With several necessary downgrades to make it an affordable tablet, in fact, this is the only 12 inch tablet that you can get in the sub 2000 ringgit price range, which makes it very attractive if you require a large screen tablet so heres my review of the tap F7 fe after using for two weeks, weve added a whole lot of things to good use by klg such as bags, smart locks, audio gear and more shop now and check out with atomy, and i o you pay zero percent installment from 50 ringgit and get tearing It off your first purchase with minimum 100 ringgit spam visit good use by krg in the link below one thing. Im really happy about the tap s7 fe. Is that samsung hasnt compromised on the build quality despite its much lower price tag, the tablet is still made of a full aluminum body like the tap s7 plus screen. Bezels are relatively slim, although it isnt a super amoled display, and it has a smooth, rounded edge that doesnt make it painful to hold. Unlike other tablets for a 12 inch tablet, the type of 7 fe is pretty manageable at 609 grams, and even when i attach the keyboard case cover, it, doesnt weigh a ton in my bags now, since this is a fe device, you definitely need to expect certain Hardware, downgrades and automations, but fortunately they are very reasonable, depending on whether you picked up the wi fi or 5g version.

My unit is the former that is powered by a snapdragon 778g chipset, compared with six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of expandable storage. You get dual stereo speakers. Instead of quad speakers, a 60hz 12.4 inch tft lcd 2560×1600 display instead of 120hz display a single 8 megapixel main camera and a lower resolution. 5 megapixel front camera. Otherwise it still comes with a 10 090 milliamp hour battery with 45 watts. Fast charging support and the very same s, pen stylus, although i miss having a super amoled and high refresh rate on the tablet, display the tablet 7 fees lcd display. Fortunately, doesnt disappoint, especially if youre thinking to use it for scribbling noise or drawing doodles. With the s pen, the input latency is still really decent compared to the tap s7 plus colors are nicely saturated when watching hdr content on netflix and youtube and viewing angles are really good, and the panel isnt really too reflective the those stereo speakers dont sound bad Either, in fact, i find it to produce better details and warmer sound than the quad speaker system, ive experienced on the xiaomi pack 5 and better volume than the current ipad air. It also has dolby atmos support that enables better sound stage when you play music and movies and heres how the speakers sound like every time. I review an android tablet: im, usually let down by disappointing software efforts of the brand and the lack of tablet optimized apps, while the latter is still a thing on the tab s7 fe, which i cant really blame samsung for it.

I have to comment the huge effort. Samsung has done to make android a much better tablet operating system. For instance, space utilization for icons and widgets are way better than other android tablets. The notification shade appears, whichever way that you swipe down and the way it manages split screen and windows felt more intuitive than ipad os. Also, if you prefer to use the tablet like a computer, samsung dex gives you that desktop experience. That also tends to resolve screen. Optimization issues of apps, i can really work on it all day and dont actually miss using a pc. Furthermore, the tablet 7 fe has a built in wireless display feature that lets. You mirror your computers display and can be optimized for faster response for drawing and gaming. At the expense of battery life, the template, 7fps cameras, arent, something that you want to use it for typical social media uploads or for ticktock video. However, if you are thinking to use it as a document scanner or to quickly take a photo to attach it in an email, it is definitely possible as a video conferencing machine. As you can see right now, the front camera looks really great and it looks way better than any other laptop weapons that ive used. So as a video conferencing machine, this is definitely top notch. I am a big fan of the snapdragon 778 g chipset when it is used on phones and tablets because of the performance and power efficiency.

I totally welcome that on the taps. S7 fe, as i have not encountered any performance drawbacks on my unit, and i was able to multitask in samsung decks without issues gaming on the tap s7 fe is also pretty good, as i was able to play games like hong kong impact 3 on the highest Graphics, setting with 60 frames per second samsung claims that you are able to get up to 13 hours of video viewing on a single charge, and although i dont really binge watch that much on the tablet, i only needed to charge the tablet every two days when Im using it for an average three hours of productivity work on a day to day basis, the galaxy tab, s7 fe retails from 1899 ringgit, which is neither a super affordable nor expensive tablet, considering what youre getting out of it. This is finally an android tablet that i can wholeheartedly recommend if you want a large screen tablet with good performance and cant afford to spend more to get the 4g ipad air or more expensive flagship cap s7. Furthermore, the inclusion of the s pen stylus, is a big bonus for creative users, as you do need to fork out extra cash to get one so thats it for my review of the galaxy tab. S7 fe is a really great tablet that i recommend that you guys go check it out so be sure to subscribe to our channel for more tech videos coming right up and give us a thumbs up.