You may be wondering if the tablet is still worth it in 2023, so make sure to stick around to find out. First lets take a look at the features and specs of this tab. So this tablet is powered with a Snapdragon, 855 processor and 6 GB of RAM making it capable of handling even the most demanding tasks with Ace. It also comes with 128 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded via a Micro SD card for even more space. The Samsung Tab S6 comes with a dual camera setup, including a 13 megapixel main camera and a 5 megapixel Ultra wide camera on the back for those fantastic, wide shots Music, as well as an 8 megapixel front facing camera for a tablet. These cameras are pretty decent for a basic photography needs. Music also has a 10.5 inch screen with Super AMOLED display, which is gorgeous with deep Inky, blacks and Rich colors. This is the first Samsung tablet to come with an under display fingerprint reader and S Pen support since the tab, S4 and tab s5e, so its not the newest, but it was a step up from the older models. Foreign features of this tablet is the inclusion of the S Pen, which allows you to take notes, draw and even control the tablet remotely. This is especially useful for students and professionals who need a device to take notes or make presentations its the time of recording. The Android version is upgradable to Android 12 with one UI 4.

1.1, which is good, but it would be great if you can get an update to Android 12l as well, because its more optimized in polished for larger screens but, most importantly, this piece deserves Android 13 update. But well get through that in just a moment. I use this tab primarily for media consumption, because it has a great screen and speakers. It even has enough battery life to last through at least 3 Marvel movies in terms of performance. This tablet is a beast: it can handle pretty much anything throw at it from multitasking to gaming. Speaking of multitasking, the new update made it easier to switch between apps. Thanks to the new taskbar feature, you can navigate between apps very easily without having to open Samsung tags. You can enable this feature by going to settings display and turning on the test bar option Music when it comes to gaming. This tablet provides an immersive gaming experience with the 60hz refresh rate and the Super AMOLED display. You are getting great visual, yet smoother motion from games. You can manually adjust the in game FPS settings to up to 60 frames per second, the Snapdragon 855 processor provides a lag free experience, even in the most high demanding games at the highest settings. Thank you, Music. The unobvious downside of this tablet is that it doesnt have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, but you can use a type c earphone or dual adapter for both charging and earphones.

The hardware aspects of this tablet still manage to do heavy tasks with ease, so its kind of disappointing saying this tablet stopped getting updates after Android 12. but yeah. Let me know what you think about the Galaxy Tab. S6.