First, this is not gon na be an apple to Apple comparison; yeah pun intended there, but anyway. So this is an Apple phone, it plays in its own category, and this is an Android phone made by Samsung that also plays in its own category. You know just from the get go. These are pretty different devices, not only because theyre made by different manufacturers, but simply in terms of some of the accessories that they come with. We have the S Pen with the Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra here. You can already tell that this is geared towards productivity, not the iPhone 14 pro dont get me wrong. It is also geared towards productivity, except the operating system. Doesnt seem to allow this thing to really unleash itself right, its a very, very powerful device. You know the chipset that you have here. The a16 bionic chip is way more powerful than the you know, Snapdragon 8 gen 1, that you have loaded on the s22 ultra here, but yet with the s22 ultra. You know, based off of my testing, along with the general consensus in the Tech Community, is that you are way more productive with the s22 ultra than you are with an iPhone 14 pro. Some of you may be wondering like how is that even possible, because the iPhone 14 pro, as you said, is a lot more powerful than the Snapdragon 8 gen 1 that you have here like. Has it possible that youre more, you know productive with this? Well, its pretty simple: this is kind of an open world type of device right.

You can use this and be as creative as you want to be. If you feel you need to do something in order to be productive, this thing will allow to you know for you to be able to do just that. On the other hand, this platform is a lot more restrictive than this one right. So, on top of that, you also have this additional accessory that make things a lot more comfortable to use a lot more comfortable to do on this phone here, and I dont want you to look at this, as you know, which one is better because, again, its Not an apple to Apple comparison, all right. I want to go ahead and give major shout out to ergier for sponsoring this video, the ergier product that I have here is the newest adjustable standing desk in vintage Brown. I believe theres also a natural and a black color if you want to go ahead and grab those instead anyway, many of you know that on this channel, we tend to focus on value right more than anything else with that being said, of course, let me tell You that this Air Gear, high quality adjustable standing desk, does offer just fantastic value, while remaining budget friendly, which is, of course, what we always looking for. I will have the link in the description if you want to go ahead and grab one, but anyway, its a very large and robust desk with great level of stability, and you get all of that from the solid still frame along with that very stable leg bases That you have there most of you know that Im kind of a big guy I stand at about six foot, four right and the height of this desk here can be adjusted all the way up to fit just perfectly for someone my height now, given that it Can go from a bit over 28 inches all the way way to about 46 inches in height.

It should be adjustable to fit just about anyone. It does have a pretty powerful lifting performance and can sustain the max weight capacity of 176 pounds, which is just awesome because of course, as you can see here, my monitor well, the monitor that I have here is kind of a big boy and it does handle That, without any issues, I have zero wobble when pulling it up or dropping it at a lower height now. Lastly, here there are some pretty cool feature worth mentioning like this quick custom height settings that you have here, where you can quickly go from one height to another, with just a single press and also the smart entire Collision system, whereas the height of the desk is Being adjusted if it encounters some type of obstacle it will Rebound in order to avoid any damage on the desk itself. I could definitely tell you that this has become my main working station again. I do appreciate ERG gear for sponsoring this video here all right. Now, back to the video, so theres, no true, you know which one is best right or which one is the better phone here. Contrary to what some people may want you to believe some people may want you to believe. Well, the iPhone 14 pro is better than the s22 ultra RDS. 22 Ultra is better than the iPhone 14 pro. I think it all comes down to what you need. What are you looking for in the phone now Ive been making videos for a little while now, and I always tell people its not about which one is best its about which one is best for you.

What are you looking for right for someone who barely uses or who barely does anything? You know that gears towards high level of productivity, this phone will be almost you know, useless, not useless, but all of the extra really good features that you have here would be absolute because they would never use that right. Whereas you know someone whos just looking for something where theyre going to be editing, maybe on their phone right, theyre, editing videos and they need something thats going to be rendering those videos at crazy, high speed this. This phone will beat this one. You know by Miles right, rendering videos, whereas here, on the other hand, if youre trying to be you, know very productive by multitasking doing different things at the same time, this is the one to go for right. If you need to take down notes, this is the one to go for so, if youre watching this video, because youre in the market for either one of these two, its gon na, come down to a lot of very fundamental things right. In order to help you make that decision, what operate, what ecosystem are you currently in right? So if you already own like a Macbook yeah, you may want to consider something. You know something else: thats made by Apple right, something thats going to sync, and you know play well with the other devices that you already have, but you have a PC, then you should be maybe considering this guy, it will work.

