In fact, i have the galaxy s22 ultra right here: uh not just s22, but also the new galaxy tab s8, but lets take a look at that showing to ultra first okay, so first things. First, the galaxy s22 ultra comes in great looking colors. I am a huge fan of this uh light green here or deep blue whatever you want to call it, the back material is made of gorilla glass, fictitious and it does not attract fingerprints, yet it is pretty grippy. I also like this white one a lot and we have this uh copper right here, theres also a black one, really understated. Usually i like black foams, but i think this time i like the green, a little bit better than the black. So by now most of you guys already know the galaxy s22 ultra its really a new galaxy note phone, because there is a slot that houses, an s pen and all the s pen features that you use to like screen off. Memo is here, except the s pen has been improved. Even more latency has been lowered to 2.8 millisecond. This is a combination of hardware and software powers. The combination of hardware and software synergy is whats, going to drive most of what makes the s22 ultra great, including the camera performance because were going by camera hardware, its actually not a major upgrade over last years – s21 ultra. But then theres. My little bit of camera upgrade on top of that theres, smarter software and that new isp from snapdragon 8 gen 1.

, so youre getting a major camera improvements which im going to get to pretty soon lets. Look at the rest of the hardware first, so you have this galaxy note like square ish display. This is a this. A 6.8 inch panel, obviously wqhd, plus quality 120 hertz ltpo panel, so refresh rate, can bounce as low, as i think, one hertz up to 120 hertz for zippy smooth animations. Now you have a tiny hole: punch up here: housing, a 40 megapixel selfie camera right now around the back heres the main event, the main system. So we have a 12 megapixel ultrawide camera up top f 2.2 aperture down here. This is the 108 megapixel camera f. 1.8 aperture here is a 10 megapixel periscope zoom lens that offers 10 times optical zoom at 4.9. Aperture up here is a laser autofocus. Finally, here its a 10 megapixel telephoto zoom lens that can do three times: optical zoom, so, like i said in terms of hardware, all the specs, i just ran off here its almost identical to the s21 ultra, but big improvements came in the main camera because the Pixel size got a little bit bigger. That means youre now pulling a little bit more light. You get more image information to every shot and the software has improved that now, when you take a picture, the photo grabs a 108 and 12 megapixel photo. At the same time, so 12 megapixel is the chief fire um nona binning, which is what samsung calls the 991 pixel binning.

So it takes a 108 megapixel sensor, bends it down to 12 megapixels, so youre getting nine pixels worth of information into one now. Obviously i cant really take this phone outside to test. I just have in here to test biggest improvement will come in night photography. As you can see. I have a dark box in here to test low light, photography and light mode kicks in automatically. It takes like two three seconds and the shot turns off pretty sharp with accurate colors. Another major area of improvement is now you can zoom in and out smoothly previously, whenever you switch out to the ultra wide theres a little bit of a like a jankiness thats. Not there anymore, i mean i wouldnt say this is like iphone level smooth, but this is pretty smooth zoom from ultra wide all the way up to like 100x and well test the zoom. So this is a 1x main photo. This is a three times lossless. This is 10 times periscope and well go up to 30 times. Lets take a picture of my camera at 30 times and then up to 100 x 100 times now notice that um, auto focus is still in here. When i jump into 100 x, i can hold the phone one hand and i can keep still with many other phones when you zoom beyond like 30x. It is like shaky like this now. Another area that samsung says has improved a lot is video stabilization and bokeh portrait video again.

This is combination hardware and software smarts, but lets test out video stabilization right now, so im holding the phone with just one hand right here. This is a main camera footage. I am walking around the room right now. I dont know if samsungs watching me actually, but they might think what the hell is he doing. Okay, next up lets test portrait video. So i think you can also change the degree of bokeh okay. So we are shooting portrait video 4k video with the galaxy s 22 ultra. How do i look? Does the background explore look realistic? Is it getting my hair? Okay, like individual strands of hair elsewhere, five thousand million hour battery snapdragon 8 gen, 1 12 gigs of ram android 12, with one ui on top, so pretty standard fare. Overall, i think if youre someone who really missed the galaxy note series you know, i love this phone. I mean its basically the standard for 2022 android flagships plus it has an s pen which i admit is not for everybody like to be honest when, when i have the s pen its pretty fun to play with, but at the same time when i dont have It i dont really miss it too much, so it really really depends on the person. A lot of people claim they. They use a lot, though, like i do think the live translate its pretty useful. You can apparently now do translation up to 88 different languages.

