I actually thought i made this video, but apparently i hadnt this is my galaxy tab. S7 fe here versus my galaxy tab. S7, that you see there with the fireplace in there so battle. Video here lets go ahead and jump in Music, all right, starting off with the price breakdown. Here, the samsung galaxy tab, x7 fe is going to run you 530 for the wi fi version, and you all if youve been watching channel. You already know how i feel about that price, but but, as of the shooting of this video, you can actually get it at a discounted price of four hundred and seventy dollars on amazon, which is you know, lets say its better than five hundred and thirty dollars. On the other hand, the galaxy tab has seven thats going to run you 650. I wasnt able to find a discounted price as of now but im sure if you keep looking youll, be able to find it because i know quite a few. You know, stores are kind of running these discounts up and down every now and then they would drop like a deal and then, after that they will close that back up. So, if youre interested in a tablet 7 just make sure that you do your own share of research on the internet, especially during the holidays, even with black friday coming up here, you know you might be able to find something good, but anyway, let me stop rambling Here and just jump on design here so as far as design goes, they both will look very much alike.

The galaxy tab s7 fe here will seem more like a like the you know: jumbo version of the galaxy tab – seven, except its slightly less premium to the feel its a slightly less premium tablet compared to the galaxy tab s7, not only to the look, but also At the touch now, even though theyre very similar on so many points, theyre also very very different on a lot of other points, including, of course, you know performance. These two tablets actually play in two completely separate categories now, sticking to just physical features. Here they both offer storage expansion via the micro sd card slot, of course, and both have a usb type c port that supports video out, which is always crucial for productivity. I was actually happy to see that on the galaxy tab – seven fe now the speakers on either one of these tablets are tuned by akg and on the galaxy tab. S7 fe. You have a dual setup for those two speakers, whereas the regular galaxy tab s7 has a quad setup. So you are looking at four speakers and sound quality is great on either one of these two, but just louder on the galaxy tab. S7. One of the physical things that they dont share is biometrics right and im talking specifically in terms of fingerprint scanner on the galaxy tab at 7. Fe here you dont have one, but on the galaxy tab s7 the fingerprint sensor is embedded in the power button.

So on the fe, the power button is just a power button. Just a regular button now lets talk. Cameras, real quick, the camera modules may look alike at first glance, as you can see here, but they are also very very different. You see that the galaxy tab s7 fe there is actually only pushing one lens and its an 8 megapixel that can do 4k videos. Then you will have a 5 megapixel front facing camera, whereas the camera module on the galaxy tab at 7d, regular galaxy type s7 is actually housing, two cameras or two lenses. You have a 13 megapixel and a 5 megapixel ultra wide lens on that camera module and it can record 4k videos on the front facing camera. You will find an 8 megapixel, so obviously you get better cameras with the regular galaxy tab. Seven and going back to the camera module. You will also notice that the s pen pad has the same finish as the overall back of the tablet here on the galaxy tab: x7 fe. Whereas on the galaxy tab s7 or the regular type of s7, it has more of a premium glossy finish here, so its a kind of a black glossy finish for that s, pen pad and speaking of s pen here, theyre both obviously compatible with the samsung s. Pen and on the galaxy tablet, 7 fe: you will have it running the standard s pen functions as stylus would so taking down.

Also, you know, jotting down, notes, drawing cropping all that good stuff, all the standard stuff that the samsung s pen offer. You will have that available on the s pen that you will find on the fe. Now on the tab. S7. You will also have an s pen that supports all of those same standard functions, but also a ton of additional premium features only available on the flagship lineup of things right. So, just like you would have access to those same features. You have on the galaxy note, which is a flagship phone right and by the way, im, certainly hoping that you are enjoying the content so far and if you are truly appreciate that please do me a favor hit both the like and the subscribe button. Thats a tremendous boost to this channel and again i truly appreciate that anyway, so when it comes down to just overall user experience of the s pen on either one of these tablets, theyre pretty much the same, except on the galaxy tab, s7 youre going to have A bunch more features now i want to go ahead and talk performance between the two, but before we do so were gon na talk about that in a minute before we do so lets, go ahead and jump on display. They both share the same type of display, but we got ta stop here and say: theyre, not really the same types of display right in terms of user experience.

Overall user experience, as i mentioned earlier, the galaxy tab. Seven fe is a pretty large tablet right. So youre, looking at a 12.4 inches tft display with a resolution of 2560 by 1600, the galaxy tab s7 is pushing an 11 inches tft display as well with that. You know that same resolution of 2560 by 1600, so you might think same type of display. Same resolution whats the big deal right should be pretty much the same user experience except the other one is large, but nah. You know thats not how that works. You know thats like comparing two cars lets say you have two cars. Each has a thousand horsepower, except one of them – weights 2 000 pounds less than the other car right. If they were racing, youd know that the lighter car is likely to win. But let me add some details here. You have the same resolution but a smaller display in that galaxy. Tab s7, bringing the ppi at up to 270 thats the density, as opposed to only 243 in terms of ppi density on the galaxy tab, s7, fe and, of course, making image quality much sharper on the regular galaxy tab. Seven, when compared to the galaxy tab, seven fe and on top of that the tab s7 is pushing a high refresh rate at you know: 120 hertz. So everything is super smooth here when compared to 60hz, you know half the refresh rate level on the galaxy tab.

