Now this particular tablet has the snapdragon 670, so the 670 is approximately 10 to 15 percent faster than a Snapdragon 660. So it's a mid range chip and there's been a lot of people. In my review very curious as to its gaming performance, what titles can you play? What kind of performance can you expect so in this particular review here I try and keep it as short as possible. So won't show a lot of gameplay I'll, show more the settings and just how it performs we'll find out what games going to be playable. What games are going to run poor or not so great, so we'll start out with using the game launcher mode here from Samsung that this apparently might help boost the performance. So, first up I will test fortnight, which is probably the game that looks the worst because we're stuck in low settings, but it does actually perform well. In fact, all of these games a little spoiler here they are all playable and just to let you know that we're possible. I will be using a controller here, so this is just a Bluetooth control of the game. Sir g4s. Okay, so here we go in fortnight. You can see that the frame rate stays and sticks to 30 frames per. Second, it dips down very briefly and I'm, using the controller, of course with us. So we are locked on the low setting 30 frames per second. We cannot change it to low medium or anything else, which is a real shame here.

If anyone in the comments knows how do we override this without actual root support, because that to me has been a real problem because I'm going to have to then up and unlock the bootloader and try and root the phone? So you can edit the configuration file to try and for 60 frames per second, but at least I mean this is playable locked to 30. As you can see yes, I know people complain a lot about why you're, showing just the lobby and then dropping in because that's, where it normally dips, you can see it dropped down to about 26 frames per second, just then it's a little hard to see and A few little legs stutters just then, but overall you're gon na be happy. I think most people were at least the fact that yeah, it is differently playable, and that, of course, is the main thing, so I believe, probably in the future, there will be an update. That'Ll, let us least run medium settings and perhaps let us at least increase that framerate up from 30 or 20 frames per second. It would kind of restricted that, and maybe let us play it say 40 or 50 frames per second 60, of course, would be ideal and perfect. So you can see you get not gon na have any problems, at least at 30 used to be able to aim and whatnot. Okay. So look what I've got here. Okay, finally got a weapon, so that's good.

I don't play this game, as you can tell it's tapas pub G, so I have it now on the extreme setting 80s GFX tool to get this option because otherwise it's stuck on Ultra, which is just 40 frames per second thanks to everyone that let me know, And the review that, yes, I made a mistake there so let's see how it performs on HD and extreme okay. So I can see already that this is much much better than what it was on the Ultra sitting in my review, so it's much more fluid. Of course, because we're getting 60 frames per second now maximum and not limited to the 40 I'm gon na see it dips down now and then okay, I picked up a scope and you get some weapons. Now don't play this game a lot but it's just a demonstrator how it's going to perform so hoped. I can find something with a scope: No okay, okay, a few little dips. Just then with the framerate, so it's not gon na be perfectly smooth. If this had a Snapdragon 855 and was of course, the tab s5, then it would be really really smooth and in the max settings there and let's not gon na try and find myself a weapon. At least I know okay. Well, this is good. Here we go. Okay, something with a scope, that's, exactly what I wanted. So I swap over that now. We'Ll have a look at the framerate when i zoom in now that is very fluid and see if I can jump into the action and not die straightaway.

Okay, let's kill this guy; okay, yeah really really playable. This is nice and smooth let's get the Thompson out finish them off I'm, not too sure if that was a bot or a human. Probably, at this point, oh hang on weapons. I almost did wow wow wow wow. Okay, as I said, I don't play this game a lot to see if I can finish this guy off or is it gon na finish me off? Probably oh yeah this to me plays around I'm about to die yep. Okay, so that's the end of my pub cheat gameplay and, as you can see, yeah I'm – not very good at all – and this title here. This is shadow fight, 3 and it's on the ultra settings. Hopefully I can win this game and this is perfectly playable and the maximum setting here and just not me just spam and normally get lucky with their jewels. Oh, oh, you didn't even hit me man. He could have really taken advantage of that. Okay, it's just one less Jill, at least hopefully I'm dead. Okay, so he won, but yeah. This game is perfectly smooth and playable, as you can see why every game here, of course, is playable, and this title here is lineage to revolutions. It'S on the highest possible settings and it's perfectly playable, it looks like it's running at 60 frames per second no frame dips, no lag, nothing like that. So perfectly find this game.

This title has warship splits and I've, got it on the high setting the highest possible and 60 frames per second and it's running at 60 frames per second it's, really smooth to me and I'll just go in now, zoom in and yet really really smooth here see. If I can take this guy out at least hit him, no, it missed. Try again, I still missed again, but this no problem this game here, good, looking graphics and just super smooth gameplay. This title here is shadow gun legends. Now I have it set to the ultra high setting and you can see it's choppy ok. So this is one of the most demanding games out there and it's laggy I've got it set to 60 frames per second, and it looks to be running about like 20. Here so don't recommend running it on ultra high, so just run it on something like medium or high. I think even highs okay, but I do see a little bit of stutter there, so you're probably best to put it on medium, but I'll show you some gameplay. Now with it on high, so as you can see on high, it is smooth enough but I'm, seeing some definite frame. Dips was getting a little slow, so medium, as I mentioned, is probably the best setting that you want to go with with this game, and you watch when I just are those exploded before when I was shooting at them and they exploded.

It definitely had a mess of frame dip. This title here is elder scrolls blades, and I did show this one in my review, so it's running at a fixed 30 frames per second well. There are definite frame dips like right now, there's a little bit of lag. So this game is another of the more demanding titles that the performance is its average it's, not really the best and there's no adjustable settings with this one. Unfortunately, so I'll just fight this goblin and I'll show you that, yes, the game is playable, so you're gon na be out of flight, of course, and battery life is good too, with gaming, so you probably going to get around 6 hours, maybe 7 hours a game Playing depends on how demanding the gamers and, of course, your brightness setting here, I think, see when they look around – that there is a definite noticeable bit of lag, especially with the lighting and things here that they've got so that's what's slowing it down. So you really need a Snapdragon 835 above, I think, to get the best performance out of this game and, of course, the Snapdragon 855. If that is gon na be in the tab is 5, then it will play this game. Real nice super smooth, I'm sure it will and the next title this one is Ash, felt 9 legends and I'm running it on the highest quality sitting. So this game seems to be running just fine.

I can't really see any leg. It looks good visually, no problems with this one, so there we go guys that is gaming there on the Samsung Galaxy Tab s v II, so the Tab s 5 1 that is released, will probably have a much better processor than this one and it'd be a Lot smoother at games like Elder Scrolls blades, which was a little bit laggy, so really depends on the game. Hopefully they can fix the settings with fortnight's, so we can actually play it on something like medium. So it looks a little bit better, but it is playable on the low setting and get playable frame rate if user controller, it's actually really quite good and the other games that I tested all playable again. You just need to tweak the settings like Shadowgun. So, thank you so much for watching this gameplay review and if you haven't seen my full review of the tab. 5 there's five, eight and please do check that out, and it also have another video on things like battery life and video playback performance and samsung decks.