This comes with a new intel, 12 gen, cpu, 8 gigabytes of ram and a 256 gig ssd and, most importantly, this beautiful 1080p amoled panel. So before we start talking about the specs – and you know the performance of this laptop, i want to talk about one of the most important things i think with something like this, and that is the size and the weight. Having used this now for two weeks, i still cant get over how light and small this is for the power that it packs. It honestly feels like im picking up one of my ipad pros to throw in my bag rather than a fully fledged laptop, and it is so slim and so light its just easy to pick up and cart around with one hand, i kind of feel like im Back in the days when i had the map at 12 inch – and i used to take that everywhere with me – this is sort of filling that role now, even though this is incredibly light and incredibly small weve still got a great selection of ports on one side. Weve got a full size, hdmi port and two thunderbolt ports and youve also got a little light. That shows you, when youre charging and on the other side, weve got a headset jack, a full size, usb type, a port and a micro sd card slot. So youve got a great all round selection of ports on a tiny little laptop like this, just be like a great laptop same, for instance, youre, going out on a photo shoot and you want to quickly transfer your photos onto the laptop.

I know its on your micro sd card slots, but itll certainly get you by. If you want to be transferring things out about in the field very quickly and the fact thats got a full size, hdmi and usb type, a youre not going to be fumbling around for dongles. All the time like you are with say a macbook now also on this laptop being that its the base model, it only comes with a 256 gig ssd, but that can be upgraded. Its got a full size, 80 millimeter slot, but the only pain with this laptop is, you cannot see the screws on the bottom. Youve got to unpop these feet, which are stuck on and the screws are under there. So it is a bit of a pain to upgrade, but its totally possible. Now the ram is soldered, so the only thing you will be able to upgrade is that ssd now opening up the laptop is an easy one hand affair. The hinge is incredibly smooth. It opens and glides nicely open, yet it doesnt wobble around when youre, using on your lap and thats, something that obviously shows its a well engineered hinge and weve also got a fingerprint sensor in the power button. So although it hasnt got a windows ir webcam, which i do prefer, the fingerprint reader is very accurate and logs you in very quickly, so it hasnt bothered me that i havent got that ir face recognition and one of the things ive absolutely enjoyed and loved about This laptop over the two weeks of using it is just how well everything works on the actual deck of this laptop.

I love the white finish. I dont know how well its going to hold up over a year or two of use, whether its going to get dirty or grubby, but it looks great as of two weeks worth of use. The touchpad is a white glass touchpad. It feels amazing tracks brilliantly and the white keyboard. Not only is it really easy to see all the keys and the backlight still shines up. You can see the backlight through these keys, which is something i was worried about with a white backlight with these white keys. It does actually work still making it a great all around package for using it day to day as a daily use laptop now. The keyboard layout is also great, and the tactile response of these keys are brilliant, making a lovely typing experience, making it a great laptop for somebody else to take this away and do a lot of writing or work on the go as we showed in our unboxing Video, the speakers are very average, its such a tiny laptop. I didnt expect a lot else, but when you compare it to something like a macbook pro 13, which still has amazing speakers, i was somewhat disappointed. Music. They get you by in a pinch and you know wearing a headset and everything works perfectly, but dont expect to be impressing your friends playing music or a movie on this laptop between a few of you theyre, just not that great.

Now, moving up to the screen. This is honestly one of the stars of the show on this laptop and thats. This 13 inch amoled display now, yes, its only 1080p, but i think 1080p, on a 30 inch laptop, is the absolute sweet spot. You dont need to set the scaling too high. Everything still looks incredibly crisp and great. It still retains you a lot of battery life that you dont get often with a 4k panel. The screen is vibrant, its bright, it looks beautiful and it also feels very snappy being an amoled panel. Its been one of the highlights from the last two weeks, ive been using this for work and for content consumption on this machine now, even though its glossy, unfortunately its not a touchscreen. If you do want this version in a touchscreen youre going to need to buy the galaxy book 2, pro 360 version, which has got the 360 hinge and also comes with a pen and above the screen, weve got a standard webcam, and it looks like this and This is what the webcam and the microphones look and sound like on the galaxy book 2 pro laptop. So overall, this is a lovely package, really light really premium and feels great to use as a sort of everyday laptop. But what were going to do now is were going to take a quick look at the performance and were going to start by looking at the cpu performance on this machine.

