How are you gon na fix the phone just came out again here and hes again betting on something? What phone is that phone, the one you have, so you tell me this phone is iPhone thats, an iPhone. I see yes, bro, the new one thats, the second generation iPhone. I see you wan na bet all right. How much you want to bet all right. So if its the iPhone thats Im gon na give original price, you said that she was gon na give it to me for it to fix it. 89.99. Okay, if theres iPhone, SC Im gon na, do this for you for free both sides, all right, yeah back. Okay, all right, if this is not iPhone, SE Im gon na pay my original price 89, its not 89 – that was the SE price. So Im saying this: one is not iPhone. Sc! Look now: okay, wait! Wait! This one, you say iPhone SE! So look which model is this Im gon na charge your arm and leg? For this? No? No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes, I only have ninety dollars look at this screen and then he wants me to charge him ninety dollars and then he said, like iPhone, 14 promise is 150 to repair whered. You get that price. I was just thinking since you charge 150 yeah for the regular ones. Okay, like, I would think that for the new ones, you would charge 150.

100., why everything 150! No! This is what Im trying to say before when I used to get my phone fixed every time, the same phone that you have, you always used to say you always say yeah. It costs 150 dollars to fix it Im, giving it to you for a hundred but thats three years ago, only for three years ago. How do you have the same price? How is it the same price bro? Every time new phone comes out, yeah and thats, exactly what Im trying to say so wouldnt you charge 150 for the new ones and for the old ones you charge 80 or 70.. You cant find someone that will do iPhone. 14 pro Max for 150, I will do this for you for free, no Im not doing that. I dont care about that investor. I just want my phone fixed, so look I give you see four minutes. I need to go. Where are you going? I got ta. Go to work go to work, go to work. Okay lets fix this. Oh you give me five dollar fifths. You give me five dollars, hes! So nice, I love you bro. I love you too man, Im gon na. Do that, for you look at this point. He wants me to do this all right, Music. Thank you, Music. You need to stop it man. Thank you, Music. You finished it. I got good news. What you mean bro your phone is ready right, but the bad news is 37 minutes.

You got ta, wait. Youre lying bro, its been touching by itself. It kept doing that right. Oh my God, you can still answer the phone. When people call you I could yeah, but you got ta wait until 37 minutes dont erase your phone. If you erase iPhone, if you say erase iPhone it will delete everything in your phone it would it will? Oh my God yeah, but thank you. Thank you. I love you bro. I love you bro. I love you too. I hear a case for you all right. Thank you man.