Now i was thinking about holding off a little but i’ve gotten. Quite a few people asked whether there were any updates on this upcoming tablet. So i figured you know what let me go ahead and update you all step by step. You know, as we wait for this tablet, so let’s go ahead and do just that Music. Welcome folks to a new episode of the news segment on the channel. Now you may know this already, but samsung is really getting ready to kind of flood the market with new tablets. The lighter version of its current tablet, lineup and i’m, talking specifically about the galaxy tab s7 lite, which i will cover in another video, probably tomorrow and, of course, the galaxy tab a7 lite, which i am covering today. Now all of the news or information or leaks. However, you want to look at it. All of that is solidifying the fact that a new tablet from samsung the tab – a7 lite – will be released next month. So to those of you waiting impatiently for this tablet, i’ll say: go ahead and just hang on right. We are almost there it’s just about a month or so and you’ll be right there. Some of the new information that we have learned actually relates to the revealing of a new color or a new variant of this tablet for a while. We had only seen it in a dark gray color, but now we know that a silver variant is going to be available on this tablet lineup, so the back will be silver and then the front, the bezel.

So the front bezels here will be white a little bit like. It is the case with the current galaxy tab a7 and just like the same one. It will be an all metal body with a strip at the top there made of plastic, and that is essentially following the same thing that they’ve done before on the galaxy tab. A version. Another news here is that, based off of the leaks of the wallpaper that will be used on this tablet, so on the galaxy tab a7 light, we can tell what the aspect ratio is going to be, which also leads to confirm that the display is going indeed To be standing at 8.4 inches, meaning for those of you who are already used to kind of smaller tablets, it’s going to offer that same compact form factor even people who are not used to it. So that’s going to be kind of the form factor to expect from this tab. A7, like just like it is the case on the smaller version, the current smaller version of the tab, a now let’s go ahead and cover specs on this tablet and before we do so, if this is your first time visiting the channel, welcome, of course, if you Do like the content so far. I truly appreciate that now. Please do me a huge favor hit, both the like and the subscribe button that’s a huge boost to this channel again. I very very much appreciate that now, a few days ago, we actually got confirmation on the dimensions of this tablet as it popped up on tenno, which actually is a chinese regulatory agency and, along with those revealings, we also had new pictures revealed of this tablet and The dimensions are said to be 212.

5 by 124.7 by eight millimeters, and the weight will be 300 grams. We are still expecting the display to be ips lcd, which is a very, very nice upgrade. I would think, and based off of geekbench leaks. The chipset is going to be supplied by mediatek and it will be a helio p22t processor battery is set to still be around 5100 milliamp hour and by the way, i’ve been kind of showing this just for illustration purposes. I don’t have a tap here. I figure. I just use this for illustration purposes, so you have a 5100 milliamp hour battery it’s, going to be fast charge, capable it’s also going to be loaded with three gigs of ram a little bit like. It is the case with the current tab, a7 and also we suspect it will be following the same tiers and in terms of internal storage, so 32 gigs 64 gigs just like it is the case. With the current galaxy top a7. You can still expect the same physical features as the regular one, so you have the main camera on the back top left and a selfie camera at the top of the tablet when you hold the tablet upright, unlike it is the case with the galaxy tab a7, Where you have to hold it in a landscape position in order to have the camera to be at the top you’re going to have a usb type c on here, a headphone jack is also to be expected.

As i mentioned, the battery is going to be fast charge, capable it’s going to be running the current latest version of android, so android 11, and also, of course, the latest version of one ui of samsung, one ui. Now geekbench listed all of this, including the number of cores you know the performance and all of that good stuff and, as i previously said, also additional information about the design name, which is, of course, the galaxy type, a7 lite. The model number and also bluetooth 5.0 support that we previously found on the launch studio, bluetooth database now. Another new thing to notice here is that there have been many support pages confirming from multiple regions, notably russia, india, africa and parts of europe, showing that this tablet is pretty much ready for prime time right, so it’s covering these different regions. You have these things popping up on websites on samsung website in different regions that simply tells us that they are readying the platform for the galaxy tab. A7. Like now, it doesn’t tell us that doesn’t, you know really tell us exactly the date. You know the exact date we’re gon na have to wait for the announcement, but it tells us that they are just simply getting ready to welcome this tablet and by that same information we can tell that the a7 lite will offer both wi fi and an lte Variant but the lte might not be available in all regions covered by samsung.

Also, another important part to add here is that no matter the variant that you want, whether it be the wi fi or the lte, the tab, a7 lite – may not immediately be available in your region as soon as it launches, and i know that from experience. Of course, because when the regular galaxy tapped a7 launched in europe, i actually was very very tempted to place an order. You know to have it shipped from europe to here, because it took actually, i think, another week or two actually a couple of weeks. Maybe i don’t quite remember, but i remember seeing some reviews online already and we still didn’t have it here in the u.s, so something like that is likely to happen. So if you are in a region – and you hear that the a7 light has launched, don’t just get upset that it didn’t launch in your region just yet, you may just need to be a little patient and wait for it to get to you to eat. You know to slowly roll into your region now it goes without saying that a newer tablet is likely to offer an improved performance when compared to not only the previous specs available on the galaxy tab a7, but compared to just the performance of the previous tab. A7. 8 inches the small one, and i will get to test that out when it comes out. And if you have been following the channel for a little while, then you may have noticed that i have been talking about the samsung ecosystem and i have no doubt that the tap a7 light is going to.

You know just melt and fit right into that ecosystem. Without any issues right so it’s just going to kind of cement that continuity that samsung is trying to create all has created, you know to kind of link all of its products. Now, even though we don’t know what the price is going to be on the galaxy tab a7, like keep in mind that it is still considered a budget tablet, and it will likely be priced accordingly, and that is going to be it. As far as the news that i have for you on the all new of the upcoming galaxy tab – a7, like so essentially what i did there was to just present the new news on this tablet and also do a quick highlight of the previous video that i Made on this thing, so if you had watched that video, you may have noticed that, towards the end of this video, i kind of just kind of went over some of the stuff that i talked about then for people you know who are just watching about the Galaxy tab. A7 for the first time, all right, so i would like to go ahead and catch you in the comment section. Let me know what you are looking for on this tablet. Let me know if you’re one of the people waiting for this tablet. You know i love interacting with you all in the comment section let’s let’s go ahead and get that conversation going.

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