Yes, I made a mistake on my review and my mind went blank when I was in front of the camera and that’s why I said an e for the economic edition. What I wanted to really say what course was essential, but it is a cut down version of probably what the s5 is going to be. So we can assume that the s5 is going to be like this tablet here, but it’s going to have s pen support and it will maybe have the snip to again 855 making it. Of course, then, the most powerful Android tablet around but, as I said in my review, that this to me is definitely the best Android tablet that I have looked at in 2019, it’s, really nice. I am enjoying it so much so far because of its slim build and the bezels. Yes, they are very slim. I wouldn’t want them any slimmer than that 8 millimeters that they they are on this particular tablet. I think that’s kind of the limit if they go any less than this you’re going to get those accidental touches. So you can see how thin it is so it’s a claimed, 8 sorry, five point: five millimeters, so it’s very, very thin and a light. This only weighs ‘6 grams, so there have been a few questions. People asking me: should you get this or should you get the Tab s for which the I think in some places I reconditioned model is selling for almost the same price as this.

So this is 400 US and I think well, at least here in Europe. The tab is for it’s still a hell of a lot more expensive than this it’s, all about 550 euros or 600 euros, so it’s still a bit more cash there. It really comes down to two things: s pen, support and the other being performance, so the Snapdragon 835 that’s in the tab, s4 is gon na, be a lot more powerful than this right here. So that’s, probably really the only thing to go by and if of course, I think you want better speakers and then this is the tablet that has really impressive speakers on it, and this is great for media consumption so for a light use. This is perfect. This tablet, I think in the performance it actually does feel really quick and very snappy no problems with the performance whatsoever. So when it’s loading up, of course, this is my website, the server’s being a little bit slow lately so that’s. Why we’ve had a few little delays like one of my review, and I showed you the loading times and things why it was just a bit slow there, but otherwise it does perform really quite good and it’s gon na be fine for most people now, we’ll have A gaming review because there’s been a lot of questions about what game we’ll play. Can you play 60 frames per sec? Can pop G? Yes, you can I’ll, actually briefly show you that in this video, as well, so there’s a few things that other people wanted to know and I’ll go through them very quickly here.

So just as you can see, I’m currently running the gestures and yes, they do work. Just fine and I haven’t really seen any full screen just your leggings I’m going back there and that’s working just fine, so d2 swipe up. That brings you home and I’ve noticed that it seems to be doing the gesture stutters only when the RAM starts to really full up. So you’ve got a game in the background. You’Ve got it various other things going on recent apps and then you might start to see the limitations then of this particular chipset. Now, if we go into YouTube, there’s been quite a few people asking me about, for example, 4k. If you can get 4k 60 and you cannot get 4k 60 okay it’s only 1440p HDR, even though this is an HDR screen, this software is not supporting it. So netflix doesn’t support it. Amazon, Prime, it won’t show me the HD setting it does 1080p fine and it does still actually look really good on this screen. So just bring this one up here. This is Costa Rica, and I just wanted to demonstrate to you once the ad finishes. Of course, once I can skip it, okay can we skip it, yeah just to show you that when you go over now to quality, you can see 1080p. 60. 1080P. 1440P. 60 frames per second. It runs perfectly fine and looks really really good, but there is no HDR. It should show HDR there with that setting and it doesn’t show up there whatsoever.

The same goes for video, so if I go over now into the gallery, actually no, I need VLC player to play this codec, which is H, EVC codec, so this one, if I can just quickly find where is VLC player, I’ll play it to you now and You’Ll see whereabouts. Is it no download to this one here, which is the Sony’s swordsmith demos is 4k 60 high bitrate too as well? The thing is, it will play as you can see now I flip it around for you and then it freezes for some reason. Now this could just be a software thing now I do have it set to the hardware decoding so it’s playing the 4k. The 60 frames per second fine and it looks all perfect, but then just freezes for some reason. So maybe the hardware can’t keep up, but I think I believe, it’s just probably a software problem with that that’s, probably the reason why it is doing it and we’re not getting smooth playback of that video, which was a little annoying there notice. It was some other questions as well. Can you please use Samsung notes and just test with a fake stylus, so I will do that right now. What I mean by fake stylus, because this does not support an active peen – it does not have any spin there’s no SP and support on here, which is one of the big things about this or the big problem.

So you can use. If I go sorry into brush something like this right here, so this is a pin that has a rubber nipple on the end of it. So someone said: can you at least do basic drawing some things with it? You can and I’ll show you. So if I select now the pencil okay use your brush settings, so what I’ll do now is I’ll just quickly write, something okay, so you can do that. Fine, the ecosphere E is good but there’s, two things that are missing pressure, sensitivity and, of course, palm rejection. So we’re not going to get any of that so for basic little tiny, scribbles and things like that. Yes, you can kind of use it, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I would go for something like the Apple iPad, pro the 2019 model, with the pencil support or the older iPad, and then, of course, a lot faster, those tablets or get yourself. The tab is for, if you really need s pen support. I wouldn’t bother with this because to me this is just too it’s frustrating. I mean it’s good for minor little basic things like this perhaps, but that is really about it. The other question was dicks, so Samsung’s dicks, the disc type mode, can be run without needing an additional monitor, so you can just go into it now by just tapping there from the toggles. Now there was a bit of slowdown and you can see that is now loading in so there does their whole desktop mode.

