Now we already did this against the regular galaxy tab s7, which is back there and today were gon na. Do it against the s7 plus lets see how that goes, lets go ahead and jump into it. Music, as always, of course, lets go ahead and start off with design here, starting off with the galaxy tablet. 7 plus, it is a premium tablet, premium android tablet, and the very first thing you will notice about this guy here is that its a huge tablet, 12.4 inches for the display, its so solid, its very dense, well balanced, also and that size truly makes it look And feel even thinner than it actually is again. That display is pretty massive, even though you see me holding it with just one hand, its very large great for entertainment and, of course, lets go ahead and take a look at some of the physical features we have here, starting off with the quad speaker setup that We have there tuned by akg, so sound quality here is super crisp very loud, also very full. At the same time, on the back of the tablet, you have the s pen pad, along with the camera module right at the top there. You also get a usb type c port that pushes that video signal – and this is just great for multi, tasking or more like for productivity and unfortunately it on the net galaxy on the me pad five pro here. You have a usb type c port, but it doesnt push out video signal, so you can, you know, connect it to an external monitor and do all the extra stuff, but were gon na talk about that in just a moment when we get to it.

This guy also does have a micro sd card slot, meaning you can expand that internal storage and that option also is not available on the me pad 5. Pro now lets jump on the design of the me pad 5 pro here. Its actually a pretty slick tablet. Very well built also pretty solid, not as heavy well this guy wasnt crazy heavy, but definitely lighter than that one, obviously, because that one is already a larger tablet like i said it has that very sleek look. It stands at 11 inches overall, look like an ipad air just based off of the build. You have the power button that combos with a fingerprint sensor at the top of the tablet there on this habit. You do not have a micro sd card slot available, meaning you cannot expand. The internal storage like it was the case with the galaxy tab. S7 plus you have that usb type c port, like i mentioned, used pretty much for charging pretty slow speed going in there. So you cannot push out video signal. You cannot extend the content, you know of your tablet to an external display, which is pretty unfortunate. You have quad speaker setup, also here two here and two on the other side, except the tablet actually has eight speakers. That is actually pretty impressive. Sound quality is also pretty good, coming out of there and also pretty loud and finally, of course, it does support a stylus also just like it is the case with the type s7 plus, so they both support.

A stylus now lets go ahead and talk display as far as display goes theres a massive difference beyond just you know the size of this being much like you know, 12.4 being much larger than 11 inches there beyond that theres, the fact that the galaxy tab s7 Plus is boasting a super amoled display, i meant to say an oled, but either way either an oled or super amoled, whichever term you prefer and the resolution on that is 1752 by 2800, so pretty high level of ppis image quality very, very crips its also. It also supports high refresh rate at up to 120 hertz. This guy does the same high refresh rate at up to 120 hertz. Also except this is an ips display in 11 inches. As i mentioned, color accuracy, you know pre color accurate, i would say, but when it comes down to just image, quality, crisp, color and all that stuff galaxy tab s7 way superior than what you have on the ips. Well, maybe not way superior, but definitely a superior display on here compared to what you have on the me pad 5 pro here, meaning overall entertainment experience is just nicer on the galaxy type s7 plus and by the way you have hdr 10 plus supported on the Tab s7 plus here versus hdr 10 on the me pad 5 pro, and also for some reason, netflix doesnt play in full hd on the me pad 5 pro here but, like i said, for the content, image quality is also pretty nice on the me pad 5.

Pro it just doesnt come to the level of the galaxy tab s7, and this is despite coming pretty close to the ppi count of the tab. S7. Its just that an oled panel is an oled panel now in terms of performance youre, pretty much looking at something very similar to what we did with the me pad five pro against the galaxy type s7 right, so youre, looking at snapdragon, 865 plus on the galaxy Type, seven plus here – and you are looking at a snapdragon 870 on this guy here, so it is clocked slightly higher than what you have on the galaxy tab, seven plus, which is pretty impressive. Given how much this thing is going for theyre, both a couple with six gigs of ram, so on the 865 plus, you have six gigs of ram to accompany that and on the 870 on the me pad 54, you also have six gigs of ram to accompany That and then you have next year, where you could go up to eight same deal on the galaxy tab by seven plus here, meaning if you were to go up to the next tier, meaning 256 gigs of internal storage. That would afford you an additional two gigs of ram, meaning your grand total will be 8 gigs of ram on the galaxy tab at 7, plus with 256 gigs of internal storage, whereas on the me pad 5 pro, if you were to go up to 256 gigs, You still have the choice to stick with 6 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of internal storage or go to a third.

