I mean its almost comically large compared to other tablets, and this is the first time that samsung has released an ultra tablet. I mean weve had ultra phones like the s20 ultra note, 20, ultra s21 ultra and now the s22 ultra, but never a tab ultra well. Until now, its bigger than last years, 12.4 inch tab, s7 plus and the 12.9 inch ipad pro. This guy is a whopping, 14.6 inches and whats crazy about it is that it has a 16 by 10 aspect ratio. So, as you can see its either super tall or super wide, depending on how you hold it its like. Is it a tablet? Is it a laptop well actually, its kind of both depending on how you use it, but yo if youre digging the vibe of the video so far make sure to get subscribed, so you can help me reach 10, 000 subs by the end of the year. Alright, so right off the bat, this guy screams premium its incredibly thin at just five and a half millimeters, i mean just crazy thin. The bezels are super thin as well, but apparently just not quite thin enough to avoid having a notch, which is kind of funny. Coming from samsung, but at least its minimal and your eyes get used to it almost immediately. I feel like samsung just wanted to draw attention to the fact that its got two cameras on the front which well get to in a minute, but without the keyboard cover, it surprisingly feels pretty lightweight.

It could totally be a one handed device if youre watching content in landscape or scrolling twitter and vertical its not as awkward as you think and im sure. A lot of you are thinking like you know. This aspect ratio is ridiculous, its way too wide, but i actually think its a great aspect ratio see when youre, full screening content on youtube. Barely any video gets cut off and then, when youre reading anything, you can turn it vertically and fit a ton of information on the screen at once, which equates to less scrolling. Now it is still rocking aluminum, but at least its samsungs newer, armor aluminum. So it should stand up a little bit better against bumps and bruises, and i think the flush side rails look a lot better than the sort of brushed look. We had on the tab, s7 plus and unfortunately, they kept the s pen charging system on the back, which i think is just silly, but overall it definitely presents itself as a more premium device as it should starting at 11.99. Now this massive display is a 14.6 inch. Super amoled display with a 120 hertz refresh rate, and the resolution is 29.60 by 1848, so its just absolutely gorgeous to look at and it has that premium. High, refresh rate vibe weve become accustomed to over the past few years. Now, surprisingly, its not as bright as the s22 ultras display, which gets up to 1750 nits when youre watching hdr content, samsung didnt even mention the brightness of this display.

But even still i got ta say i find it to be plenty bright with basic day to day usage like scrolling, twitter or checking android police, and then it definitely cranks up the brightness with hdr content. So no complaints for me in that regard it looks absolutely phenomenal watching content on such a large handheld device. I mean its contrasty, its vibrant and, of course, is its just massive. Now i was kind of expecting it to have that new vision booster feature that they just introduced with the s22 ultra. That increases the display brightness based on whats on the screen, but realistically im sure folks are not taking their tablets outside as much as their smartphones. But even still i mean i was kind of expecting to have the best of the best features on this 1200 ultra tablet, but hey because this guy has a 16 by 10 aspect ratio, as opposed to say the 10 to 7 aspect ratio of the ipad pro Its almost perfect for a lot of content, thats shot in 16×9, so on youtube. For example, youll see that the black bars on the top and bottom are tiny. So when you expand to fill the screen, barely any content is cut off so clearly the s8 ultra was designed with media consumption in mind and in my opinion i i think its the best tablet display to watch content on and then for any long form content That youre reading you can just turn this guy sideways and you can fit so much text on the screen at once that sometimes you dont even have to scroll to see more, so it definitely takes care of both use cases.

Samsung certainly delivered with this display and then more evidence that this guy was designed for media consumption and on the go type use is the placement of the dual 12 megapixel 4k selfie cameras theyre meant to work. While the tablet is in landscape which resembles the placement of selfie cameras on laptops – and i think that clearly makes the most sense on tablets as well now as far as the quality, i feel like these cameras are pretty good, especially if you have some good lighting. I think these will definitely step up your zoom game now. It is nice to see that theyve added an auto framing feature like we saw with center stage on ipad pro. However, it is a little bit too slow and a little too rigid for my liking. Let me explain so once its established that youve moved it takes a second to move over and then another second to zoom in so i think with some software updates, they could smooth it out a bit, but i wouldnt take that to the bank and auto framing Only works with 1080p, which i guess really isnt a big deal, because i dont think any video conferencing apps actually broadcast in 4k. Now, im not even going to spend time talking about the rear cameras, because who the heck is using tablet cameras for anything other than scanning a document or something but in case youre wondering theyre there and they work well theres a wide and an ultra wide thats.

