S6 lite, but this time around we are doing so on the much larger samsung galaxy tab. S7. Plus i have the tab, seven somewhere back there. You can see that i was going to do it on there, but i figured that’s going to be my fireplace, so i just used the large one here, but anyways let’s go ahead and jump in also, like i always say i want to emphasize the fact that This is not a gaming session for one specific game. I know here you have pub g and you know you might figure. This is a gaming session. Just for pubg, though this is just me playing different games showing how well it plays on the galaxy tab at seven plus here, giving you again a glimpse of it. A little bit like i did with the galaxy tab s6 light, so just wanted to clear that out, let’s go ahead and get started with this gaming session. Okay, and what i’m going to do here is start off with pubg, as you saw on my screen there. What i’m doing here is just kind of moving around this airplane, so you can see that there is no lag, absolutely no lag even here as i am moving around here, but then again that was kind of expected right. Maybe not kind of that was actually very. Very much expected, given that this tablet is loaded with you know well when it came out the best chipset available at the time but anyway.

So you can see here me moving around and even as i am landing here, still no lag, it’s pretty smooth so i’m. Just gon na go ahead and pick up some stuff here, it’s just getting attacked as soon as i land here i don’t even have a gun, but yet they’re already all up on my neck, but anyways so just spinning around even before i got here, i was Outside when i was running, i didn’t show that part it’s still the running was very, very smooth. My hope was to be able to grab like a you know, to find a car that i can drive around and you can see what what it is like to. You know just drive around in the car, but yep there goes. My first kill there. So i’m skipping around and you are probably going to be and the reason i’m just kind of fast forward and just grabbing glimpses of different games here is just so that we don’t waste too much time and i go ahead and cover you know all the games That i can you can see here. I ran out of bullets and this guy’s trying to he’s really trying to get me but got ta, make sure that he is a no longer before i can continue my quest here, all right, so i’m gon na jump on to the next game and the next Game here is going to be asphalt 9, which is one of my favorite driving games on.

You know anything mobile right, so whether it’s a phone or a tablet or even on you, know, pc on the galaxy type s6. There was a little bit of lag and you know: we’re gon na switch over to a different scene of the same game and you’re gon na see that even there it’s very, very smooth. It plays very smoothly when compared to the tab s6 like which is, you know, less powerful, and i don’t want to make this as if it’s a comparison, video between the tab, s7 or the tab, seven plus and the tab six light. But anyways you can see me driving here very, very smooth, and the other thing that i need to highlight is that this tablet, you know it’s running it, has it’s loaded with that amoled display, so picture quality is just so crisp, so freaking crisp. You know just love it. The only thing that would kind of bother you know, someone with the average size hands is the fact that the tablet itself is just so very, very large that you know it might get a little awkward playing games on here, but anyway. So this is asphalt 9, so far, oh, and if this is your first time visiting, of course welcome to the channel here i’m hoping that you like the content so far. If you do, please do me a huge favor and hit both the like and the subscribe button. There it’s a tremendous help to this channel again.

I truly appreciate that now let’s go ahead and get back to the gaming session itself. Okay, so what we’re gon na do here is play. Nba live mobile for a quick second here. This is actually a pretty well made game. A pretty well made basketball game. So, if you’re into you know, sports games, your basketball and things like that. This is a good game and it’s. It plays so very nicely and, as you can see, i’m dropping buckets a bucket it’s just bucket half the bucket off the bucket. Just okay nevermind miss that one, but but then again so the gameplay itself. I thought i actually had the footage or the video for that, but for some reason i don’t have it here, but you know you can see just this part it’s very, very smooth, alright. So we are going to move on to the next game here, and this is shadow fight 3.. This game has crazy, nice cinematics for sure you know i like just this intro, i wasn’t crazy impressed by the. I was not really impressed by the fighting itself. The fighting style or the the type of fight fighting game that it is, but i would still say, it’s a good game. You know i could definitely see lots of people liking. It it’s a little bit kind of uh, something like tekken. So if you are familiar with ticking, this would be kind of that heavy punching heavy kick type of fighting game right.

So graphics is nice for sure again no lag. We just want to see high performance, no stuttering, none of that stuff, so very, very clean gaming. So anything heavy all heavy games play pretty pretty well on here. I actually also tried playing like some of those very light games like this one’s kind of a light, hearted game it’s a silly game that i just kind of stumble stumble upon it’s. You know you’ve been chased by the being chased by the cops here and once you crash, you get out the car and you start running and they chase after you, it’s it’s kind of a funny game. I’M, not really an expert at it. I played it for a little bit and it’s. As you can see there. I played a little bit and i thought it was kind of a you know: fun game, as you can see here, they run and kind of just launch at you. Try to grab your legs or try to tackle you and it’s uh. I thought it was a pretty funny game, but anyways. The next game that i want to show here is going to be this robot game here, it’s also semi heavy. I forgot what this move is called and again it plays nice, the game itself. The style is pretty slow. You know for my pace. You know it’s kind of too slow to my taste, but just to show that different games played pretty well on here and again, very very much expected.

This is supposed to be the best android tablet out there. So you would not expect anything less and lastly, here is going to be my favorite game of all on mobile and that’s call of duty mobile. So this is maybe not my favorite but it’s top three, maybe top two favorite game to play on either a tablet or you know, on the phone. I typically like. I typically prefer to play using my playstation 4 controller here, i’m holding the actual tablet. So again, it feels a little awkward, even for my large hands again. I know i tend to say that a lot, but for those who have been watching the channel for a while, you do know that i have fairly large large hands and even even then, holding the tablet still kind of still feels a little a little weird. But anyways, so i would say if you buying this tablet for gaming, oh you’re definitely set it’s made for all of that, you can push the graphics all the way up. You could just crank up. You know the settings all the way to the highest and you’ll be good with this game or any other game heavy games. You know light games medium size game if you let’s just put it this way. If you’re not able to play a game on here, i don’t think there’s an android tablet that can then play that game but anyway, so this is call of duty.

So there you have it. That was my gaming session on the massive galaxy tab s7 light, and i have to add that you might be better off just using a controller like i do sometimes using my playstation 4 controller to just play games here. Holding this gigantic thing in your hands. Even for me, i have large hands, but even for me, it feels a little bit uncomfortable. So just keep that in mind and with that being said, of course, i hope this was informative. I appreciate you hanging with me throughout this whole video up until now.