This one would work with a PC as well, but you should be thinking about finding a way that makes everything kind of uniform. If you can right or forget that lets say you dont own device made by either one of these manufacturers. What are you looking for? Are you trying to be able to do a lot of things at the same time? You know multitasking split, you know different Windows, all of that good stuff, thats, the one the s22 ultra is the phone to go for if youre looking for raw power itll be this guy now lets go ahead and switch gears. A little lets talk about cameras if youre looking for something that is just very good with videos that maybe you should consider the iPhone 14 pro if youre looking for something that is Top Notch with just pictures, you know with Stills like youre, going to be posting On social media, then maybe you should consider this guy right. It offers picture qualities that are a bit more saturated right things that look very good when you just look at you know from you know, with the naked eye, whereas the iPhone 14 pro will get you stuff closer to Natural. More of a natural look, as opposed to the kind of a slightly enhanced look to make it look better. Now that doesnt mean that this is terrible at pictures and very good at videos – and this is terrible at videos and very good at pictures.

They are both fantastic devices at both right, so would also come down to your own preference. I know people who, post on social media all the time you know they live and die by Samsung, because of that a little bit that tiny level of saturation when compared to the iPhone or Apple devices, now lets quickly talk battery on the s22 ultra. Here my battery life is Top Notch and it offers a ton of different ways for you to manage battery and be able to. You know maintain the longevity of your battery on the iPhone 14 pro good battery as well. But you know this is this is not the pro Max. This is the smaller one, whereas here pretty much have 5 000 milliamps, so its a much larger battery, so in terms of battery its going to be subjective, but so far, Im finding that battery life on here is better than what I have on the iPhone 14. Pro here displays: okay, on the iPhone 14 pro you have 2 000 nits display here extremely bright, direct sunlight. You have no issues watching movies reading, whatever over the case is on the iPhone 14 pro send your here. You know an issue reading or watching movies here, but this is a lot brighter than what you have on the s22 ultra when youre outside and its too bright right here, you do have a fantastic display. The phone itself stands up: 6.8 inches, whereas here you have 6.

1, so do you prefer a larger phone or a larger display. I personally prefer the old the Super AMOLED display that we have on the s22 ultra here versus the ltpo super Retina display that we have here again not because this is better, but simply because a combination of this display a large display like this one, along with The way Samsung makes things a bit more saturated it. Just look very very nice here: HDR is just top notch on this gun Now quickly covering accessibility here on the Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra here you have a USB type c port, which is of course kind of the standard, most common Port that you would find out There so in terms of just buying cables and things that you know fit here without an adapter, you wont have any issues, so this should be compatible and it should play well with a variety of devices and accessories and cables and all that stuff out there. Whereas here we still have the proprietary, the Apple, proprietary, lightning, Port, right and transfer, speed is slower on here than it is here again to some of you. It will matter. Another thing to keep in mind here is that the s22 ultra still has or still takes a physical SIM card, whereas the new iPhone 14 pro does not. You know, support physical SIM card, it supports esim, meaning you have to contact the manual the carrier. Rather, you have to contact your phone carrier in order to get your phone.

Your phone number transferred here, whereas here, if you just want to switch mode numbers you just this, one is unlocked by the way, just grab the SIM card and stick it here. This is good for traveling. If you go different countries and you travel in different places and youre going to be spending like a couple days at a time depending on where you go, you can just easily, you know, grab a SIM card wherever you go and just put it in and youre Good to go, whereas, if you go with this one, then you have to pretty much abide by what the protocol is locally in order to get your phone transferred over to this one here so to those of you who travel thats, something to keep in mind now, This video is not set to be a full review of either one of these and then compare them together. Its just me kind of going over kind of like the high level stuff that you should keep in mind if youre in the market considering buying either one of these right so main things to keep in mind. That will help that decision making of yours so Im. Just gon na go ahead and stop at this point. If you want to get a comprehensive take of the Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra that you could go ahead and watch my full review, video on it or if you want to do the same with the Apple iPhone 14 pro here, I already made review video on this Guy here, so, you can always check out that video as well.

If you want to get additional details on the iPhone 14 pro thats, just my take when it comes down to the s22 ultra versus the iPhone 14 pro Im, certainly hoping that this was informative. Now let me know what any questions you may have in the comments section make sure to like, of course, subscribe. You know share the video if you know anyone who is interested or who is in the market for either one of these two I will catch. You like, I said, make sure to subscribe.