X7, fe, and that, of course, is going to offer you an overall, better user experience, at least in my case thats. How i feel personally about it and also based off of those specs, now lets talk performance, the galaxy tab, seven fe, wi fi is loaded with a snapdragon 775 and its coupled with four gigs of ram, and you also have 64 gigs of base internal storage. Now the tab s7, on the other hand, is boasting a snapdragon 865 plus, and that one is coupled with six gigs of ram and the base storage here is 128 gigs. These are things that you got to keep in mind if you were shopping for either. One of these two and, as you can see, based off of those specs already, and i can tell you based off those specs already. It is also reflected on the actual performance on real life performance of these two tablets, the galaxy tab. Seven fe is a mid range tablet based off the specs that i just went over. You can tell its a mid range tablet: the tab s7. The regular type s7 is a pro tablet, a productivity type, its actually made for productivity, but dont get me wrong. That doesnt mean that the tablet 7 fe is not good, its actually pretty good its pretty snappy and can do quite a few things, and it can do those things very well. I might add so light moderate or even some heavy tasks are handled pretty well on.

Here the galaxy tablet 7, on the other hand, as i highlighted, is a flagship tablet, so flagship specs, just like i went over already. It can do everything the galaxy tab s7fe can do, but for all of your light everyday tasks, you know medium or moderate tasks. Type of thing, you wont notice a difference between the two, but, as you get to heavier tasks and project thats, when you start noticing that very palpable difference, you will feel the true power of the galaxy type of seven, so its an overall superior tablet when it Comes down to performance thats, just the basic and simple way to put it now, both tablet or each tablet is running android 11 with one ui 3.1 and pretty fluid again. As i mentioned, when you go to heavy stuff, the galaxy tab, seven would be your guy and things are just smoother on the top s7. They also both support, samsung decks. Of course, productivity. I mentioned earlier the galaxy tab. S7 is a productivity tablet, so you will be able to boost your productivity using samsung dex. So you would have samsung dex on these hybrid seven fe samsung decks on the galaxy tab. S7. They both work pretty well, but actually go really heavy. The tab. Seven is gon na handle things better than the galaxy type x7 fv youre. Also going to be able to you know, do some gaming light medium. You know heavy gaming youll be able to do that also handled pretty well on the tab s7 when compared to the tab, s7 fe, which is just a mid range tablet by the way, this is more of a comparison of a mid range tablet to a pro Tablet, thats really what it is now in terms of battery the galaxy type of 7 battery will also last longer than that of the galaxy type s7 fe, despite the fact that it has a larger battery.

So the fe has a larger battery, but samsung advertises 10 hours, whereas the galaxy tablet 7 is actually advertised for 14 hours. So you have 14 hours, 8. 000 milliamp. I believe 8 000 milliampere galaxy tab is 7 up to 14 hours and you have 10 090 milliamp on the tablet, seven fe, which is actually the same as the gaussian tab, seven plus, but you only get 10 to about 11 hours. I believe so slightly better battery again pro tablet versus mid range tablet, so why would you even hesitate right? This is just my way of saying the tablet 7fe ive said this since the beginning is just not priced right, which is the reason why samsung is cutting down prices, its playing with prices right now they cut it down to 480. At one point, i think at one point it was like 460 because just people are just saying why would i buy that when i could just go buy? You know galaxy tab, seven at least in the us. I know in some other regions. You know they dont have much choices. I know in india, for example, at one point they were out of the galaxy type s7 and just i guess, kind of forcing people to go, buy the tab, seven fe. You know people didnt have choices. I used to go through comments: lots of people from india saying hey. What should i do? You know. The only thing that we have here is the tablet: 7 fe, no tab s7 and some other places where theyd have the tab.

S7. The price is just so freaking high. You know that they dont have a choice but to go for the type of seven fe, but anyway that was kind of ranted there for a second anyway, getting back to this battle here, you know with everything that ive said there are people who, just long for A large display or who would take as much real estate, you know as much screen real estate as they can, which is understandable. I know a lot of artists you know, would prefer to go with a larger tablet, even if its in mid range, rather than going for a smaller tablet, thats more powerful. You know with you, know better specs and things like that. So for those people, obviously the galaxy tab – s7 fe would be the way to go, but for the rest of the people out there versus population. If you are able to add a little bit of cash and go for the galaxy tab, s7 id say go for it. You know you pretty much gain on everything, except for screen size right, so performance, better specs, you know flagship features much a much better. Samsung s pen better on so many levels, except two things right. The first thing would be like i said the screen. You know its smaller than the tab, seven fe, and the second thing is that the tabas 7fe is almost a year newer. So the software support is going to last a year longer than what you have on the galaxy tab, 7, but still thats, not really shouldnt, be a big deal really, but anyway thats.

Just my take you. Let me know what you think right. Let me know in the comment section: if you have any questions about this also, if you want to watch the full, comprehensive or the comprehensive review of either one of these tablets make sure to check out my other videos. Ive made quite a few videos on the galaxy tab. Seven and ive also made a bunch on the galaxy type of seven fe make sure to check those out. Let me know what your questions in the comment section: im gon na catch.