Now in todays, one month later review im not going to get into specs. Everybody already should know those literally go on any website. Theyll talk about specs im, going to focus on my experience using this device over the past month, and i want to start with the design if youre a businessman – and you show up to a meeting with this – and you put it down on the table – thats it You won youve youve got your million dollar deal in fact, theyll throw in another million. Just because of that. This is equivalent to going on a date and putting lambo keys on the table. Like youve got the deals. Youve got the goods youre, the boss. Okay, you control the meeting when it comes to design the s22 and the s22 plus take the title, in my opinion, for the most elegant phones available, but the s22 ultra. This design is business. I mean look at the edges. Everything about this like screams business, except for my wallpaper, but moving on to build its phenomenal. There has been no damage to the body of my device. Thus far, one month later, i will say i hate putting a case on this phone simply because it makes it even thicker than it already is, but its important, because this matte back is actually kind of slippery, and these camera bumps end up capturing a ton of Dust around them so having a case on that protects, it definitely helps and it helps keep your investments safe.

But more than that, a lot of people on twitter are starting to draw pictures of a cracked galaxy s2. Ultra and 99 of these pictures have cracks that are starting from the edge and going in the curved glass on the edge is where the glass is the weakest and so protecting it on all ends is kind of integral, and so you need to put in that. Youre going to want to have a case for your device and thats going to make it even bigger and before we get into the battery. Ladies and gentlemen, let me just say: please subscribe: it really helps grow. A small channel like mine liking. This video also extremely helpful to me and the monetary supply, which is basically my bank, account for this for this youtube channel. So it really does help me out. I really appreciate all of you helping a small channel grow continuing on with the video now now the battery on this phone started off absolutely terrible, and it stayed that way for, like two weeks – and i talked about this in my podcast and people were on me – Quite literally, when i say terrible, i mean i was getting five hours of screen on time from this phone for, like the full first two weeks and thats, just about the same as my z, flip 3., a month later now im consistently getting seven hours of screen On time with my device, which is where i expect it to be its not blowing me out of the water but im happy im satisfied with exactly what this phone is providing me when it comes to the screen on time.

My usage is pretty straightforward. Uh most days i go to philly on a train, and so these are 40 minute. Train rides to and from philly, so were talking a total of two hours and so thats time that im gon na be on my phone doing things. Do you know what cost to have ac? I make these rules up then, generally, i have 15 minutes between each of the classes and i dont take more than two a day so thats a total of 30 minutes where i might be on my phone between classes on breaks and then, when im done, my Classes i go to my apartment in the city to be able to start doing some of the business things and that primarily entails me doing video conferences on my phone for about one to two hours. I dont like doing video conferences on my laptop or a tablet. Um, just because i dont like the front facing cameras, and i like to do other things on those and so back when i first started using this device thats where i couldnt, i couldnt go any further, so at the end of that video conference, that was it. My device was at zero, i couldnt do anything else, and that was a problem because im someone who doesnt do breakfast, and so i would have to basically put this on charge and sit there twiddling my thumbs waiting for it to charge before i could go out And get a bite to eat but obviously, after, like i mentioned after this thing got optimized that problem went away and it was a lot more comfortable, leaving the apartment now to go out and eat and not worrying about the battery running out because it it does.

Now do a consistent, seven hours of screen on time now the display itself, its gorgeous its absolutely gorgeous samsung didnt, even need to sell us on the display, just because in this day and age, people almost take it for granted. How good these displays look so im not going to dive into it its a great display. I have no complaints here, however, i cant say the same about the sound. Oh god in the pursuit of honesty. The speakers are garbage theyre, not garbage theyre, not complete trash theyre like theyre like the premium garbage. You know its, the garbage you get from the bourgeoisie. Okay, the key is to be honest with yourself thats what the speakers sound like on this device. Theyre not total trash theyre like trash e, they are usable for sure. The sound is clear, but its quite tinny. It sounds like a tin can. Basically, i searched online to see if this was an issue with just my unit, but actually this is a problem that a lot of people are picking up on now i call it a problem: is it really no im not really using the speakers, a ton and When i am, i dont really care if theres a little bit of a tin accent over this sound gos was an issue back when the phone first came out, but samsung has released a few updates. I dont know if they made it to the north american market.

