This is a super light laptop with an included wacom powered pen and a 360 degree hinge. There is one fiddle flaw that is holding me back from recommending this to artists and illustrators. Anybody want to take a guess as to what that is hello. My name is brad. I review tech for creative professionals and, if you’re new here i look at tech from the point of view of a designer artist or illustrator. Now, samsung’s laptops are pretty good. They aren’t the cheapest laptops out there, but they’re far from the most expensive. This base model pro 360. I have here with about twelve hundred dollars now, while other manufacturers will charge you an arm and a leg for just small upgrades to ram or or the storage on a device like this samsung is pretty competitively priced. For example, 200 is gon na get you twice as much ram and twice as much storage same thing. If you want to jump up from a 13 inch screen to a 15 inch screen, that’s only a hundred dollars. The longer i review devices, one thing becomes clear to me, and that is samsung – is all over the place when it comes to their laptops year over year, they’re changing up the names, they’re overhauling the design, they’re trying new things. This can be a good or bad thing, it’s good, because they’re always trying new stuff, and sometimes they stumble upon some really cool ideas, it’s bad, because sometimes they land on something really cool one year.

They don’t realize that it’s cool and they just completely toss it out for the next year throughout this video you’re gon na, see me with a cleaning cloth under my hand when i am drawing that’s, because another thing they had figured out last year that they threw Out this year was palm recognition there, just isn’t any gon na be going into detail on that a little later, this year’s laptops are no different. This is the galaxy book pro 360 and i picked this one up because of the 360 degree hinge that lets. You turn it into a drawing. Tablet comes with the wacom powered pen and the entire laptop is crazy, crazy light what’s the bad. Well, while it looks nice, i love the direction of the design of last year’s galaxy laptops. They were headed in this colored brush aluminum direction. They had these shiny side accents. I really like those were beautiful laptops. I wish that they would just build upon that design language, like other manufacturers, do they completely toss that aside this year now, that’s, not to say that this is a bad looking laptop by any stretch comes in two colors mystic navy and mystic bronze. I went with the mystic bronze because that’s the color of my phone, also a samsung phone, but they’re made out of different materials, so they don’t match as well as i was hoping they would. One thing that’s jumped out of me is that the metal they used on the outside of this device isn’t super durable.

When i pulled it out of the box, it already had a dent along the side and then, when i went to take the sticker off the fingerprint reader, i accidentally left a scuff mark that i can’t seem to clean off. I don’t think this shiny surface is gon na age. Well, but all of this stuff is just curb appeal. Another thing they jettisoned this year was the built in pen well, well kind of they did there’s still a pen here, it’s just not stored inside the laptop, and they probably did this to save on space, make it smaller lighter. But this time this time this is a decision. I personally liked one of the things i didn’t care for with that old pen is, it was so small. It was like holding a tiny little pretzel. It was uncomfortable to draw with that pen for extended periods of time. The pen that comes packed in this year is a normal sized pen, far more comfortable to hold the downside is if you’re someone who loses your pen, often this one doesn’t store with the laptop. This is an ultra light laptop, so, like i mentioned before, it is crazy, crazy light. Usually the trade off here is in power, so let’s check out the specs Music. This comes in two sizes, 13 inches and 15 inches. This is the 13 inch version. Upgrading that screen only cost a hundred dollars more that’s a pretty good deal.

This is also a touch screen. It’S a super amoled full hd display now that’s, not super high res, like you might see on samsung’s tablets, but the screen overall looks pretty good. It gets pretty bright. I thought the colors were very good inside. You have an intel core, 17 evo processor. What the heck is an evo processor. It is a brand name that intel has made up to make things less confusing. What does an evo processor do? It makes things more confusing, it’s just a core processor, but what that evo, designation denotes is that it is spec’d out for ultra light laptops like this one laptops with the evo sticker on them are basically optimized for things like touch screens and battery life. So this isn’t a raw performance, optimized laptop it’s, really optimized for other things. So, even though this is an i7 it’s not going to rival the i7 chips that you’re going to find in beefier laptops, they’d have a heck of a lot more airflow and power coming into them. There is a fan here for some cooling and there are some tiny vents along the back to keep down the heat. The fans run a lot, but that they’re not like super loud, but for me drawing full time the fans were on for most of that. In terms of just actual performance, i thought this laptop was more than enough for what i wanted to do with it for just basic illustration tasks.