Sorry: okay, a kindly pr just gave me these two. So this is the galaxy s22 plus and the galaxy s22. So, as you can see, they look completely different from the galaxy s22 ultra, its almost like theyre, two different phones, the galaxy s22. The standard one looks just like the s21 ultra from last year with this camera module, which i admit i like this look but new this year is the sides theyre a little bit flatter theyre, not as thin as typical android phone theyre, not quite completely flat, like An iphone but theyre definitely like a wider frame, so some people may prefer this grip now. Obviously, this phone is a tier below the ultra, so you dont get the s pen and you dont get the 108 megapixel main camera. You also dont get a periscope camera. Now i know a lot of people are gon na say. The standard s22 is a better buy, maybe a better value, but if you can splurge theres 22. Ultra is where that this is the absolute pinnacle of samsungs smartphone technology, like not counting the foldable screens, that this camera system should be the best camera system on the market. Right now now, when i get this phone info review, i will pit this against the current champion. The vivo x70 pro plus well see how the s22 ultra stacker, but so far i am really liking. What i see lets now look at the galaxy tap s8.

I only have the ultra here. I dont have the smaller models but yeah okay, so, as you can see, the galaxy tab s8 ultra is huge. This is a 14.6 inch screen. I believe this may be the largest android tablet or any tablet ive ever held. There is, unfortunately, a notch, but this is a 120 hertz super amoled panel, so the screen is gon na. Look amazing and you have s pen that attaches to the back. If youre buying this tab to say ultra such a huge tablet, youre going to use it with a keyboard, because this thing is way too huge to just lug around like this every single day. So samsung made a keyboard case that you just attach magnetically on here. Like this itll cover the flap, but of course the the tablet cant stand on its own, so you need this back part to it. Its one set actually its, not you – have to buy extra, so this little back cover will have a kickstand. So you can prop up the tablet like this, and then you have yourself basically a proper laptop, so apologies if the hands on the tablet is not as in depth as usual, because i only have a very limited time here and the pressure is on so again. 14.6 inch screen, you have an excellent keyboard. I already tried typing on this. The key travel is excellent and you have a trackpad, a pretty spacious trackpad that allows you to navigate now.

The benefit of using a samsung tablet over like a huawei or xiaomi tablet, is that you have samsung dex built in which is basically like a pc mode. Once you turn on samsung decks, you can now open apps in um in like a floating window. It looks more like a traditional pc, so, for example, i opened the internet, you see its its a smaller window. I can open google play and theres a smaller window, now theres a 11 200 million hour battery in here, so its a huge battery um, but because the screen is so large and its 120 hertz, i dont know if it will power this thing. Like 10 hours, you know, but i think if you can get six seven hours out of this, i would be very happy im talking about six. Seven hours of active productivity use around the back theres a 12 megapixel camera here and a 6 megapixel ultra wide. You know youll mostly be using the front facing camera, because this is like a proper laptop. You have two cameras here: 12 megapixel main 12 megapixel wide and you get a really wide field of view. So this is great for video calls. So the galaxy tap essay ultra started also 1 100, so the exact same price as the s22 ultra, and for that you get the tablet and the s pen. This keyboard case is extra, so you get this whole set youre, probably looking at like 1 300.

So lets water for this first look at the gaussian s22 ultra series, with a little bit of a teaser at the tab, s8 and the standard s22. I will have my hands on all these devices pretty soon. So please, stay tuned. Im gon na have a full review on all of these, and i also have a bunch of stuff coming from other brands february, its gon na be a crazy month for android releases.