Hi everyone ta here the galaxy tab s8 plus sits right in the middle of samsungs new trio of high end android powered tablets, so does middle child syndrome apply here i dont think. So. If anything, this is the one to get. If you want a reasonably sized amoled display without a notch, the galaxy tab is eight plus. Is the sequel to the very good galaxy tab s7 plus that came out in 2020., keeping it real? If i put these two side by side and asked you to pick them apart, youd have a hard time on the outside theyre, pretty much identical and very similar overall, the s8 plus does get the latest processor. Some camera upgrades a more responsive s, pen and a boost in durability after a year and a half my hitab sm plus, has plenty of scratches and things around the frame. So the extra durability is good if you want to go caseless theres, also a couple of other minor spec bumps. But honestly, if you own a tab, s7 plus id argue theres, no must have reason to rush out and upgrade right now. You should be fine for another year too. One of the main reasons i own a tablet is, of course, to watch stuff on it. The galaxy tabitz 8 plus has a really really nice screen paired with a total of four speakers. That just invites you to binge watch stuff on it. The aspect ratio also just frames content so perfectly and because its amoled, you get these inky blacks, making the content so much more immersive in a dark room.

I do want to mention that at very low brightness levels, my galaxy tap s7 plus had this really weird green tint to it. Yeah, thankfully, im not experiencing that at all with the newer model, which is great, this display is still 120 hertz, but it doesnt have that fancy adaptive refresh rate that samsungs using on their flagship phones. You can lock it at 60 for a better battery or 120 hertz for a smoother experience. Oh and i still dont love the optical scanners. Samsung is using here. Thankfully, the 2d feats unlock works great for me, starting at 899. We should all expect to do more than just consume content on this tablet. In my review of the galaxy tab, s7 plus, i called it a multitasking monster and thats even more true. Today, the amount of multitasking options that samsung has built in is actually very impressive. For example, you have the basic stuff like running three apps split across the screen, with the ability to resize the windows to your liking. You can also open more apps and resizeable pop up windows that can be minimized and called upon whenever needed. I, of course, cant forget about the printable taskbar that allows you to quickly switch between apps, just like on a desktop computer. Oh and theres. Also, this thing called samsung dex, which is a separate mode that turns the tablet ui into a windows like interface. You know for those of you who prefer a more familiar computer experience, it kind of mimics that this thing also has legit external, monitor, support, plug into a display pair up a bluetooth, keyboard plus mouse, and you got yourself a decent home computer.

Keep in mind this still runs android apps, so dont go throwing away your laptop just yet. Everyone uses the computers differently so definitely give it a test run to see if dex can handle every task in your workflow, i will say for basic computing needs. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised by the experience real, quick now that im pregnant. The last thing i want to do is commute to a grocery store, to buy, groceries or stress about what to cook the pregnancy. Symptoms are real thats. Why? I was so thrilled for todays, sponsor hellofresh its amazing to have healthy, well thought out. Meals delivered straight to my door. Hellofresh makes planning meals a breeze. They offer a huge variety of star recipes to choose from so no matter what im craving i can get my hands on it. The recipes are easy to follow and come with pre portioned ingredients, so no waste and no fuss. I also love that they source fresh produce directly from farmers, so i always know that what ill be getting is not only going to be delicious, its going to be wholesome and good for me and my baby. Try it out for yourself ill, go on over to hellofresh.com and use my code tauwin16 to get up to 16 free meals, plus three surprise. Gifts and free shipping ive been able to get on average about seven hours of screen on time with, like ninety percent of that time, spent working in google docs side by side with the internet browser.

I also like to have some calm music playing on youtube via picture and picture. Over the weekend. I streamed netflix on this non stop and after like 10 hours, there was still like 25 battery left to spare in terms of charging like their phones, theres, no charging. Brick in the box, it takes about 80 minutes to fully charge using a 45 watt charger. If you use an older 15 watt, charger expect upwards of three hours to go from zero to 100. For that reason, id recommend at least a 25 watt, brick. What you will get in the box is the s pen stylus im, not a student but im one of those people that still takes plenty of notes. I just find it helpful for retaining information like you, wouldnt, do a complex, math equation in your head right, so it just helps when i write things down. Ive always found the tips of the s pen to provide that little bit of friction, which makes it feel more natural. They dropped the latency down from 9 to 2.8 milliseconds and, yes, i do notice the slight difference, even if youre, not an artist or notetaker its a great tool with a bunch of useful features. I personally really like smartselect for capturing precise screenshots. If youre not a fan of the s pens build, there are other alternatives on the market like this one from lamy, it feels way nicer and even has the button, because its identical in build, if you do choose to upgrade from the tab s7 plus, you can Continue to use the same keyboard cover, i have to say this magnetic kickstand is the best thing ever like.

I just love. How versatile this thing is. Theyve also got a slim version, but it uses a different design and doesnt have a trackpad in terms of performance. Like i mentioned, this, has the latest processor, the one in the tab, sm plus, is like two or three generations behind at this point. For my use case, though, i dont feel a massive difference. Everything i basically do on these tablets works pretty much the same. That includes things like chopping out, 4k footage or like gaming, that might change in a year or two as more demanding apps start to show up were at the point where software is, what truly enhances the experience and you got ta give them some credit. We complained about janky animations, they worked on it. We complained about unoptimized apps, with wonky rotation samsung built in solutions to help with that. The battle now is with the lack of professional apps, hopefully with lumafusion coming over and google being interested in tablets. Again, we start seeing that change too samsung tablets have come a long way, even if youre, a 100 team ipad, you got ta, admit theyre, doing some really cool stuff here more competition is always a good thing right. The partnerships are starting to pay off too. The microsoft integration is great for those who prefer windows. I especially love the second screen feature that allows you to use the galaxy tabs to expand your workspace. As for google, we now have access to android messages on the galaxy tabs, so for those of us who prefer that over samsung messages on our phones, you wont miss out on the integration with the tablets.

At times it does feel like theres, too many cooks in the kitchen. If you know what i mean, youve got three big companies all trying to sway you to use their apps and services, which can be a little confusing for consumers. If you own a galaxy phone, it should play real nice with this tablet. Youll, of course be able to take calls right on the tablet and with quick share or samsung flow. Transferring files back and forth is super convenient all right, so check this out. Im going to snap a quick picture and then quick share it to the tab, Music and bam there. It is pretty neat. Alternatively, i could use samsung flow and it essentially does the same thing very cool if using a cloud service isnt your jam Music, all right. If youre choosing between the trio of tablets that samsung launched this year, i think the galaxy tab s8 plus, is a perfect middle ground. The ultra is likely too big for most people and the smaller tab, s8 misses out on that amoled screen. This thing is amazing for content consumption, its a multitaskers dream and dex provides a great middle ground for those who have very basic, laptop or computer needs. Samsung still got some work to do to prove that high end android tablets are worth it, but i also feel a lot more comfortable recommending galaxy tabs now that i know theyll be supported for four years with os updates and a fifth year with security updates.

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