Pro 360 graphite version is my new go to laptop well for on the go of course, and yes before you ask me, you will see fingerprints after using it. It is what it is, but what really stood out to me from get go from the beginning right away was the performance. We are talking about. The low spec model here – i5 8 gigabyte of ram 12th gen intel and all the lake and the performance and which is out of this world – and i was running geekbench over and over again – and this may really sound weird. But i was checking which geekbench version. I have installed because did i have four or five because the numbers kept going up so was my experience. I also have the i7 16 gigabyte of ram 15 inch version coming. So if you want to see how this all turns out well make sure to subscribe as soon as you open up the webcam on your galaxy book 2, pro 360 naming conventions, you have a menu bar coming up on the bottom, with face effects. Background effect can blur the background put some color on, but you also now have auto framing. Let me test this, i put all the framing on and you can see it zooms in right away. So i have to pick up dj to see whats happening here. Lets move around a bit. Yes, it is following us yep its doable dont like it really that much, maybe its usable for you, um thats, better.

I, like this view, but its zooming in and out. Let me turn this off. This is a better view. What does it look and what does it sound like? Let me know in the comments below please. If this is your very first samsung laptop, you will notice that you have some overlay functions. You have windows settings, you have samsung settings and you have a whole bunch of samsung apps pre installed like quick share or second screen. Samsung notes, of course, so make sure you explore this all, because some of them are really really useful. Build quality feels really really solid and i love the design. I love the minimalistic look, including the form factor. As for the display, it still wobbles, and i dont see how it will not do that. And if you are curious about bending look its a really really thin display physics and materials known to us, i think there are limitations. The interesting part is the display brightness. I understand the irony of samsung, including a full hd amoled display. On the other hand, when i was using the galaxy book 2 pro 360, do i need a 4k screen for such a small display is the trade of not having a 4k screen a better battery life, absolutely going into display settings? It shows me a peak brightness of 617 nits and i can tell you when i was using it. It is pretty bright compared to previous models and 60.

Hertz may also be a deal breaker to you, but always remember what you are using this for one personal gripe i have is the chin on the bottom, and i get all the aspect, ratio and all of this, but the chin feels like to me a missed Opportunity to make the most out of the space right and especially with this small form factor, but maybe next time so pick your poison in a good way. We asked for performance, we got performance, however, whatever you do with the galaxy book 2 paul 360. The fan will come on it doesnt matter. If you do some browsing it doesnt matter. If you do word documents, gaming of course, but any light work the fan will come on. You do have the option in samsung settings to regulate all of this by turning the fan off, but now pick your poison comes into play. Look at the geekbench scores. This is a normal, slash, high performance mode, very, very respectable. It outperformed the tarpon ultra as well as my service laptop studio. It comes close to the m1 macbook air in terms of geekbench scores for cpu, and this is the i5 version. But what happens if you turn on the fanless mode? Well, there is no noise. Of course, but you will also have a considerable drop in performance. You can see this side here fortnight. It is not a gaming laptop, of course, but you can do some casual gaming thats no issue and peak.

I had 50 or up to 50 fps, but get used to around 25 30 for kind of a standard game play in fortnite. I do like the keyboard. It feels really good. It feels solid. I like the key travel. The key travel is really good. Also, the keyboard itself is backlit. In addition, it has the fingerprint sensor, which makes it so much easier for me: im, not the biggest fan of windows, hello because it never works or hardly works. For me, the speakers are incredible, really respectable for this small form factor.