin profile and light 1.6 pound weight. Now, if you add a huge bulky case to this, it may not become quite as ergonomic so keep that in mind. Overall, i didnt have any problems using the tablet for long periods of time, especially if i can hold it with two hands or im resting the tablet vertically on my chest, and i actually really really loved using the tablet, while laying down on the couch or in Bed because i im really tired of my neck being strained looking down at my smartphone, because i dont want to hold my smartphone above my head when im laying down and then im putting it on my chest and then ends up hurting the back of my neck.

But with this tablet its such a better experience reading and watching things, especially if you can use the top half of the tablet, because the display is so large. That said, the tablet is so sleek that youll definitely want to be careful when handling it so that you dont bend it obviously dont sit on the tablet. I dont think this tablet would like that so youll want to handle this tablet with care. Now the quad speakers are loud and clear and theyre definitely better than my 11 inch ipad pro that ive been using as a tablet. But i wouldnt say theyre quite as good as the 12.9 inch ipad pro, mainly because they dont quite have as much bass and fullness to the sound now as expected. This tablet is super fast and responsive, allowing you to do multitasking, split, screen, side by side, utilize samsung decks for a more laptop like experience, and this tablet is capable of getting just about anything done that you need to do, though, it may take a bit longer Than a full size pc or it may not be possible at all if certain applications are only available on pc, mac or ios, so youll definitely want to keep in mind which apps youre going to need to use. If you buy this tablet and verify that theyre available on the android interface or find some replacement app that you can use instead, now i spent some time utilizing.

Samsung dex and i got ta say i was very impressed overall with the user experience its a very laptop like experience or very chromebook, like experience, allowing you to utilize windows, side by side, do file management and alt tab to quick switch between different tasks. Now, if samsung dex cant utilize, the app youre looking for you may be able to use something called second screen. Second screen utilizes bluetooth to pair to a pc, to extend your full laptop or desktop display to the tablet interface. This is going to let you use your computer to the fullest extent, while utilizing your tablet at the same time now theres, clearly some compression and a slight delay when using second screen, but it is pretty minimal and overall, very responsive, but just dont expect to do Like full, pc, gaming and stuff, like that and youll, be good to go now, artists can use the stylus of the tablet in drawing applications with second screen now im, not a professional artist. So i cant really give that kind of insight on whether you can use this tablet for professional art, but i have watched some reviews of some professional artists using the tablet to draw and they seem to be pretty impressed with it. Now i realize that using cameras on a tablet in like some concert or something has become a meme, but the cameras on this tablet are actually really good. The rear cameras and the front cameras can both do 4k, 30 frames per second video, and if you need a high quality webcam for photos and video calls, then this is going to be a great overall tablet experience, especially since, when its on its side, that webcam Is at the top? This is the front facing wide angle camera now it looks pretty good above average for a front facing camera, but not amazing switch to the standard angle.

This is noticeably improved and i can see a lot more detail looks very very good. Now. There is a small notch in the display, but its pretty hard for me to notice honestly, because it is a very large display, but the notch may bother some users out there now. This tablet is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but at the same time youre getting tremendous functionality. This tablet is excellent for some lightweight gaming reading productivity, consuming different kinds of content, taking photos, capturing some videos, editing those videos or photos, rendering that content out. Now ive used this tablet in all kinds of situations: ive taken it to cafes, ive used it on my elliptical, while working out works fantastic. Now, since using the tablet a little over a week ago, ive already read eight volumes of the invincible comic book. It really has revitalized my love of comics, because it is just so much more enjoyable using the 120hz amoled display with just a high level of brightness great color. Having an ultra large tablet display is a very immersive experience for enjoying things like comics and other types of art. Now, whether you should pick the s8 ultra over, the competition will likely depend on if you already have an android phone in your pocket. If you do, then this tablet is the clear winner in my book. If you are an iphone user, then this tablet will still provide a great experience in many ways, but just dont expect a fully integrated experience between your smartphone and tablet.

If youre in the market for a premium high end large tablet experience, i can highly recommend picking up the galaxy s8 ultra now.