It’S the uh, fully jarvis dual monitor arm. I had a request kind of partly through youtube, partly through instagram from uh your well. Your youtube handle is jgs, imaginary dreams. So thanks for uh for asking for this, i think i had a quick look on youtube and i can’t actually see anything uh reviewing specifically the the dual monitor on there’s, a couple of reviews on the the single arm but um for me, as you can see, Behind me, i mean i’m using two screens for the digital digital arts, so um it seemed imperative to uh to get the the dual arm. So then i can free up some some desk space uh. So before i had this uh i had the the two screens. Actually, on the desk it’s, not a particularly big desk, i’ll pop the um, the dimensions on the uh in the description um, but in a minute or two we can take a quick, quick look around it. I’Ll talk you through what came in the box and there it’s a super quick setup, uh and uh yeah kind of uh to skip to the end. Really it’s i’m really impressed with it. So uh yeah i’ll talk a bit about that um it’s, doing a good job at um. Tidying up my cables as well, so that’s kind of an added bonus really. For me, it was more about freeing up that desk space and having a bit more mobility in those screens behind me, um and then i’ll talk a little bit as well about my actual digital painting setup.

So the sort of hardware that i’m using it’s a fairly new setup to me, um so yeah so let’s let’s get into it. So what you’re seeing here then, is my intentionally cleaned desk it’s not usually uh. Looking like this, so i’ve decluttered it so that we can see the arm and what it offers to us really. So i mean i’m running a 28 inch. Samsung 4k monitor in the middle of the screen there, and then this over here is the 22 inch. This is yeah. This is the the wacom cintiq 22 it’s, not the the hd version, so um i mean i, i had a friend build this for me, i’m. Looking up to have a friend who is super super into intercomputers works as a network engineer and um yeah. He kindly put this together and, as i said, i’ll talk a minute in a minute too i’ll talk about the actual specifications of the machine, because it’s been built purposefully for um for digital painting, but yeah i mean, as you can see, with these two decent sized Screens um, it was taking up a lot of space on the desk. If you check out my instagram, you can see some before um images there, but with the the fully uh jarvis dual monitor arm, then, if we just saw sneak behind it, you can see that i mean i’m able to quite easily move that in like this, the Cables from the cintiq are just nicely tidy away into inside the arms it’s got these.

I mean a lot of these monitor arms. Have these features so that you can tidy away your um your cables there um, rather than because i mean you, can have them through this bit as well, but for me it just made more sense to kind of put them just through this uh. This second arm here so then i’ve got the mobility um because i’m, not always using this screen. For me, it was about clearing that space. So then, i can have sort of large traditional media on there, a big piece of paper that sort of thing, and so, while this is here, if i just move my mouse out the way i mean it just makes so much light work really of being able To um have my screen set up there, so uh yeah, the the request that came through was specifically asking about kind of the the ease or comfort for for leaning on the on the screen. Now, if you’re used to having the screen quite flat, and this isn’t for you but i’m quite used to having it upright like this and it’s super super comfortable, um i’m holding the camera with my left hand at the moment, but usually i would use keyboard shortcuts. I’M using photoshop for the most part that’s the program i’m using so i can have my keyboard to the left. A little bit use my shortcuts there i’m painting my right hand, because i that’s um right handed like most people are and it’s super super comfy.

I wouldn’t go back to a different screen this this this 22 inch cintiq as well, has just been excellent. I mean it’s, really good you’ve got such a big working space. I mean cintiq market this as their sort of one of their entry level screens, but it’s still, i mean it’s got a pretty hefty price tag on it. So this this setup for me was all about kind of upgrading from my original setup that i started learning on, which was only a tiny screen um. So this was a big upgrade for me, but to continue with the the jarvis, then we’ve got this. This first mount here that i’m, using for my cintiq i’ve, used the clamp, so it comes with two different ways of attaching it to your desk. You can either drill a hole and pass a spindle through there to clamp it in or just clump it to the side of the desk and that’s the option that i’ve gone for. For the meantime, i mean i’ll say for the meantime, i’m really happy with it. It has little rubber feet that you um stick on to this top part of the clamp and then under here. You can see that you, just you literally just screw it in, and that for me, is super sturdy, even with these two quite large screens on in terms of the um hd monitor here then so i mean this. This allows me to see my artwork and kind of split screens.

