Why is it a doozy, its a pretty solid phone? Like the moment, you look at it: the industrial design, the pretty shiny, colors and, of course, its filled to the brim with the best currently available hardware. So lets take a deeper dive. Samsung went for a more flat design this year around its not only the display that has lost the curved edges, but also the back of the phone is a flat slab. This phone looks great and it feels really nice in the hand, and the slightly rounded sides make it a bit more comfortable and less edgy to hold now one thing that i really really prefer better on the galaxy s 21, when it comes to design, is the Camera bump on first look yeah its the same thing, but when you zoom in when you look at the side, the galaxy s 21s camera bump was blending seamlessly with the phones frame. Whereas here you can see an actual separation between whats, the camera bump and the actual frame of the device, so it looks like it has the same shape as before. But when you take a closer inspection, the camera bump looks like its just been slapped on top of the phone. This is a minor complaint, of course, youre not going to buy or not buy this phone because of the camera bump. But these are the first things that i noticed as soon as i picked it up. Speaking of first things to notice, of course, the screen it has beautiful colors, it has deep real, true, blacks and now it goes even brighter with a maximum of 1500 nits.

Another thing to mention about the screen because you may be coming from an older samsung phone thinking to upgrade to this one do notice that the new samsung galaxy flagships do not have the curved edge screens samsung slowly but surely abandoned this futuristic. Look. I am one of the people that actually miss the curved edge screen. I thought it gave the galaxies this unique identity and it felt and looked cool to me. I also find it kind of funny that now that samsung has kind of moved back to flat screen phones, we have edge panels on them back in the day when you had the cheaper flat screen galaxy and then the more expensive edge model edge panels were only Available on the model, with a curved screen and samsung really like to act as if its not possible to have this on a flat screen phone, the galaxy s 22 series has the underscreen fingerprint scanner that it has been using for a while. Now it is still ultrasonic tech for me, uh samsungs, ultrasonic fingerprints have been working flawlessly for the past couple of years. Now lets move on to the big thing. Everybody cares about the cameras on these things and admittedly, yeah samsung did a lot of upgrading on the galaxy s 22 camera. The main sensor is now a 50 megapixel one, as opposed to 12 megapixels from last year. Now here we have 10 megapixel second camera with a actual telephoto lens, which means it has three times optical zoom as compared to the regular main camera.

Is it better? We are a bit torn here in the office um. The s22 clearly produces slightly different photos than the s21 me, and some colleagues also noticed that the galaxy s22 kind of likes to over sharpen pictures a bit too much now samsung always likes to over sharpen his photos. But this needs to be tuned down by just a peg. Now lets move on to the nighttime photography, which is supposed to be the galaxy s. 22S main strength and yeah night photos look absolutely beautiful. They get very, very bright uh. I can see all of the colors in the scene, though i will say that sometimes i prefer to manually turn night mode off for some photos, because the galaxy s22 boosts brightness. So much that sometimes night photos will lose their nighttime charm. When you turn night mode off, you still get a photo thats pretty well visible, but it has that darkness into it, and i really like that effect as well, then about the ultrawide camera. Nothing seems to be new or changed here, its a 12 megapixel resolution and its still great as before it doesnt distort too much you dont get that weird fisheye effect. Now, when samsung was talking about the night mode of the galaxy s22 series, it was specifically saying that we will get better camera performance when shooting video at night. And yes, that is correct with the s22. I have this really long clip of walking in the middle of the night with my dog and you can watch the actual video.

There is no correction applied to it and it looks bright and everything is visible. Its great towards the end of the video i switched to the ultrawide camera and thats, where the footage gets really really dark. I assume the ultrawide camera is not capable of those super high night mode algorithms. So when i move to the ultrawide, it gets super dark and then i crop back into the main camera and you can actually see how the night mode is enhancing the footage and thats great okay. So this is portrait video mode. You can see my pretty face and the background is hopefully blurred theres, nothing cropping into me and, of course, im not cropping out into the background. Hopefully, now we dont get focus racking, you cant, move the focus away and then back to my face or if there was someone else with me in this shot, even if they were behind me, both our faces would be in focus, so it looks kind of weird. So its not like apples, cinematic mode but still pretty impressive work from this phone nice work, samsung speaking about samsungs, algorithms and stuff addendum. I just saw the clips on my big pc screen and no, they they dont look good um portrait. Video is still not very usable, so take it for what it is. Look at the clips again, if you need to, we have samsungs one ui on this phone on top of android 12.

samsung keeps it simple. You have these simple small, quick tiles in the notification shades, which i absolutely appreciate. You have these big, bold white, but transparent, uh, shades and windows and rounded corners. As for performance lets be honest, i know what to expect. You know what to expect. Everybody knows what to expect: the galaxy s22 comes with the latest and greatest hardware and unfortunately, samsung still insists on confusing half of the world. Now, if youre wondering we have the exynos variant here, performance is great uh. I did see some complaints online on twitter about some absolutely terrible, stuttering and lag on uh. These phones, even the s22 ultra. I think, but for me with the s22. I have no issue. It just works as expected. Now one thing i didnt mention when i was in the design section of this review uh – is that i really like how samsung slightly shrunk, the galaxy s22, its basically a resurrection of the galaxy s10e from a few years back. But this one is not all cut up, and without one camera and all that no thats an actual s22 flagship, but its just you know small enough to use with one hand, which is absolutely fantastic. However, the one downside is that its battery capacity had to be limited to 3 700 milliamp hours. If you just read the news browse social media, do some chatting its fine. This one will do you well for a day, but as soon as i open a game or the camera, the battery just dips, so its not a power users smartphone, i would say – and lets move to the important section.

Can i recommend this phone of course, im gon na say if youre a power user? Probably not, then we also have to look at the broader picture, because in a vacuum yeah this phone is fantastic. If you only want to buy samsung, yes – and you want the compact one – yes, but the pixel 6 exists and its kind of awesome for six hundred dollars, the samsung galaxy s21 fe exists and it saves you a hundred bucks. The iphone 13 exists and its pretty great plus it might get you a 2 day battery life. I guess the thing is that the s22 kind of failed to have a big wow effect over the s21 for me. So, even if you go to samsungs, certified renewed store and buy an s21 youre still gon na be good. Youre, not gon na be missing that much the s21 where solid phones.