This is my full review of the samsung galaxy book. Pro 13 inches let’s go ahead and jump in Music. Now i didn’t know what to expect when i picked up a copy of the samsung galaxy book pro here, but one thing is for sure: it’s actually a pretty nifty little machine sure it has its own share of cons or disadvantages. That could really be deal breakers for many people and will highlight those things during this video, but i think overall, it is not bad at all for an ultrabook. In fact, if you are somewhat already taken by the samsung ecosystem, you might be able to truly appreciate a lot of the stuff that this little machine you know, would help or would offer you in order to kind of solidify and make that galaxy continuity. Very constant. With your other samsung devices because i’m sure, if you do have more than one samsung device, then you probably know what the samsung ecosystem has to offer so far, especially with something as little and as simple as quick share, which takes your productivity just to another level And that’s one thing that i’ve actually found myself using a little bit more lately, especially because you’re sharing files and things like that in between your devices, but first thing is: first let’s, go ahead and start off with something that i absolutely love on this laptop the Display, my goodness, it’s a 16×9 aspect ratio display – and you may know this already.

It is an amoled display with a resolution of 1920×1080, and this display produces super crisp images. You get. Those super, deep blacks and reds, and just colors in general, are very vibrant, with excellent contrast levels. Now i do own a few devices that have oled displays, but i got to tell you that there’s just something different about this one. You know sure the screen might appear to be a little dimmed down and every now and then you might get you know a reflection off of that screen. But i tell you this thing is beautiful. The brightness is not that of a high level lcd when using in direct sunlight, but it’s still bright for an oled display and image. Quality is excellent in general, with great viewing angles, and i have to add that this display at this price range is a major plus for this laptop and let’s talk deeper specs here. The model that i have here is the 13.3 inches one it’s loaded with eight gigs of ram and 256 gigs ssd or base storage, and you can expand your storage at up to two terabyte with a micro sd card. Now. What i have here is actually the cheaper version with the 11 gen intel core i5 processor and we’re, looking at 2.4 gigahertz for the speed and that can be turbo boosted at up to 4.2 and by the way. If this is your first time visiting the channel. Well welcome, of course, i do hope that you, like the content so far, and if you do, i truly appreciate that.

Please do me a huge favor hit both the like and the subscribe button. There it’s a tremendous boost to the channel here and it truly helps me tell the youtube: i’ll go that videos like this one actually do help people out there all right so back to it here i was actually impressed by the performance. It is really zippy and very responsive i’ve been able to have multiple windows open and toggle in between many of them without any issues. Now i did some pretty light gaming on here and you know, light games and medium games actually play. Okay, you might be able to play some heavy games on here, but you would need to really play around with the settings. This is not a gaming laptop, as you would imagine right, so you would really need to play around with the settings and turn some stuff down playing heavier games on here. That being said, i personally do not own the i7 variant of this computer, but i’m gon na say this. The i5 variant that i have here actually performs pretty well, and one thing to keep in mind here is despite the size of this laptop. It actually has a fan in it and you would expect you know some level of thermal throttling at one point, but it still performs pretty well, it stays constant. I would actually say it stays very constant in terms of performance i’m, not sure how it’s possible.

I actually expected it to slow down as soon as this thing started. Getting warm, but it doesn’t seem to be the case and speaking of fan here, you know it’s, not the quietest fan but it’s, definitely not crazy loud. You could definitely hear it when you come close to the laptop but it’s nowhere near as loud as i thought it would be. Like i said earlier, i didn’t know what to expect when i was going for this cheaper variant but i’m still very impressed by that cpu and gpu performance, and it truly makes me wonder what the performance is like on the i7. Now, for all of my videos i use davinci resolve to edit, you know, render and export videos. I actually did a very short 4k export with this laptop and it actually, it actually exported relatively fast now, it’s, nothing close, maybe not close it’s. Nothing compared to like the m1 mac mini that i have here, but still very fast again. This is not really a laptop that you’re using for heavy editing right. So, even though i don’t use it as my editing machine, it could definitely be used to edit videos in terms of design. This thing is super thin. It is super light. I’Ve never owned any laptop this thin before that way. It almost makes it not feel like a computer at all. It feels more like an empty shell. It comes in at less than two pounds you’re looking at around 1.

9 pounds here it is super light. The macbook air here is just way heavier than that, but even with that thickness, samsung was actually able to implement a very diverse set of ports right. They didn’t pick one or made a couple of the same one. They made it very diverse. You get an hdmi port, a usb type c port, a thunderbolt port and that’s all on the side. Here, on the other side, you have a headphone jack. Yes, a headphone jack very nice to have as always, then you have a usb type, a port and of course you have a micro sd card slot. I do have to add that it does pick up fingerprints a lot, so some people ocd might actually kick off. So be aware, you have the speakers at the bottom, which is just terrible speaker placement and obviously it affects the audio volume. There are still ok sounding speakers, but again, unfortunately, they are firing downward to the table or the desk on which you put in your laptop. The keyboard is pretty nice, i’ve really grown to like it, it doesn’t feel cheap at all, and it does have those pretty soft touches that i prefer well me personally. I prefer having on keyboards, which is also the reason i generally prefer apple keyboards. They have to soft touches now, so these remain that actually remain pretty clicky. They don’t make crazy loud sound like mechanical keyboards, but they remain clicky and still give you enough feedback for you to know that you’ve actually hit the key and, more importantly, it is a backlit keyboard.

Now the trackpad, on the other hand, doesn’t feel as premium. I would have liked it if it felt a little bit more premium. It does work for sure, but then again no premium feel to it and also you can’t use the entire surface of that trackpad to click at least not this top part. Another feature that is nice to have here is the fingerprint sensor. So here you get to unlock the tablet in a very convenient way and it works actually very well. The webcam is a 720p camera, so nothing really amazing there, but just something hd that you can use for your zoom calls, or you know, video chatting with family and friends, so don’t expect anything. Super amazing you’ll be pretty much seeing or looking at something that is about the standard with laptops in this price range. The mic seem to pick up the voice pretty nicely also so people on the other end of the video will be able to hear you with no issues so no problem there. As far as battery life goes, samsung advertises up to 21 hours, but it truly depends on your type of usage right. So what you use your laptop for, i know personally i’m hitting about 12 hours or so a little bit over 12 hours. Really but again my usage is not going to equal yours, so you could hit more or less either way. I still find it to be a very impressive battery life right so especially for something in this price range anyway, here’s my take.

This is a great laptop. Well, in my humble opinion, this is a great laptop for people who are undergo right so for the type of performance that it delivers and the type of battery life that you get out of it and also the portability. It is extremely portable, very, very light computer to take with you on the go given the performance that it offers, and i also think that it’s good for students, because it’s also a great laptop. If you want to use for everyday tasks – or you know, documents and things like that typing paper, or even just enjoying some nice entertainment, this is a very, very nice laptop in either one of these two cases that i mentioned, whether you’re a student or you’re. Just a person on the road, you will be carrying your laptop with you and you will get that pretty nice performance anyway. I hope you found this informative. Please don’t forget, of course, to like comment share this video. If you know anyone who’ll be interested and, as i mentioned, make sure to comment, if you have any questions that you things that you would like for me to test out on this tablet, let me know in the comment section i can always test that out and Maybe make another video about this. I hope you subscribe if you’re not subscribed yet make sure to hit that subscribe. Button make sure to also hit the notification bell so that you’re, aware of every time i drop a new video thanks again for sticking with me till the end of this video i’m.