You know tier that would offer you eight gigs of ram and 256 eggs and by the way, if this is your first time visiting im. Certainly hoping that youre enjoying the content so far and if you are enjoying the content, i truly appreciate that. Please do me a favor hit both the like and the subscribe button thats a tremendous boost to this channel again. I truly appreciate that all right, so going back to the way both tablets perform its just. You know excellent performance, i would say coming from either one of these two so light medium. You know even heavy tasks. Heavy taps will be where you might notice some difference, but in terms of just regular day to day you wont notice any difference at all and when you get to heavier tasks like you know, opening you know some stuff might open a little slightly faster on here. When compared to the galaxy tie by seven plus here and im talking really heavy stuff, you might see a slight bump on the knee pad five pro here, which is again very impressive for the money now lets talk software and accessibility. This guy here, the guys hes had a seven plus is running one ui. My this particular one is running one ui 3.1, 0.1. Its pretty fluid super intuitive. You know. Obviously samsung has been developing this guy here for years and on the me pad 54. What you have here is me: ui 12.

5.2 is the version that im currently on here also very well implemented, and if you are familiar with what the you know the miui looked like, then you know that it looks like apple stuff right, so it looks like an Ipad os very well implemented, as i would say, you know pretty fluid, but if you were looking for more of an android experience, you might not like it just because of how much it looks like you know: ipad os right and when it comes down to multitasking. You could do a good level of multitasking with the kneepad five pro here. You also have a pc mode, which is an app that you can download and be able to. You know use this to do some to a certain extent as a laptop or as a computer, but its pretty limited. You know, obviously this i say theyre still young in the game compared to what samsung you know has done with samsung dex right over the years. Its so advanced that not even apple can match it right when it comes down to just the flexibility of multi tasking and doing so many things. This is so far ahead from this guy, so the tab, seven plus multi tasking ability the usb type c port. The ability to just connect that, to an external, monitor and be able to toggle back and forth, you know push out you know, project. You know, extend your content from here to an external monitor.

That is something that the you know me pad. Five pro just cannot match, it simply cannot match. So when it comes down to productivity yeah. This is way behind this one over here again, both tablets are loaded with some pretty high specs here. So when it comes down to gaming, obviously heavy games would be just fine on either one of these two tablets. You will be fine now playing a game on such a large job, but if you dont have a controller, it feels weird. You know this fits better in the hand. You know 11 inches if you dont, have a controller, and you want to hold the tablet as the controller and play its a little bit more enjoyable. However, if you do have a controller, this is super fun. Just you know the quality, obviously being an oled display top level specs. It has 120 hertz. You know supports 120 hertz. So does this one so gaming very, very nice on either one of these two here now lets go ahead and talk cameras as far as cameras go, you have pretty much similar specs on the back. Here you have a 13 and a 5 megapixel as far as main cameras on either one of the two tablet and on the front you actually also have eight megapixel camera. The me pad 5 pro has its camera located at the top there, which is kind of an old way of doing it. Most new tablets – and i believe ipad pro still does that also most new tablets have them at the top so that you can hold them in landscape mode.

