S8 Ultra. I mean the rumors came out and its here.. Yes, no one expected a 14.6 inch tablet from Samsung, but this presents the best opportunity. Possible. And as you guys know, I love to game on mobile devices, and this is the right size device to do a lot of gaming on, especially if you dont have access to a TV.. Now the Galaxy Tab – S8 Ultra – is the largest and most premium version of the Galaxy Tab series. And over the years, Samsung has really done a good job in improving what the Galaxy Tab can do. Now. This version, of course, runs the Snapdragon 8 Gen, 1 processor. And thats the only version there is. There is no ex versions.. So if you are looking for that, you wont find it with this device, but it packs in so much more. Right. Youve got this 14.6 inch real estate, 29 60 by 18 40. Something like that in terms of the resolution.. It looks absolutely gorgeous.. The display is nice., It is vibrant.. This is what I call a wallpaper display.. Yet you can go through like Thor wallpaper.. You can have a Batman wallpaper., You can have an each Ichigo wallpaper. Yes. Links for the wallpaper down below, But honestly, just follow me on Pinterest. Youll find all about wallpapers there.. This thing looks absolutely gorgeous. And its just got a lot of real estate for gaming.. As youve seen, Ive been gaming on this right Now before we even get into some of that gaming.

. You guys wan na know benchmarks. What are the benchmarks on this device? You guys know I dont like benchmarks Whatsoever, but Im gon na give you the benchmark scores. So you can actually see them for yourself., So we look at our Geekbench scores.. This is our CPU benchmarks. Right here.. You can clearly see what it stacks. Decent, nothing crazy on there on there. And then lets go ahead and check our compute scores and compute scores open, cl, right, here. And then, of course, we have Vulkan scores right, here.. Now. The reason why Im giving no commentary is because I think benchmarks really dont really matter., At least with a lot of modern smartphones. Its neither here or there right, But we do have one more benchmark for you.. This is, of course, Wild Life. Extreme Stress Test.. This is from 3DMark., And this one is a bit interesting with the stability there at 69.. You can see the numbers a bit lower than what I wouldve expected from this device., Especially because youve got something thats larger.. Now this device has an 11200 mAh battery.. You also have storage options going from 128 to 512 from 8GB bites of RAM to 16.. Now this scores might be indicative on the model I have.. I have the model thats 8GB, of RAM 128GB of storage because I pre ordered mine from Samsung, which was the 12GB version and it got delayed.. So I ran over the best buy to pick one up.

And all they had was the 8 128. So thats all. I can say, at least with in terms of numbers and benchmarks., But lets take a look at some of those games now right, Starting off, of course, with our tree of standard games, weve got of course Call of Duty Mobile. Now before we even get to that. What Im gon na tell you is that Android games dont necessarily scale too well visually on a device with such a large display., Its just a hard thing for it to do., And honestly this display is pretty big.. Can I hold it with one hand? Oh look at that. I can. I can hold it with one two fingers: actually. Whew, its hard., But anyway Android devices, dont, Android, games, dont necessarily scale well visually on this., Not all of them., So Call of Duty is one of them that you can kind of see the artifacts, but I ran It at the max settings and I was able to get 60 FPS. Now you are seeing the screen recording of my benchmarks.. Now some of you said I dont use the right tools., That is Geekbench., And that is a professional tool. And I was getting 60 FPS.. So Im gon na kind of show you this way., So you get a good idea. Now. The next game, of course, is PUBG. On mobile. Now, PUBG mobile able to run at smooth extreme to get 60 FPS on there and smooth extreme ran well no issues whatsoever.

, And we also run here on UltraHD Ultra, where we got 40 FPS.. So its matching. What you get with your standard smartphones., Then we of course checked out Black Desert Mobile. And Black Desert Mobile runs at 45 FPS.. Pretty much set a lot to that in terms of just the gameplay elements on it. Now, thats, actually pretty cool.. So you can see it gives you a very similar feeling to what your smartphone does.. Then we move over to Real Racing 3., Now Real Racing 3. The reason I picked this, of course, is to check out the refresh rate. 120Hz refresh rate on there. And were able to get 118 into 120 FPS, while gaming music playing Real Racing 3., So that is actually good. Now Genshin Impact., We know Genshin is just not Optimized. It doesnt matter what system you use or unless you of course use a dedicated gaming phone.. Now I thought okay, this is a tablet which you can, of course, do more with in terms of just maybe clocking it higher. And youve also got a bigger battery and all that fun stuff., But in terms of frame rates I actually got 45 FPS.. I played 30 minutes in total.. There were two games I recorded for this.. One was about 10 minutes long.. The other was 20 minutes long.. It was about 43 and 45 FPS.. But when I actually connected to the computer, it was 45 FPS., So thats. What I got standard for Genshin Impact.

