This is uh an unboxing of a new tablet that ive just picked up from amazon. This is the fusion 5 10.1 inch tablet pc windows based pc. It is model um if you can just see that there on the camera, its all in silver. Writing its the fusion 5 f win: 2 3 2 pro with 128 gigabytes of internal memory um. So quite a quite a decent tablet for very little money picked this up on amazon for just 189.99. I was looking for a tablet to actually replace my laptop that the hinges had broken on the screen, so you couldnt close it down anymore. I didnt think i really needed a laptop as ive got a big pc as well um to replace it with, but wanted something that was windows and the reason i went for fusion 5, um, im sure theyre all imported from china, but fusion 5 is a uk Based company, so the warranty is uk based should anything go wrong with it? So lets have a little look around the box um. You know all this silver writing a little bit difficult for the camera to pick up, but it sort of goes through its a 10.1 inch screen, its a quad core processor, its got a 5 megapixel camera four gigabytes of internal ram, theres that 128 gigabytes of inbuilt Storage, wi, fi, onedrive, free online storage and you can extend this memory as well with um an sd card up to and further 128 gigabytes.

So on the back again it just goes through those product specifications again and tells you whats inside the box. So no further ado lets have a little look and see what weve got inside it okay, so this is of the tablet itself, so you can probably just see me in there in the reflection so uh so theres the tablet its quite it feels quite sturdy. Its quite weighty, its got sort of a rubberized back to it, so you know that will help it when youre holding on to it. If youre not using a stand, i got a stand as well that we can put it on when i use it, but you know if youre holding it, you know it will feel quite secure in your fingers and hands because of this sort of rubberized feel backing To it excellent, so what else have we got in the box? We have a user manual and a quick start guide uh how to activate your warranty theres. A couple of these important notice uh. This is to make sure you charge for a minimum of seven hours before first use, so that will need to go on charge. What else weve got and theres the warranty card register your warranty by fusion and in here i would imagine it must be the charger. So what we got so we got so theres. The charger dc input and weve also got a micro usb to usb cable.

In there as well so thats everything thats inside the box, im going to give it a go for a few weeks, and then i will no doubt come back to you for another review to see how this fusion five quad core tablet, pc windows, 10 uh – is Performing um for lets say its very reasonable price of uh, just 189 90 on amazon. Okay, thank you for watching. If you like this video, then please press the subscribe button and if you hit the bell icon youll get notifications.