mouthful to say now. I must mention that there is a samsung galaxy book pro and the 360 in front of me here is a two in one device, so its capable of doing stuff like this but more on that later, so lets talk about whats under the hood and no. This is not a car review. This, as a matter of fact, is running on the intel evo platform. The intel evo platform is intels premium laptop category that excels in both being thin and light and not having to compromise on performance. So when i first unboxed this product, i was actually amazed at how thin and light it really was, and this is thinner than most laptops that come across this channel and weighs just over two pounds now lets go over the ports, real quick. So this has a micro sd card slot, which i almost never use, and a usb c port and a headphone jack. On the other side, we have two usb c ports with one of them being capable of thunderbolt 4.. You guys know on the channel. I eat sleep and breathe thunderbolt, not literally, but this might be the smallest footprint laptop on the channel so in terms of temporarily transforming this device into a desktop experience, its sitting up there in mobility and versatility. The other nice thing is that this is using intels latest wi fi 6e card, which you can think of as the true wi fi 6 by adding the 6 gigahertz spam expect to see fast internet speeds available.

Granted. Your router setup is in a good shape and i know i wasnt complaining about the internet speeds. I was getting over the air going over the specs. This is equipped with the intel core i7 1165 g7 combined with the intel iris xc graphics. We also have a terabyte of ssd storage and 16 gigabytes of ram. We have an amoled panel running at 1080p, so color accuracy is great here. The battery size is 68 watt hours and comes with a 65 watt adapter for a windows laptop. This is plenty of power for those on the go so moving on to battery life. My battery lasts me most of the day, which is surprising for an i7 processor, which i wasnt really expecting, because i7s are known to be power hungry. But with this intel evo platform, it seems like the benchmark is the battery needs to last a full day of use. So most of my time spent using this laptop was researching developing and a bit of gaming as well, but ill touch on that later. In the video now samsung is quoting around 20 hours, which is probably true if you read the fine print, but if you do anything other than watch videos and browse web pages expect to see that number drop in half, which is pretty common for most laptops. Now this laptop is capable of fast charging as well, so in just 30 minutes, youre capable of getting four hours of use, so its nice to see fast charging make its way into laptops because it just makes portability that much better.

So now we can fast charge our smartphones, our earbuds, our cars and now laptops, if only we could sleep for 30 minutes and get eight full hours of energy, but life doesnt work. That way now lets talk about my favorite feature on this entire computer, and it is not the two in one aspect, its actually the display paired with these speakers, its a chefs, actually a chefs kiss its. It deserves two because i have seen my fair share of laptops screens on this channel. This is one of my favorites. We have an amoled display and i hate to join the crowd, but these blacks are inky black. It is pitch black black hole. You cant see anything its amazing. The colors are gorgeous and ill say under normal lighting conditions. It looks the same as other laptops, but when the sun goes down – and you have maybe a light or two on this is the best display. When you watch a movie, you want to turn the lights out, because it does provide a cinematic experience with this. Amoled display the speakers as well its not too bass heavy, and it sounds incredible at max volume crystal clear, crisp, no distortion at all, make sure you go into the settings and set it to dolby atmos under spatial trust me. You will enjoy this from a media consumption standpoint and i should mention its a touchscreen as well. Nice touch pun intended, okay enough about the display and speakers lets talk about how it was using the device.

So, since we are running on an intel evo platform, we should expect a premium experience. Now i can attest from the things that i did on the laptop while using it. It overall felt like a premium experience for what its intended for what i mean by that is theres no gpu in here. So dont expect to play aaa games like halo, infinite matter of fact wont even load, but my favorite game right now is dungeon fighter online and it runs flawlessly. Minecraft runs great if you go from fancy to fast or normal and reducing the draw distance has a huge impact as well, and it was getting around 50 to 60 fps for the most part, so it was playable. Anything over 30 fps to me is playable popular games like league of legends as well work, fine, and if you want to stream at the same time, obs or other popular streaming software, the computer can handle it now, im also doing development work with mobile applications and Using the touchscreen to interact with the emulator feels much more natural and feels more responsive than just using the trackpad. Now samsung includes a s pen. So if you dont want a bunch of fingerprints on the display its best to use this, and it attaches to the lid of the laptop like so now speaking about fingerprints swivel, this around, i dont know, if you guys, can see this its actually, not that bad. The overall build quality and design are fantastic.

My only gripe is the finish. They used its just a fingerprint magnet, but you guys really cant even tell theres, also an included fingerprint sensor as well. So getting back into your computer from the instant wake is a great addition for those looking to get back into work. If youre taking a long lunch because thats what we all do, i dont know why im whispering i forgot to mention one of the biggest selling points is the 360 or the two in one aspect and the s pen. So we get a two in one device and wow this actually flipped flawlessly, so we get a two in one device for even more versatility and this really made the laptop more fun to use, especially given its size and weight. So what does this mean for samsung? Using an intel, evo, certified laptop now, despite the sheer thinness and lightness of the laptop, we dont have to settle for the y processors anymore, which were hugely handicapped by devices that came in this form factor. With this new evo platform, we still get fantastic performance and with the performance we get good graphics that can handle most common workloads and have great battery life now. Obviously this is top of the end with the i7, but the i5 is still part of the intel evo platform, so you dont necessarily have to break the bank in order to get a premium laptop experience. Now i thought the dell xps was one of my favorite 13 inch windows laptops, but the galaxy book pro 360 might have just claimed first place.

The responsiveness of the laptop and the display are too hard to pass up with all that being said, thanks to intel for sponsoring this video.