Now I thought I would get more, but if you think about it, this device is really thin.. If you look at it all around its a very thin device., So I dont think there was any chance of kind of old clocking or moving the CPU higher.. So you can get that locked 60 FPS for Genshin Impact., But that kind of brings to the question. When you have something this big, that really feels like an entertainment, piece. And honestly, like watching video content on this, is really impressive.. Do you want to just play Android games right Like? Is that what you really wan na spend your time on? Do you wan na? Actually play something more, And I think this is the exact tablet size for your game streaming, services., Whether its Stadia or Xbox Game Pass.. Now, speaking of Stadia, I wasnt able to actually play in the games of Stadia.. They must be just something I need to be updated because I can launch the app and once I actually start playing the game. I can hear everything, but the screen just turns black. So thats, something I guess fixed for the Galaxy Tab, S8 Ultra. And maybe just the screen size – just not support it at this point in time., But when you go to Xbox Game Pass. Ah this is beautiful.. I was able to just play all around the house. I again Im shooting from home here.. I was able to just put in different locations around the house, because Ive got something that I can just place around everywhere and game.

And of course you are definitely going to need your Xbox controller for it.. I think this is just the right pairing. If you will, with these two. In terms of just a gaming, experience. And Xbox game, pass played well 60 FPS standard able to jump through different games. Ive played some Halo Infinite.. I actually played that for a while. Finished the section. I was kind of just stuck of it just hanging around for a while.. I also played foot star rise five.. I played some Mortal Combat as well.. You know just played some games there, as well as also injustice too., So it just felt good. And it played well youve got wifi. Six capability built into this device. So give you that wireless connectivity at the highest level with wifi six E, which is also good, but the battery life is impressive. 11200 million batteries. Two days.. I literally used it for two days before I charge. I mean gaming testing. All that stuff on there., That was to me truly impressive, with this device. Now some of youre gon na ask what about temperatures The reason youre not seeing a temperature gun here is because I didnt feel anything. I mean the most you got was slightly warm like. I was just using my like: you use your cell phone daily.. It just felt maybe a little warm just. I mean a little like a smidge to the point where I didnt notice. This thing go warm at all.

That was impressive., So temperatures I think you were gon na, like with this device when you used it. Audio right, Youve got quad speakers, not dual speakers, not stereo speakers, quad speakers.. So especially when you see me gaming holding my hands where my hands are covering the bottom speakers here., You still have the two top prior speakers giving some very rich sound but honestly just listen to it. Yourself. Yeah. Yeah, it is impressive. And I almost forgot to mention the dual front: camera. Yeah youve got a notch on the device and when Samsung announced it, I was gon na actually complain and bitch it. But I kind of almost skipped the whole video without actually mentioning., And I havent paid attention because at least this has a lot of functionality. Here. Youve got a wider angle lens in there, and youve also got auto framing, which is great to use.. So this works well for video conferences and you can also take a quick, listen to the microphone.. So here is a look at the camera of the S. Galaxy tab S eight ultra and we can switch to, of course, the wider cameras we do have, and this gives you of course a better view, and I actually prefer this also more especially for video calls., So thats, one of the main things you can actually do With this., The microphone should pick this up pretty well. And, of course, you saw auto framing and in action.

, So that was actually pretty cool.. All right. Lets finish up this gaming video. Yeah.. I mean, I think, as a package the galaxy tab S eight ultra is solid piece.. I can see why a lot of people are climbing for this. And you know I technically kinda sold out.. I havent even talked about a lot of the tablet features and all that stuff, but this just gave me.. I wanted to highlight some of these things. For you., I mean its an awesome tablet to use. And if youre looking to pick up an android tablet, a galaxy tablet, and you want something you can take with you on the go travel.. This is the tablet to go with.. This is also the tablet to game with. And, dare I say this might be the Xbox game pass tablet.. So if you guys have any questions or any comments, let me know., If you wan na, see more videos about gaming on, say the Galaxy S 22 ultra. I do have that or you wan na see how excellence performs. I have that video as well., Otherwise guys. Thank you very much., Go check out those videos and always enjoy your entertainment.