So you don’t have to have an external monitor to run it. You can just use it like this and it’s good for multitasking. Of course, I can show you right now: you can bring up now screens. Okay, so you can do this separate little screen here. For that you can be watching a video right here. At the same time, you can have YouTube open and the performance of the sea, pee yew seems to be able to handle it fine. Okay, now this is probably better for docs there’s, also the keyboard for it too, which is called the book cover currently not out here in Europe. So I cannot actually demonstrate to you what that’s like. I may pick it up later on. If I end up keeping this tablet, so Samsung Dex is working, absolutely fine, no problems. Okay, so now on to the battery life, but first wanted to mention in charging times. I have an exact charging time here so from 1 right up to 100. I was there when it fully charged. I was watching it the whole time 2 hours and 33 minutes to charge the 7200 M hour battery, so that I think, is actually good that’s fine. Now it didn’t seem to want to use Qualcomm quick charge. 3. It didn’t seem any faster to me when I tested that, so it looks like it’s only sticking with the 9 volts, the 1.6 seven amps. I think it is with Samsung’s adaptive fast charger that they have with it.

It was another also question that came up. Someone said that the photos you didn’t take them on the tablet. I definitely did just because it’s missing the watermark it doesn’t mean that you should doubt the fact that they did actually come from the tablet, so it does have check my full review for that. Actually, a really good camera on here for a tablet. It is impressive, it’s, probably one of the best ones I have seen through the camera wise for a tablet. This one is leagues ahead of any of the Chinese stuff that I look at so here we have the battery life, so it’s wanted to point out so for 2 hours and 35 minutes here I lost only 6.9 sorry 6.9 per hour of streaming so close to 7, this was Amazon, Prime, a really good score, they’re really really. Actually, the consumption is very good on this tablet. I think because it’s got the AMOLED panel, so that is quite an efficient panel to so here we can see going through the head of screen on time with 10 hours and 40 minutes and I kept going because the battery only had 13 left. So I wanted to see exactly what it was when I ran it right down to 1 when it powered off on me. You can see. I was using YouTube. Google Play fortnight a little bit of gaming, Amazon, Prime Chrome, and there should be puppy in there, but some reason it’s not showing so.

The final result is right here: it got 11 hours and ‘ minutes and I hit the screen configured to 20 Lux so 200. Lux not 20, that would be super low, so 200 Lux and I was not taking it easy on the tablet. So this to me is really an impressive result, so I believe that if you’re just going to be using Chrome, you’re going to be streaming, maybe just watching YouTube something quite light and you’ve got good wireless signal. I can see this tablet easily doing, depending on your brightness, of course, about 13 hours of on screen time, so that is really really good. Now this was over. The space are well almost two days or so that I was testing the battery life. So I am impressed with the battery life. I think it is very good, considering it’s not the largest battery, so seven thousand and forty million hours they could have maybe squeeze it a little bit more, but they made the design thinner there. Now, if you were gaming, gaming would probably be six to seven hours of gaming time. I believe on this tablet, and one of the other frequent questions in my review was in regards to pub G. So, yes, you can unlock the 60 frames per second. You have to use this tool right here at skates, FX tool and it’s on the Play Store so download it, and then you can adjust the settings so I’m gon na try it now in 1440p HD and the 60 frames per second now we will not show You any gameplay but I’ll.

Let you know that that gameplay will actually be in my gaming review with this particular tablet. But let’s just run this right now, so there we go. You can see now the extreme sitting so that’s the 60 frames per. Second, sorry in my review I got that little confused and I said that Ultra was 60 and I complained it when it wasn’t running in 60 frames per second, because it was of course limited to 40 frames per second, so HD an extreme gameplay will be uploaded Shortly with my gaming review with this tablet now, this is all in my review, but I just wanted to show you one more time how great these speakers do. Sound the AKG tune, speakers, four of them, so to either side side firing, and they are really quite amazing for what this is for such a thin tablet as well. So I’ll give you one more sample, but they are just amazing, Music, Music, all right so just to round this up with one last final frequently asked question was: is it better to get this or the audio cube x4 about a hundred and ten us less? Now that model there is a Chinese model, so the X has the same exact screen in it, but it does not have okay. Where do I start? It doesn’t. Have these speakers it doesn’t. Have this build quality it’s, not as thin it’s, not as light the battery life is about four or so hours less than this one right here, you don’t have Android nine.

You don’t get the official updates. You don’t have the support, the other thing too, as well. It doesn’t have wide vine level one this does so, of course, Netflix and Amazon, Prime they’re, all in HD and with that tablet, you’re stuck in standard definition, which is a real killer for me having this amazing screen, but then you’re stuck with standard definition, and they Also, do not let you touch the white balance now. This, of course, always always has this now these modes here so you’ve got your blue light filter. You can turn on and then we have to this, which is our night mode as well. If you want that, you can turn on the night mode which I have and you can turn it off, so it really depends on. I believe that it’s a well worth extra spending in this money to get this model instead of the audio cube X, okay, there’s, a hundred and twenty us more, approximately one hundred us more, but you are getting just so much more so overall, this tablet. I am really enjoying it and I think it’s very good, and if this is what the Samsung Galaxy Tab, s is going to be like, but of course, with s pen support and then a Snapdragon 855 it’s going to be an absolute monster of a tablet. And probably the best tablet of 2019, which this currently is until the tab is five possibly I don’t really know.

So. Thank you so much for watching this follow up video here. So we have an all around great tablet from me: highly recommended great screen, great, better I’ve, great, build quality. Amazing speakers performance is snappy and quick it’s, not the fastest ucation Alesi little stutters, and it will have that gaming review.