So lets say if you chatting with the family youre video calling someone you can hold your tablet like this. It just feels a little bit more natural rather than holding it. You know standing up this way again, very similar specs with those two cameras and they can shoot up to 4k video, so you could do 4k videos or either one of these tools. Now, when it comes out, you may be familiar with this samsung tends to a little bit over saturated some of its images, and just i dont i dont know if i want to call that over saturating, but either way, colors tend to pop more beyond the fact That its a oled display, you know if you were to take pictures, video and all that stuff colors just tend to pop a little bit more on here and thats. Why? I prefer you know, image quality. You know pictures and videos taken with this tablet, but if you were to buy either one for camera purposes, youd be just fine. This one also takes some pretty good pictures now lets go ahead and talk barry. This guy is loaded with a 10 090 milliamp battery thats a fairly large battery. You know, obviously, for a large target and that can last you up to 14 hours. Here you have an 8600 milliamp battery and this is obviously an 11 inches tablet and it will last you i dont remember what the exact number of hours, but either way these are, you know they can last you for a full day same here same deal here.

I end up day here with about 15 to 20 left, whereas here i have about ill say about 15 left also, so its gon na depend on your type of usage right. So if you use heavy stuff – and you constantly on your laptop your power user on your tablet and your power user, obviously youre going to kill the battery faster or you can last longer than with me, but in either case regular usage is definitely going to last. You, and at the end of the day, you will have something left now. Both tablets do support styluses the xiaomi pen would work with both the me pad 5 pro here and the regular me pad 5 and the galaxy tab. S7 obviously has a samsung s pen that works with it, which is the most modern samsung s, pen that you can find out there and when it comes down to just s, pen sams the samsung s pen is pretty much the best when it comes down to Productivity additional features and versatility those three things you wont really find anything that comes close to that, and i know that the apple pencil second gen is a good pencil, but quite a few people are a huge fan of that. You know when it comes down to drawing and taking down notes and all that good stuff, but still again, i specify that when it comes to additional features productivity, so what you use, what youre paying what you do with your product, you know with your pen and Just the flexibility that it offers no other, at least in my humble opinion, no other stylists out there come close.

A bunch of people actually tend to say that all of the extra features, the extra stuff that the s pen does is just all gimmicks, but no, they actually have very practical uses, but were not gon na get into that. I ordered a pen for this guy. The stylus for the me pad five pro coming from china, because the tab itself, i did order it from china, but im ending up just getting a refund because either it got lost. The seller came up with the story. I dont know whats happening. So i got my money. I dont even know that i want to order it again. I dont know. Maybe i just wait till it hits the global market and i order it then, but either way ive been watching videos and also you know, checking different forms about the me pad 5 pro here and no one has said that its better than the s pen offered By the galaxy tab, s7 plus here thats just my way of saying that i havent used the stylus for the me pad 5 pro, but i seriously doubt that its better than the s pen, that is you know that comes with the galaxy tab, seven plus here, Because the s pen is literally, i would say the best as of now right, but then again thats just my take right. So lets go ahead and stop this video here pretty sure its a long, video all right so im gon na close this by saying this, if youre looking for a flagship tablet with pretty much top level, everything go for the galaxy tab, seven plus its not gon Na be cheap right, its not gon na be cheap.

Its not gon na be as cheap as this. Its actually gon na be double the price of this guy, almost double the price of this guy, but it will offer you everything you need, especially if you someone who is you know big in productivity stuff. You stay away from this guy and you go for this guy. However, if you are looking for a tablet that has flagship specs and a bunch of other flagship features at a super affordable price, this guy here is impressive. In fact, the chipset is slightly higher than this right: nothing crazy noticeable, but still higher than that. So, if youre looking for something affordable, that will offer you some pretty flagship specs, including one thing that i forgot, which is that the battery is fast charged at up to 67 watt right, so thats thats, a pretty impressive feature there. So this guy here the me pad five pro – will offer you that. But i doubt that people who are looking at the galaxy tab, seven plus also looking at the me pad five pro because theyre just so different right, oled panel, huge you know display here and productivity level just on another planet, oh here, but anyways thats. Just my take im, certainly hoping that you found this informative, that you found this video informative, make sure, of course, to like comment subscribe if you havent done so already im gon na catch in the comment section like i always do, let me know what your thoughts Are on this comparison? Where do you stand right? You know i dont take parts here.