First of all, i just want to mention that i have the 15 inch version, but most of this review will work for the 13 inch version of the laptop too, since they are nearly identical aside from display size and keyboard format. Why dont? We start there? The galaxy book pro 360 has a full hd touch, enabled amoled display. I would have preferred a higher resolution display here, but at the same time, the fact that its an amoled display more than makes up for it. The colors on this display are excellent and, of course, you get those deep, inky blacks that everyone raves about on oled panels, although youre gon na have some trouble seeing them at times, because this is a glossy display and your reflection is going to be almost constantly Present when the display is dark, the bezels are nice, and slim too, with the exception of that bottom chin. But i think it looks just fine the way it is. It does have a tiny webcam at the top of the display, but its only 720p, and it just isnt all that great itll get the job done, but dont expect too much out of it. There are two other things that make this display stand out, though. The first is the 360 degree hinge that gives this laptop part of its name. You can flip the display all the way around and use it in tablet mode thats, where this guy comes in the galaxy book.

Pro 360 also comes with an s pen in the box for doing things like writing notes, drawing or even just navigating through menus. The s pen is one of the biggest selling points for students. I think it feels very comfortable in the hand, and it seems pretty accurate too. I do wish the palm rejection was a little bit better, though, as it seems to mess up occasionally and register my wrist as a touch, but other than that. My experience with the s pen has been fantastic. As for the rest of the design, its mostly great, the laptop has an all aluminum build quality and it feels really robust and solid and its also extremely thin and light for a 15 inch laptop at about three pounds. If you go with the 13 inch model, itll be even lighter at around two and a half pounds. There is an achilles heel to this design, though, and thats the mystic navy finish that samsung has put on it. While it does look great, when you take it out of the box, they seem to have forgotten to apply an oleophobic coating, because from the second that you pick this laptop up and start touching it, it gets absolutely covered in fingerprint marks. As for the keyboard and trackpad theyre, decent, the keyboard has a fingerprint reader for quick and easy unlocking and the keys are nice and quiet, something that you definitely want in a classroom or an office environment and the trackpad is a great size.

But there are things that i dont like about each of them. Yes, the keyboard does have a number pad, which can be great for a lot of you out there, but it does move the rest of the keyboard off center and i found it a little difficult to get used to thats a problem that the 13 inch version Of this laptop doesnt have the trackpad uses a basic diving board mechanism, meaning you cant, actually press down to click at the top or even the middle of the trackpad. You need to click at the bottom, which can get annoying if you prefer to press down to click instead of just tap. Samsung has included a decent amount of ports on this laptop, including a thunderbolt, 4 port, 2, usb c ports, a headphone jack and a micro sd card slot. If you want to use usb a devices or an ethernet cable, though youd be out of luck, unless, of course, you pick up a dock from the sponsor of this video anchor upgrade your desk setup with ankers apex, thunderbolt 4 docking station, its equipped with dual thunderbolt 4, ports, a usbc port 4 usb, a ports, 2 hdmi ports capable of a 4k 60hz signal, an ethernet port, an sd card slot and a 3.5 millimeter audio jack. Its got everything my personal favorite part, though you can get access to all of this, with a single thunderbolt 4 cable plugged into your laptop. Not only that, but the thunderbolt 4 port on the back is capable of driving an 8k display or three monitors in 4k.

If you make use of the hdmi ports in the back, ive been using this dock in tandem with the galaxy book pro 360 and since the thunderbolt 4 port has 90 watts of power delivery, ive never needed to use the charger that came with the laptop. This thing is the perfect power station for a thunderbolt, 4 ready, laptop or mini pc, and it looks great on the desk too, with this silver, all metal body. If youre looking for a dock to complete your desk setup, you should definitely consider this ill leave. A link in the description below if youre interested all right lets talk internal specs. These galaxy book pro 360s are equipped with intel tiger lake cpus. You can get either an i5 or an i7 like i have in my model here. You can also get either 8 or 16 gigabytes of ram and up to a one, terabyte nvme ssd performance as far as a thin and light laptop goes, is pretty solid. Unless you have more than 50 tabs of google chrome, open and youre playing a game in the background, this laptop is not going to bog down on you in any way. It ran a geekbench 5 score of 15 26 in single core and 54 42 in multicore. Beating out my amd equipped surface laptop 4 in single core, but falling behind in multicore thats impressive, given that the surface laptop 4 costs several hundred dollars more than the galaxy book pro 360 in their current configurations.

Dont expect this laptop in its current state to be much of a gaming powerhouse, though you could hook up an egpu to the thunderbolt 4 port to turn it into one, but straight out of the box. It only has intels iris xe, integrated graphics, itll, give you playable frame rates above 30 frames per second in easy to run. Games like cs go league of legends and valorent, but anything more visually complex than that and youre gon na have some trouble. I also noticed that this laptop does struggle with some high pitched fan whine. You cant hear the fan most of the time, but when youre really stressing the laptop out with games or other cpu intensive apps, the fan kind of sounds like an airliner thats taxiing on the runway battery life is definitely a strong point of this laptop. The 15 inch that i have has a 68 watt hour battery, while the 13 inch one has a slightly smaller 63 watt hour battery. You shouldnt see much of a difference between the two and thats a great thing, because im easily getting around 14 or even 15 hours of mixed usage with the laptop the battery life still doesnt quite measure up to the likes of the m1 equipped macbooks. But if i tried to do this with a macbook, i dont think it would like me very much to charge. The laptop samsung includes a 65 watt usbc charger in the box, and you can use any of the usbc ports on the laptop to charge it which is convenient.

This is a pretty great laptop overall, its got some quarks, but it doesnt really disappoint in any significant way. The rotating hinge and s pen features make this laptop extremely versatile for anyone in a classroom environment and the amoled display that you get on this laptop is amazing for the price.