Thank you to the dev for the review copy. Please subscribe to my channel. It helps support me and my lust for sandwiches. Future aero racing is sort of a throwback to the racing genre on the nintendo switch. It did definitely remind me of playing those fast paced wipeout games on the playstation 1 and maybe even a little bit of f zero. If you’ve been watching me for the last 10 years, you know i’m quite honest when it comes to my opinions on these games and i usually try to search and find games that i’m going to really enjoy, and this was one of those games because i’m, a Huge fan of the genre that i definitely wanted to cover on the show because well it’s, an independent developer and i think they deserve their shot at getting some eyes on their games so i’m. Giving it a fair review here, based on the fact that it is an indie game and not a triple a studio, and while these independent games do usually use a lot of purchasable assets from online stores, this game doesn’t really seem to be doing that. But it is a little rough around the edges in terms of the visuals of the game in the overall presentation. It feels like these things, don’t match up from the ui all the way to the graphics of the actual game. They seem to be a little different from one another. You can see that there’s some girls on the main menu that really don’t play into the game whatsoever and they’re just kind of there for show.

I honestly believe a lot of people out there would just look at this game and consider it to be a cash grab in the futuristic sort of high speed genre of racing, and i think a lot of people are dying for new, f zero, so maybe it’s Just easy to put one of these things together in terms of the vehicles themselves and the mechanics of how they feel they feel. Okay and the game is definitely playable, but you’re not going to get an f zero level of quality out of this game. As for the mechanics in the game, you have all the usual suspects you would have in eraser of this genre. You have the ability to hold the shoulder buttons to go around sharper turns there’s, also the ability to break which i found myself having to do a lot more than i assumed. I would and of course, there’s a boost button and you have a gauge that needs to be filled up by going over boost pads on the track. As for the amount of content in the game, let’s go over that quickly. You’Ve got five cups with five different difficulty levels on each of the races, so you can go from just simple easy racing all the way to extremely difficult and good luck with that, i would say the balancing on the top end of the difficulty is over the Top ridiculousness there’s 15 different tracks in here with different weather conditions, now i’m kind of laughing at this, because i was on a track and all of a sudden, the screen went bright and it was hard to see and my visibility went down to, like maybe 25 And then tornadoes showed up and things got ridiculous on the track.

Now the tornadoes didn’t really affect any of the handling of the cars. It was just kind of an interesting little effect that took place during the race and yeah. It was kind of cool. As for the cars themselves, there’s a whole bunch of them that just get better as you unlock them. You unlock them by getting experience points and you simply get that by racing in the game, and you know coming in first or second or third there’s. Also time attack that lets you race on any of the tracks and compete against ghosts that have your quickest time on each track. You can also get xp from completing 30 challenges in the game, such as just completing the first race in the game. You’Ll get some extra xp all the way up to doing crazy things like getting the best time on the hardest mode on a certain track. You’Ll just boom get a surprise amount of xp at the end of the race and you’ll, be like cool i’m gon na go. Look at the new car i’ve unlocked so in total there’s, three different modes in the game: the championships, the time attack and also a custom ability to be able to set up a race with up to four players, split screen where this really turns the game into An n64 game in terms of the feeling you get from playing it with four players in couch co. Op now i didn’t actually get to play with anyone else, but i do have a whole bunch of joy cons and i was able to test this out and see how it rained and it was.

It was okay. It worked as for the music in the game. I can’t say i’m a huge fan of it, but it does the job of pushing the races forward, and you know in a racer like this that’s one of the most important aspects, so yeah it’s it’s there and it does its job now. Overall, i can’t give this game higher than a 5.5 out of 10, while i don’t recommend it for everybody out there that has nintendo switch. I can say coming in at an average racer, the mechanics in the game are playable now at times, when i’m, going into the corners these cars just literally turn on a dime, and you end up hitting the wall. The physics you know, they’re, not great. When you hit the wall, the car is just stuck to the wall in other games, they’ve learned to sort of bounce the car off of the wall, it’s, not forgiving in this game, it’s sort of just what do we do when the car hits the wall? I don’t know let’s just make it sort of stick there and they’ll push out of it that’s what they’re hoping we would do, but there’s no actual mechanic to help you get out of those situations, so that’s a negative that i had to bring up. But overall 5.5 recommend it to the people that are huge hardcore fans of f zero, that can’t wait for a new f zero game. This might hold you over for another.

What 17 000 years before nintendo actually gives us an f zero. Thank you! So much for watching, if you’re new here and you haven’t seen my show before i cover all of the indie games, i can get my hands on and all the aaa games on my channel. Please subscribe to see more of my videos.