Galaxy Note 10 Plus: Falling Out Of Love?

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What’s the decision on the Samsung Galaxy Notice 10+ after a number of months?!

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Galaxy Notice 10 Plus: Falling Out Of Love? It’s been a couple of months with the Samsung Galaxy Notice 10+, the questions we have to reply? What’s the ultimate verdict on the cellphone and was it value upgrading over the Notice 9?
So, let’s get proper into it and speak about my expertise!

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  1. Head to https://www.squarespace.com/thao to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code “THAO”.
    ✌How's the Note 10+ been treating you?

  2. What wireless car charger is being used at 3:57 ?

  3. I just upgraded to the Note10+ and I absolutely love it! And I got mine on a sweet Black Friday deal getting $450 off!!

  4. " Hello everyone. Thao here". ❤ from Vietnam

  5. Tiếp tục cố gắng nhé chị , gửi từ quê nhà Vietnam ❤❤❤

  6. The matt finish was already outdated, now is not the time Thao

  7. Did you know, that you are featured in Samsungs OneUI video? You deserved it!🔝😍

  8. Amazing video! I'm happy tho with my Galaxy S10+. Are you using a script for your videos?

  9. I upgraded, and regretted it. The Note 9 was nearly perfect. A month later, I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Can’t believe it.

  10. What a coincidence! I just upgraded my note 9 to the note 10 plus yesterday. I really like it and I like how thorough your videos are. Keep up the good work! 😊

  11. Would you get aura glow again? I also have aura glow. It's a finger print magnet galore and these clear cases look like trash after a month. Thoughts please.

  12. I thought this was an old video and realised the other comments said a couple hours ago…

  13. You live in the Us or Vietnam, Thao don't you?

  14. Nice review! Love my Note9! Especially the fingerprint sensor! Waiting for the Note 11+.👍

  15. Is the Honeymoon over Thao?🤣

  16. Perfectly said. Thank you.

  17. like any phone the first thing you see is the screen..Thao here…

  18. How did you get the Google recorder?

  19. You can disable skin smoothing

  20. Sorry thao….not getting rid of my note9, no headphone Jack/ and I new there would be problems with the in screen fingerprint 👎

  21. By the way, Samsung does have a matte phone. The Galaxy S10 5G on Crown Silver which is actually more like Aura Glow.

  22. Falling out of love? I'd say 'no' but nice click-bait headline. Hmm, I think I'm falling out of love though.

  23. Oh, forgot to mention. Feeling the phone vibrate when the volume is turned way up is normal. It just means the speakers are powerful enough to move the phone. I'm a sound engineer and speaker inventor/designer, and as long as the sound is clear, feeling the sound though the phone is a good thing and not a bad thing. Sony even uses their haptic motor to do this on purpose.

  24. I went from a s8+ to a note 10 plus I'd say best upgrade ever

  25. What is the calendar widget you're using?!

  26. I always love your video!! Awesome!!
    I came from Note 9 to Note 10 Plus and I'm really happy that I upgraded it!!
    1. Bigger Screen this is always a must for me
    2. Super wide camera. I just love this
    3. Aura Glow is so nice.
    Very happy with the phone. Just loving it

  27. You should use the Samsung Voice Recorder app you can download it from the Galaxy Store, it has the same function, with Speech to Text function, but it also has a interview mode, which uses the bottom and top microphone to get the clearest audio when you are taking with someone.

    I currently have the Galaxy Note 9, and it is an absolute beast. The screen on the S10/ Note 10 is beautiful,but I can't stand the holepunch. I LOVE the Galaxy Note 9 irisscanner, it is perfect!!

  28. Thao what is the car charger holder you have for the note 10 plus???? I’m looking for a really good one. The phone is very heavy and keeps falling off the ones I bought lol

  29. Not falling out of love with you ♥️♥️💖

  30. Samsung needs to ease up on skin smoothing and noise reduction. They're WAY too heavy with both and both can be fixed with updates.

    My other complaint with the camera is they need to allow use of the flash with the ultra wide. I know traditionally ultra wide is something that is thought of as a landscape lens. But for most people, using it day to day, it is way more likely to be used indoors to get a wide enough image. I can't tell you how often I've been faced choosing between ultra wide and using the flash and compromising my image regardless of the choice.

  31. Thank you so much for the APK! Love you ♥️!

  32. Only flaw is what she said about the speaker vibration when playing loud videos movies other than that it's the best of 2019 so far although Huawei and oneplus are really close

  33. Such a solid honest unbiased review. Well done, Thao! I really want Samsung to do well (this is coming from an iPhone user). Hopefully, they get it right with the Note 11.

  34. Love my note 10+ I'm an iPhone girl but was over no customizations so I switched only had 1 samsung a s4 love my aura glow s pen bigger screen & all the customizations. I'm also still learning new things.

  35. The note 10 gets extremely hot after an hr of use

  36. It'll be 2-3 years before I get bored of my Note10 plus

  37. I m so happy with my Note 9….Nice video Thao 😍✌️

  38. Do you know if Samsung will continue to have new Galaxy watch? Or just going to stick to Active watch inatead? Also are you still using active watch 2 or you using more of Galaxy watch?

  39. Oh boy she want a iPhone

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