Just yet or north american devices, but as for me, i havent disabled gos, so i still have it just the way it was gaming is perfectly fine for someone like me, im, not an avid mobile gamer, but i do play a few titles and when i hit These titties titles generally my sessions arent more than 30 minutes, so the max i play is half an hour and up to half an hour at one time. The phone does start to heat up, but it doesnt really heat up too much its still comfortable to the touch uh, the gameplay itself, doesnt slow down either. Of course, there are moments inside each game where theres a lot more processing, perhaps happening, and that might slow the game down depending on where youre at or what game youre playing. But it hasnt really affected me to the point where i need to complain about it. On my 30 month or 30 days later review, so what i will say is its satisfactory. I like the way the games play on this. I like the way they look absolutely fantastic, um and im happy with it. Speaking about how things look, i i should get to the camera its amazing, i dont know what to say. The camera is good at everything, its good at photos, its good at taking long videos with stabilization enabled its good at all of that, and the results speak for themselves. S22. Ultra takes the cake for the best camera: okay, okay, okay, we got through a lot.

We got through absolutely a ton, but one thing i absolutely have to talk about, ladies and gentlemen: the s pen. How could we forget the s pen, first off its very nice, its hard? Its got this very nice matte texture, which ive really appreciated more so than i thought i would over the past 30 days. But functionality is also there. Are you editing images and cropping them and super imposing them onto others, easy money? Are you copying text from apps that dont, usually let you copy the text to have it easy money, maybe youre in italy, okay, youre youre at a pizza place and you get this menu that you dont understand at all. Basically, you can use the s pen functionality to take a picture of what you need to circle or crop exactly what part of the menu you want translated and translate this entire foreign menu into understandable language. It can do that. So my point is: youre, probably going to start using the s pen a lot more than you think you would once you start figuring out all the functionality that it holds, and that was definitely the case for myself as well. But as far as multitasking, there is no doubt that this mammoth of a device can handle a split screen with two apps running and give you usable real estate on both apps to get things done. Absolutely. The fact, though, is that whenever i want to get deep diving into productivity, whenever i want to do that multitasking i like to do it on tablets with samsung decks or on my pc or laptop.

My point is that, generally, when im ready to work, i have these laptops or tablets around, and i have a table to focus and do work on and so im not really doing a lot of multitasking on my phone, i feel like im just beginning to scratch. The surface of all the features that this s pen brings with the multitasking capabilities inside this phone, and maybe, as i start getting more and more into it, i might start really loving one certain feature and just start using it almost habitually. Who knows well have to see but get ready for this one with all these functions and functionality and great things comes the size and its mad big ive been wearing hoodies and coats because its still been relatively cold and so tucking. This thing away was very easy. You know just tuck it in into my coat pocket or something, and it was gone, but as these warmer months start coming upon us im, starting to wonder where im gon na stuff this. This is what i had last summer, and this was easy. Okay. This was easy to put away. Everybody would forget it, but this thing it is thick fam, its a thick boy. I personally am against putting my phone into backpacks into briefcases. I mean its a phone, its, not a nuclear code. Okay. Why would i put it away when its supposed to be readily accessible, easy to take out and get things done quickly? Thats, my personal belief, thats just the way that i think about a phone its there for you when you need it and its effective in doing what you need to do its definitely effective, but can it be there when you need it? Definitely, if you put it away like a briefcase or a backpack, and you sling the backpack over, i hate having to stop having to like stop the hallway.

Like everybody stop swing the backpack around start digging, you know, through all them, throw things in their skittles and whatnot, find the phone. Take it out swing that backpack back, probably cause two concussions at this point and finally start using my phone im not about that lifestyle. Okay, so keep me away anyways thats what i wanted to share with you guys those are all the things that ive come up with to share with you guys about this device exactly 30 days later. A lot of things got much much better after that two week period, where i i guess it was determining my usage and optimizing based off of that, which is fine. I mean each phone takes its time. The z flip 3 took about a month before it started, giving me five to six hours of screen on time. So this giving me seven hours after two weeks. I guess its not that bad. The gos issues also seem to be addressed by samsung theyre, rolling out new updates, which is great to see uh. So i think overall, this phone only has good things to come. I dont think theres going to be bad news coming out about this device, and so, if youre, on the edge about whether you should get it or not, i think the main considerations for you guys should be once again the size you might think to yourself im. Not going to use the s pen, but i think you end up youre gon na end up using it anyways just because of how usable it is and how many features are packed into it.

But the size is the only barrier to this device do. Do you have a proper way to put this away? Because if you dont and youre like me, and you dont want to put in your backpack, but you kind of end up having to because your pockets, arent big enough, youre, really going to start hating your life. When you have, you know, you have to the whole two concussions per phone usage thing its not going to be a fun thing to do. Ladies and gentlemen, im fossil thats, my real name, no, its, not its jeffrey brown. Obviously – and that was the end of this video, if you liked and enjoyed please make sure to subscribe, it really helps me out grows a small channel like mine, trying to hit 100 000 subscribers one day well hit it.