So this is the galaxy tap essay ultra ive been testing this. For the past five or six days now now, youve probably seen some kind of flickering on the screen. Thats just my cameras frame rate in real life. You do not see this uh flicker so anyway, if you watch my first hands on video of this device, you will know that i mentioned that samsung actually only loaned me this tablet by itself to test it comes with the stylus because its one package, but i Did not get that keyboard case to test, and i was pretty bummed out because, in my opinion, if you have a large tablet, 14.6 inch display like this. You want to use this as a productivity machine, especially since samsung built a very intuitive desktop ui within the system called dex. So i dont know if, like samsung, saw my video or not or its just a coincidence, because they reached out to me a day later saying theyre gon na send me this keyboard cover case to test. So the official name is called galaxy book cover keyboard, but im just going to call it keyboard cases a little bit more straightforward and i have it here: ive been using it for the past, like four or five days already. I just havent had time to make a video, so its a two piece case as usual from samsung, so the back snaps on magnetically like this, actually everything snaps on magnetically.

So it will provide a little bit of protection to the back and also my favorite part or second favorite part is theres a flap that opens up and then you can protect sorry theres, a flap that opens up and itll protect the s pen, because you put The s pen in here like this now its covered up its a whole lot safer than any other tablet like an ipad or a xiaomi tablet. That just puts the pencil the stylus on top and when i take it in and out of my backpack, the apple pencil style just keeps getting knocked off at all times. This is much more secure. This is probably not going to fall out unless i do something really drastic with the tablet now. The bottom piece is a keyboard and it attaches to the pogo pin at the bottom of the tablet just like this, so it sticks on and then now my favorite part of the back cover. You know. The second favorite part is this: my favorite part is that it has a kickstand and it can stay open at any angle. So now you can prop this up a little bit. You know more straight up or a little bit more angle, whatever you like, and the keyboard comes out right there. Now you have yourself almost like a proper laptop setup, so this trackpad its pretty sizable and it is really good its pretty precise. So you have your multi finger gestures too, so you swipe with two fingers left and right to cycle through the home screen from the home screen, swipe up three fingers and immediately go into app overview to close app overview, swipe down with three fingers and swiping down.

Three fingers is also how you exit out any app. This is how you immediately go home. Now the keyboard itself is pretty good, considering how thin this cover is. The keys themselves do not have a lot of travel but theyre evenly spaced and its a full sized proper keyboard. In fact, i just took a test on and i scored 100 words per minute, thats, basically um thats, only a little bit behind my peak typing speed, im a very fast touch typer, i usually average like 100 and 506 sports per minute on a real keyboard. So, even on this im able to get 100 words per minute, so this keyboard, i would say, is pretty good its also a backlit keyboard, so the keys light up if you want to type in the dark, so we look at the top of the keyboard. There are f keys and they are function keys, but they also allow you to launch shortcuts that are exclusive to tap essay ultra lets go into dex mode, which is a samsungs desktop ui for its mobile devices. This allows this tablet to run almost like a windows machine with resizable windows. So now were index mode. As you can see, we have like a windows like set up here. If i tap on f1, it will show up all the shortcuts here that i can do. I mean theres a lot and its actually quite overwhelming. It will probably take you like a week or maybe a couple weeks of regular usage to to learn all these gestures.

But you can do everything with this keyboard, like meaning samsungs design that you dont have to tap onto the screen to open anything. You can set a key to like if you hit f1, it will launch like the photo gallery hit f2 to launch instagram. I think some are already pre assigned like, for example, if i hit the command key and e, it should open up gmail, you see it just open up gmail, and then you hit the command key just by itself. It jumps into app overview where you can cycle through the apps. Now, if you look further f7 and f8 have a screen brightness icon, so this allows you to adjust screen brightness just from tapping f7 and f8, while holding down the function. Key f9. F10. F11. Is a volume control and over here is the finder key that you tap once it will automatically bring up your notification shade. The next delete key is a dex key, so this actually allows me to jump in and out of dex mode with just the press of a button. So earlier i actually turned on dex mode on screen by swiping and tapping. I didnt need to do that. I just need to hold the function, key hit the desk button and i will exit the decks or go back in the decks this keyboard right now. If you pre order, the tab say ultra, it actually comes free with the purchase in most regions.

That is the case in the us in hong kong and, i believe in europe, so basically most parts of the world. However, once the offer runs out, this keyboard is a separate purchase and im not sure how much this keyboard is going to cost by itself. Because samsung did not tell me pricing officially, but i just jumped onto in the us to have a look and best buy is selling this keyboard. This exact one for 350 us dollars, that is crazy. 350 dollars for a keyboard seems way too high im. Not even sure thats accurate, i feel like it should be lower than that, but whatever the case, if you really want this keyboard, i think you better take advantage of the pre order right now, so you can get this keyboard with this package because it really takes The galaxy tab s8 ultra to another level, it turns into a full, fledged computer. If you get rid of this keyboard and just give me the tablet to use like this, i will probably just use it at home. A lot and dont really want to take it out, and i definitely cant do work with it, because i need to type a lot, but then you give me this whole keyboard. Now this is going to be my on the go work machine. I will bring this with me everywhere. I go for a foreseeable future, so anyway, thats about it for this video on the galaxy book cover keyboard.

So i hope you guys enjoyed this video. I have a lot of work to do this week, but uh stay tuned.