S8 plus current pricing on this is 899 bucks. So if you pay full price yeah, this ones gon na be expensive. Actually i probably wouldnt buy this if i was paying full price. Luckily, i was able to trade in a tablet on this one im, not sure if theyre gon na still have their pre order deals by the time i post this video, but really you could get this down to 299 bucks depending on what youre trading in i Dont know for me, i feel like if you think the ultra is a little bit too big. This plus version might be just the right size. You still get the 120 hertz super amoled display that youre gon na get on the ultra its a little bit smaller. At 12.4 inches versus 14.6, you get the same: snapdragon 8 gen. 1 processor. You only get eight gigabytes of ram. Although i got that version on the ultra. It seems to have plenty of power. You get 128 or 256 gigabytes of storage, so youre not going to get that 512 gigabytes that you can get on the ultra, but still 256 is quite a bit of storage. You can also expand up to one terabyte using a micro sd card, and then you get a slightly smaller battery 10 090 milliamp hour versus 11 200 youre, also going to get wi, fi, 6e, 2.4, 5 gigahertz and 6 gigahertz plus. You can also get the 5g version as well.

Youre also going to get three different color options. Instead of just graphite, you can also choose silver or pink. Gold resolution is 2800 by 1752 youre gon na get the same s pen same on display fingerprint reader. As you get on the larger ultra version, pretty much the same camera setup, the main difference is you dont get the extra 12 megapixel front facing camera, but this one is still the ultra wide lens youre gon na get the same four akg stereo speakers with dolby Atmos and then, of course, since this is a little bit smaller, its only gon na be 1.27 pounds versus 1.6. So, as you can see, youre gon na get a lot of the features that you get on. The ultra version add a little bit smaller size, not to mention cheaper and then, depending on what kind of screen you like, i feel like the amoled display is going to be better than the smaller 11 inch lcd display you get on the regular tab. S8 specs on this one are going to be identical to the smaller regular tab. Essay except you have a super amoled display and its a little bit larger. Now, if you like tablets, phones and other tech consider hitting that subscribe button, i try to cover as much on the channel as possible and ill be posting more videos this year than ever before. As you can see super thin box here, unfortunately, they dont include the usb wall adapter, but you can either just use what you currently have or get the 45 watt fast charger which is going to charge this up super fast.

So it looks like you get the same, usb c to usb c charging cable as the regular and the ultra versions, and then your tool for microsd card or sim card, depending on which version you get and your quick start guide terms and conditions. It looks like, regardless of which color you get. You still get the same black s, pen, okay, so ive got the silver color here, really nice, matte aluminum, but now that ive seen the graphite color on the ultra. I dont know its kind of tough on which one i like better. I guess the good thing is they both look good funny how this tablet feels so much smaller. Now that ive used the ultra on the right hand, side youve got your power and volume buttons there towards the bottom. Is your micro sd card or sim card tray? Then you get your two speakers on each side: charging port. Then you have the pogo pins there on the bottom. Now, when setting up you get face recognition, fingerprints, pattern, pen and password okay, so it looks pretty much just like the regular tab. S8 lets just change up this wallpaper real, quick. Nice thing is, if you change the wallpaper its gon na change, all the accent colors to sort of go with that wallpaper, so thats kind of nice cant say i like that. One okay, im, not sure if i like that, one that much either im gon na switch this to dark mode.

It just looks a little bit better on camera, so so its using about 21 of the 128 gigabyte storage. I think thats pretty similar to the other. Two tablets – i just looked at if you swipe left of the home screen youre going to get the google discover or google news feed as i like to call it. Nice thing is: if you want to change that, to samsung free just hold down on the home screen swipe over and then you can choose, google discover or samsung free when you swipe up youre gon na see most of your typical apps here from samsung google, you Got a few from microsoft and most of your other typical stuff here, like phone messages, theyve also added a couple things like spotify netflix up with the notification shade youre going to get most of your typical stuff as well like wi, fi, sound bluetooth, auto rotate airplane Mode flashlight power saving youve also got location screen. Recorder, quick share, youve got samsung, dex smart view nearby share. I comfort shield youve also got do not disturb calling text on other devices. Youve also got second screen, which is actually a pretty cool feature. If you havent tried it, you basically just connect this to a windows pc and its really simple. I may have to include that in a video later, youve also got dolby atmos and scan qr code and then very similar to other galaxy tabs. You get some shortcuts over here on the side.

You can customize that or you can also add different apps over there. If you tap on the pencil its going to give you some tips here for the s pen, you can also write something in the search bar and its going to convert that to text and then youve got air actions where you can control stuff. Like your camera. App theres really just a lot of different stuff. You can do with the s pen and then youve got shortcuts. Like create note view all notes. Smart select, screen, write, live messages ar doodle, translate, pin up or you can add just about any other app. Then all you have to do to charge, it is just put it right there on the back. Okay, fingerprint scanner seems to work pretty good on here. This might be better than my pixel 6 pro i dont know you can go up to 2160p resolution when watching youtube videos, full hd, playback resolution, while watching netflix i mean, if you think the plus version feels big. It actually feels pretty small. Next to the ultra. I mean it may not look that much different sitting next to each other. In this video, you do have a little bit smaller bezels there on the ultra versus the plus version, but when youre using these two yeah youre gon na notice a huge difference, nice thing is: i actually got the new keyboard book cover included when i bought this Or if you already have the older keyboard cover from the tab, s7 plus or s7 fe that one works on here as well, so you can connect that in a mouse use, samsung dex and be a little more productive overall.

Just really nice feature to have, and really this is one of the closest ways you can get to using a regular laptop on a tablet. Now the geekbench scores are going to be very similar to the regular tab s8, mainly because i have the 128 gigabyte storage. Eight gigabytes of ram, so its not really a surprise and then gaming on this. Its gon na be very similar to the regular tab sa its even beating out flagship phones like the galaxy s21 ultra very comparable to the tab. S7. Maybe slightly better when testing out pubg mobile and asphalt 9., i didnt have any overheating issues or anything like that. Graphics, look, nice and smooth, and the games seem to load fairly, quick as well on games like pubg mobile, you get hd graphics, high frame rates, but you can adjust those up to ultra hd and extreme frame rates if you want to without any problems. Now the tablet will get a little bit warmer, but overall definitely good performance on here, heres, a quick audio test. Just to give you an idea of what these speakers sound, like Applause, Music, Music, Laughter, Music, its gon na be pretty much the same camera app that you get on the regular essay and the ultra youve got portrait photo video and then more youve got pro pro Video single take night mode, food panorama, hyperlapse and portrait video now for video resolution, youre going to get 4k 30 frames per second on the rear facing camera and then 1080p 30 frames per second theyre on the front facing camera.

Pretty quick, shutter speed there and you can see a lot of detail in photos here so yeah. If youre wanting a tablet for zoom meetings, this is probably going to be one of the best ones you can get. Let me give you a few samples of photos and video just to give you an idea of what to expect on the new galaxy tab, s8 plus now. The camera quality on this tablet is actually really good, especially for a tablet. Portrait mode actually works really good. With pets, or in this case, stuffed animals, i mean theyre still not quite as good as flagship cell phones, but still really good. The other thing i did notice is the autofocus on the front facing camera seemed a little bit slow to adjust, maybe thatll be fixed in a future update, not really that big a deal, but just something i noticed so. Hopefully this gave you a little closer look at the galaxy tab, s8 plus to get all the features of the tab s8 and most of the features of the more expensive ultraversion with the super amoled display. So if youve made it this far into the video, you may want to say thanks by subscribing and dont forget to give a thumbs up. If this video was helpful, this is brian from fishbee productions.