Now. This is one of the new 12th generation low voltage processors, and this is the first time weve tested. One of these, i have to say, cpu wise. The performance has been fantastic testing it, as my previous favorite intel, ultrabook the surface pro 8, which did perform very well for that 11th gen cpu ahead in it. This has 40 more cpu performance in the multi core side of things. The single core is only slightly better than 11th generation, but it still felt incredibly snappy and more snappy than the surface pro 8, and that machine was very impressive when i got that in for testing. But my biggest disappointment is the fact that weve still got the same iris graphics, that we had on the previous 11th gen processors. I was really hoping to get the new arc graphics with this intel processor. Now i havent been fully up to date with the intel processors recently, so i wasnt sure what i was going to get when this turned up, but it is exactly the same as the irs in the surface pro 8 and they even score almost identically. So if you look at something for improved 3d performance over 11th generation, youll be disappointed here now, dont get me wrong. The iris isnt a bad graphics card. You can play some light, esport titles – you can do some light 3d modeling and you know 3d rendering very light, but youre not going to want to buy sort of the laptop like this, the heavy 3d graphics but heavy gaming or even video editing.

All of those things utilize a decent gpu and the iris graphics is not that gpu. Now, bearing in mind how thin and light this laptop is youre – probably not expecting to be doing aaa gaming on it so fair enough there and for an everyday laptop, it does cope with all the tasks ive thrown at it, but i wouldnt be buying this to Be doing any my video editing on it just would not cope with it and thats something thats a real shame, especially when you get something like a map 13 with apple silicon that can cut through video editing and still be a good all around laptop. Now, hopefully, when intel do release their arc graphics onto these low profile chips or when we get some of the new ryzen 6000 with rdna graphics, well start seeing a good boost to ultra performance in the graphics department. But until that time this is the best were going to get, but another good thing with these laptops, the performance on battery is top notch and feels almost like youre on mains and thats. Something thats really important when youre, using a laptop away from your outlet and with regards to battery life. This was also quite impressive as well. There are plenty of options within both the samsung command center and the windows power options that you can adjust your battery uh performance, so that you can obviously get better battery life or better performance on the go.

But if youre putting it down to best battery saver and youre watching movies, you can expect a good 10 plus hours. In our usual battery testing of setting the screen to 200 nits and streaming youtube videos over wi fi with speakers at 50, we managed to get 11 hours and 10 minutes thats, really quite impressive, for something as small as this. So overall, this has been an absolutely solid package and as well being a usbc charging. Not only can you use the tiny compact usb c charger it comes with. You can plug this into your usbc display or a power bank or another usbc charger and youll be back up and running again with this machine. It truly is a great daily use laptop now. Another great feature of buying a galaxbook pro over. Maybe another ultrabook is the fact that you move to the samsung ecosystem as well. Now, if youve ever owned apple devices and you love the apple ecosystem and im one of those people, i love the fact that, on my apple device, ive got my apple watch. My apple phone and my apple mac, and they all work seamlessly together now samsung, have been working on the same sort of features for a while now and its really starting to come together. So recently got the s22 to start testing that as a daily driver, phone and ive also just picked myself up a galaxy tab s8, which i will be doing a video on very soon and all of these devices work together.

Just like apple do i can take phone calls on the laptop. I can send messages from the laptop. I can extend my screen to the actual galaxy and have that second screen and even use the pen from the galaxy tab to like control. That second screen and i can even move files from the phone to the laptop or the laptop of the phone, just like you would, with airdrop from apple overall, its made a very seamless experience. So if youre, currently a samsung galaxy user – or you got a tablet buying, this laptop makes a lot of sense just like it would, if youre, an apple user with a mac and an iphone ive, been very impressed with my experience with this so far, so lets Move on to the conclusion, and who is this machine for well? The cpu performance is very impressive, especially for the size of these laptops and its just a shame that they couldnt push the graphics as far forward as they had with the cpu. So cpu wise is quite a step up from 11th gen and before but graphic wise were talking exactly the same. So yes, its a snappy everyday laptop. This can be great for word: processing, content, consumption, maybe a bit of photoshop or 3d modeling, but dont expect to be doing any aaa gaming or video editing on this machine, its just really not up to it, but its actually an overall package for a laptop.

You can chuck in your bag and you say, take away to do that. Photoshop or some workout on the go sit in a coffee shop update some documents. This machine is absolutely fantastic with its great battery life, absolutely incredible screen and still retain some ports. Considering how small and light this machine is? This is an absolute winner in my book, and this is the sort of machine that i would personally buy, because i do like a very light machine that i take everywhere. If im going to be doing something heavy like video editing, im, probably doing that at home on a more powerful machine with a bigger screen anyway, so very often when im at them about just answering emails, updating, spreadsheets and documents or writing scripts. This is an absolute perfect laptop, so i could well be keeping this one.