I want to have a conversation with you on whether the new xiaomi mi pad 5 pro is or is not a good alternative of the galaxy tab. S7 here lets go ahead and jump in Music, so the other day i made a very quick video sharing with you all why i think the knee pad 5 pro is not a replacement or an alternative to the ipad pro. I believe i told you if you did watch the video. If you didnt watch the video, i said that the only alternative or the only replacement to an ipad pro would be an ipad pro from a previous generation or even an ipad air for that matter. Because of the way that platform is built, things that make up that platform and that ecosystem, that apple ecosystem, that you will be losing, if you were to pick up this guy, if you were in the market for an ipad pro – and you thought that this would Be a replacement for that, but anyway, with that being said, i wanted to go ahead and see if we can do the same with the galaxy tab. Seven already tablet, seven, plus that i have back there now. The first thing i want to say is that, yes, the platform of course, despite the ui here being very similar to what you will get from an ipad pro its pretty much the same as if they just copied it right. So, despite the ui being pretty much the same, everything else would be leaning towards things that are offered on this platform right anywhere from the chipset that you have here.

You have a very, very powerful chipset here, so snapdragon 870 versus here. By the way. This is not a versus video just yet. I will eventually make a full comprehensive versus where you know battle video, where i have this going against this one, but as of today, i just want to have this conversation, so this guy here is loaded with a snapdragon 865 plus, whereas this one is an 870 Which is, you know, clocked slightly higher than what you have here, its an ips display versus a tft display. So you will have some things that are slightly better on this tablet for sure, and you will also have things that are slightly better on this guy and then, of course, you have other things that are completely different and things that are very similar to each other. You know anywhere from the refresh rate, of course, to the base internal storage to a number of things right now. The conversation that i want to have is that if you want to buy a tablet, you are not looking at at least my hope is that youre not necessarily looking at just the individual tablet? Now there are situations away if youre buying a tablet lets say: youre buying just a very cheap tablet, and you just want something that has a large screen that you can use to consume. Maybe media on the you know on the road or something like that. Then you may not be looking at anything else that can be surrounded, thats habit.

But generally, if i advise someone to buy a tablet, i would say go with something thats going to offer you more than just that experience of having a large screen right. So if you were to go for either top knee pad 5 pro or tablet 7, for example, i would say – buy the galaxy tab s7 because you are getting it from a very known and established company thats, going to offer you more than just that tablet. Now. Dont get me wrong. Xiaomi is known and established also, but by establish i dont necessarily mean that theyve been around long. I just mean that theyve built an ecosystem. That is, you know, large and robust enough to support more than a couple things they do make. Phones, you know xiaomi does make phone and make phones and youre able to kind of take advantage of what they are trying to build in terms of the ecosystem. But when it comes out to samsung, the ecosystem is already pretty much set right. They have a continuity that is almost matching what the apple ecosystem is offering right granted. The apple ecosystem remains king of that, but what you get with samsung is something that is legit. You know with constant updates and guarantees you a continuity among your devices. So if youre gon na be spending four or five hundred dollars on this tablet, you know on a tablet. You have to think about things like that. How else you could take advantage of your device beyond just having a screen that you can do things on and by the way, if this is your first time visiting? Well, welcome to the channel, of course, im, certainly hoping that you are enjoying the content so far and if you are, i certainly appreciate that.

Please do me a huge favor hit, both the like and the subscribe button thats a huge boost to this channel and again i truly appreciate that so with that being said beyond the fact that this is an amazing tablet, great design, i was very very impressed by The design of this tablet – i really wasnt, expecting it. I was expecting performance and specs to be just as good as what had leaked before it actually dropped, but in terms of the design i was kind of you know, i definitely wasnt confident that they were gon na drop, something that feels as premium as this. So thats definitely a good thing. So this tablet is a very good tablet right so far you know im still testing it out and its a powerful tablet. Nice design. It feels like a pro tablet, but the the thing is, you have to think about. Not only that ecosystem that i mentioned, you have to think about the accessories that go with this right, so this guy here is going to run you. If you live in the u.s, it will run you 530, i believe, as of now, the price on the samsung website, so itd be 5′, and if you were to just convert how much this cost in china, because this is the chinese model, if you were to Convert this one costs about ‘0 dollars in china, but you have to think about the fact that there isnt a stylus that comes with this.

So you have to buy that separately and i believe it runs about 90 right so youre looking at about and eighty dollars for this guy here and a pencil and you dont get a charger either assuming youre buying the chinese version. My understanding also is that the global version will come with a charger, so youll be spending about so pretty close to five hundred dollars to get this guy and, of course, on the other hand, 530, you will get a galaxy tab. S7. Very well known. You have an s pen with that sure you dont have the 870 or snapdragon 870 sure its, not an ips display, and you know, but still you are dealing with an ecosystem thats going to offer you lets say if you happen to have a samsung phone, you Have dealing with ecosystem thats going to offer you a continuity that is not matched by this guy here. This is just a conversation i want to get your take. I want to get your comment. This is not a video that you know structured in a way where you waiting for what im gon na say next. This is really all i had to say so i what im trying to do in this video is have a conversation with you guys in the comment section. What do you think of this? I know the xiaomi mi pad 5. Pro has been anticipated. For you know. We all had been waiting for this guy, and this is my first xiaomi tablet, so i was really looking forward to picking up this guy here, but i want to get your take.

If you were, you know if lets say if you were, if it was, if it were offered here in the u.s, my understanding is that its just going to go to europe and other places, but maybe not the u.s if it were offered here in the u.s For u.s resident at lets say 500 or in your region for the equivalent of 500. When you can get this guy for about 5 30, which is about a year older right so about you, know its a year old, but it offers that continuity and a little bit and its samsung right so pre established you have that confidence. Sure xiaomi can offer a lot of that stuff, but there are a few things that they will not offer that samsung does, which one would you go for? I know a lot of people come to this channel and say hey, which one should i go for, and i always tell them. It depends on what youre looking for right, but in this case i want to turn the question back to you. You are looking at the xiaomi mi pad 5 pro here and you also looking at the galaxy tab s7, which one do you think would fit your needs better. Assuming you take into consideration the devices that you have right now. So if you have a watch which type of watch is, it is a xiaomi watch or is it a galaxy watch like the one that i have here? If you have a phone, what type of phone is it think about how its gon na play and interact with that? How many you know updates, am i gon na get on your on the tablet, all that good stuff, so think about all that, and let me know in the comment section and lets have this conversation im, starting to kind of like this type of format.

You know this type of video, where i just actually pose the questions to you and just push everything back to you and we get the conversation going. So let me know in the comment section dont forget to like share, of course make sure to subscribe.