All im giving you, but if you do a lot of video conferencing without earbuds, then im sure youll be glad to hear that theyve upgraded to three noise canceling mics and i think they actually sound pretty good. Let me know what you guys think down in the comments and theres three different mic modes that appear as this little floating icon, so you can choose voice, focus, standard or just all sound, depending on your use case now, ive got to say its been very interesting To use one ui on such a large device, certainly the largest device out right now that runs one ui and its actually a really good experience. You can swipe down from anywhere across the top of the display to access the quick, toggles and notifications, and it doesnt awkwardly take up the whole screen or anything. You still get the edge panel where you can create app pairs or folders, and you can pin it to the side of the screen for easy access wherever you are in the ui, which is pretty sick a few years back, i actually moved all my apps and Folders over to the edge panel to kind of clean up my home screen, so yeah im a big big fan of the edge panel and then, with the help of good lock, you can have up to 12 apps in the favorites bar, which kind of acts like An app dock on your home screen and you can have a ton of apps open at once as floating windows that you can resize minimize move around split screen yeah one ui takes full advantage of this display and i dont have any complaints with regard to the Apps that i use being specifically optimized for this display, i mean most of them – are just blown up versions of how the app looks on a smartphone.

But i feel like theyre already optimized to work on multiple display sizes and, unlike the ipad instagram works beautifully as it should and then on top of that theres dex, which is samsungs built in pc experience that turns this guy into a pretty legit laptop. You have your home screen icons that you set up separately from your main home screen. You see all of your recent apps in the bottom toolbar you get your quick toggles and your notification shade and you can open a ton of apps simultaneously. Now, of course, not all apps work, ideally in this format, but i feel like just the mere fact that this software exists and comes built in is pretty sick, and it really becomes even more useful when you combine it with the keyboard cover that samsung offers that Connects magnetically and acts as a stand as well its backlit this year with three levels of brightness. The key travel is pretty nice. It feels low key emphasis on low key, but it i would say its comparable to a macbook keyboard, but where it falls short, is the trackpad, its a good size, its clicky, but when you use it for what it was made for thats when the experience wanes A bit so when you try to move it precisely, you can see the cursor just kind of jumps to where youre moving to it no longer moves in a fluid fashion. It certainly wasnt like this on the tab s7 plus, so i think it could get improved with a software update but ive yet to see one samsung is charging 350 for this guy, which is the same price as apples floating magic keyboard for the ipad pro now.

The keyboard cover comes with another portion that covers the back and sort of houses, the s pen, which, for some silly reason, still charges magnetically on the back of this guy instead of on top, even though you can store it on top when youre not actively using It okay, its very stiff, so it works at several angles, but its so wide that you kind of have to adjust it with two hands to make sure the whole thing bends instead of just one side. But a huge advantage of samsung tablets is the s pen which thankfully comes in the box, as opposed to being sold separately like the apple pencil and its even more responsive this year with just 2.8 millisecond latency. So it feels almost as real as writing on paper and i actually prefer the replaceable soft rubber tip as opposed to the apple pencils. Hard plastic tip writing with it just feels incredibly smooth and realistic and then beyond. Writing there are a plethora of bluetooth. Software features to take advantage of with the s pen like using it as a shutter button or using it to swipe through your photo gallery without touching the screen, so i feel like it provides a lot of advantages to the overall experience beyond just writing. Now the speakers on this guy absolutely bump theres, four of them, one in each corner and theyre again tuned by akg, and they can easily fill a room. I feel like theyre, not quite on par with the ipad pro in terms of bass and clarity, but theyre not too far off and theyre certainly significantly louder.

My wife actually thought i was playing music from our google home max thats how loud they are so again. Further solidification of the s8 ultras media consumption focus now i think the battery life backs it up as well its a massive battery at 11, 200 milliamp hours and it charges at 45 watts. But of course, 45 watt adapter is sold separately, but even with the 45 watt charger, it still takes this guy almost two hours to charge fully. But what can you expect from a device? This big? It certainly lasts me all day on a full charge. Im getting about 8 to 10 hours of screen on time, with quote unquote heavy usage, and it still has some juice left by the end of the day. But all in all, i feel, like you get the best of both worlds when it comes to work and play with the s8 ultra its got a massive display, thats optimized for media consumption and note taking or drawing with the 16 by 10 aspect ratio. Its got 4k wide and ultra wide cameras on the front for all those video calls its got an s pen included in the box, its got decks. I mean this guy is truly multifunctional and you can take it a step further with the optional keyboard cover. So is it a tablet? Is it a laptop, i think its safe to say that its both do? I recommend it all day if you have a use case for a 14.

6 inch tablet, laptop hybrid thing, and i think the overall experience will get better and better, as we start to see more apps become available on android, for example like lumafusion, which is a really Solid video, editor thats, coming to samsungs galaxy store, so yeah a very, very solid, offering from samsung with a 1200 price tag that i would describe as digestible for all that you get. Let me know if you guys picked one up down in the comment section, and let me know what you think of this guy and with that. Thanks for supporting the channel by sticking around to the end always appreciated, make sure to get subscribed and turn on notifications.