I wouldn’t recommend this. If you’re going to do video production, if you’re going to do animation, you probably want to jump up to something a little beefier or something that could do a little bit more with that processor. But for drawing and illustration it’s fine samsung gives you two ram and hard drive configurations. The first configuration you have eight gigabytes of ram and that comes with 256 gigabytes of storage that second configuration, 16 gigabytes of ram and gigabytes of storage, there’s. Also, a nice little micro sd card slot along the side. So if you want to expand that storage yourself have at it, there are also three usbc ports, one of which is designated for charging, but you could use it for other things when you’re not and last but not least, is a headphone jack. Oh, the good old headphone jack. We love you buddy. You also have some other amenities included here, like a fingerprint reader on the keyboard and a 720p webcam that’s, not that’s, not actually an amenity. All laptops come with that, but it’s important to know. This has the same 720p webcam that most laptops have. Of course, the feature that drew me to this laptop was the ability to turn it into tablet mode and use it for drawing. Since it is a 360 degree hinge. I can work in other modes too, even though it stays up at other angles. It wasn’t really designed to be drawn on with this angle, the hinge isn’t strong enough to hold the weight of your hand while you’re, drawing before i jump into the next part.

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Okay, so that asterix talking about palm rejection, wacom’s pens are known for not doing that, particularly well, or at least not as well as some of the other brands out there. So this is going to be trade off you’re, going to be making with any samsung’s device. But here i needed to add that asterisk, because here i hate to say this, it’s it’s, not good it’s, bad with the wacom pen. I expect some of this. Maybe i expect it to work like 97 98 of the time, but here, with my bare hand, resting on the screen and just drawing it just there are many times where it just never ever ever picks up the pen at all. Whatever communication has to happen between my palm and the pen and the screen is just not happening here, for whatever reason usually, i can recommend these with the caveat that hey yeah, sometimes you’re, going to leave some paul marks on your screen, but man it’s it’s a Lot harder to recommend this one whenever i set up a laptop like the first thing i install is a couple drawing apps and i start playing around. I noticed this uh immediately and shortly after i started using the laptop, i got like a little firmware pop up to update, and so i got really excited. I thought oh, a firmware update. This is good. Maybe they’ll fix this nah, nothing, no dice, it’s it’s! The same thing, unfortunately Music.

So, as far as setting this up at a comfortable drawing angle, the only one that works for me is when it’s laying flat the hinges are really good laptop hinges, but they’re meant for opening and closing not holding up the weight of your hand while you’re drawing Now the downside of folding, the entire thing over is you lose all of your keyboard? Shortcuts your keyboard just stops working once you fold it over. So if you’re using photoshop or clip studio, paint you’re going to miss those keyboard shortcuts quite a bit, so you might also want to have something like a shortcut remote or an external keyboard that you can use. So you can still use those programs efficiently. This isn’t just a downside for this device. This is a downside for any of the two in one windows devices that i review here. The battery life is good i’m, getting like six hours of drawing on this thing. I know the website says 21 hours, but the list of battery life on laptops is just ah it’s, weird six hours, if you’re using a drawing program and have it turned up to like a normal screen, brightness Music, pros and cons the pros. The pen, the pen is good, it does have that asterisk on it, but overall the line quality is good. Another pro here is that it is reasonably priced. Okay, okay, i know what you’re thinking 1 200, not reasonably priced brad, but – and i get it you’re, not wrong, but you got a touch screen here.

You have a pen packed in you have an i7 processor. This is not a wimpy computer. This is a good value at this price point. Of course, the cons, the cons, the palm rejection, this goes hand in hand with the pen. This one is huge. This is the one that really puts this particular device on the edge for me. Like i said, i had a much better time with it once i like slept on a glove and started drawing, but man, oh you know so many of these windows laptops do something like this where it’s like. Oh, this is really good and then you get to that one thing and it’s: just a total deal, breaker that’s, where this laptop is for me and i’m, not i’m, not sure i can like fully recommend it because of that. So what are your thoughts on this? Let me know down below in the description.