I can keep the the big image here and then zoom in on the on the um cintiq. So this allows me to actually see it in true. Color it’s got pretty good color accuracy, um it’s, as you can see, it’s a samsung it’s in 4k. I can’t remember the exact model. So then, if we just move behind this we’ll be able to see, but in the box you get these um little attachments. So the vessel mounts they just clip into here – easy enough so far screws to screw on it’s a couple of different holes to fit different size monitors um the arms itself, i’ll be able to show you a uh, a picture of what it looks like in the Box but the arms themselves yeah, so they they all just come assembled ready for this. Just to clip in it’s super easy. You can see that the uh, the cables from the back of this screen just go down the arm to be tied it away so that that cable tidy function is is excellent. The actual movement of these monitors then it’s super smooth, just move that out really easily. It goes up and down uh thanks to these these tension rods. Here that i’ll talk about in a minute or two um, so being able to move that up and down move it out. The way is super smooth nice, smooth action there and then um yeah. Then we can take a look at how i use it for for this this screen here.

I think this one is a little bit stiffer to me, but i think that might just be the way that i’ve got it set up. There is a way it’s got these um these uh bolts here that you can change the tension on and it does have one that allows it to go so so up and down is super easy i’ve got that set up pretty well for me, moving it out Here is a little stiff at the moment, but that’s, i think, that’s, just my the way i’ve got it set up. There is a way to loosen that. I just tell the tendency to be a little bit handed and i’m trying not to break it. Although i mean i’m saying that that’s just my worry, it feels really sturdy. So you get a better view there of what it looks like and yeah that’s that’s that’s, what i’m using it for and it’s, been absolutely brilliant. You can see how i can move that all the way out there have that facing me really easily. So when i’m doing more kind of split screen stuff like video, editing, that sort of thing, um or any other sort of more kind of um office based work, because i use this for my my main job as well. Being able to split those screens is is, is so convenient. I’Ve got loads, more space now so yeah. So for me i mean i paid 150 pounds for that uh so i’m in the uk 150 pounds.

I don’t know what that works out in us dollars, but i mean i just got it from the fully website and it seems as though it’s one of those products that, unless you’re buying it secondhand there’s not much variation in price anyway um. But for me it was a choice between this or the ergotron equivalent, and the price difference meant that i was happy to to go for the fully and honestly i mean you can see that desk space for me that that’s made a huge difference, um so yeah. So maybe that’s all you wanted this video for, but um i’m now going to go on to chatting a little bit about the the hardware that i’m, using specifically for digital painting, so yeah let’s let’s have a look at that all right so on to the next Part of this video, then just to talk a little bit about the uh, the hardware setup for this pc. Then now i mean i’m pretty new to pcs. If i’m, honest i’ve never really had anything particularly good, and some of this is kind of doesn’t – make that much sense to me – i’m just kind of getting into it, but um. The certainly my kind of experience with this so far is that this sort of setup is is running absolutely brilliantly for what i want it for so things like um photoshop. That can be quite a demanding um piece of software uh. The setup that i’ve got here is is coping with that effortlessly um, so yeah, as i said before, it was a friend of mine who built this so shout out to you for doing that.

For me, i mean you’ve done an amazing job. Um i’m running. I think for sort of consulting with him. It seemed as though the cpu was the main thing to to go for really um, so he’s put in a um, an amd ryzen, eight hundred x, uh, three point: eight gigahertz, eight chord processor and that that’s coping with them with with the demands of what i’m Using it for something like, for example, photoshop when you’ve got loads of layers in there um with slow processors it can, it can really slow things down along with that uh we’ve, probably putting up what we’ve put in quite a lot of ram uh, so it’s got Uh 32 gigabytes of ram uh it’s running a fairly old gpu. I mean i wasn’t really interested in using this for gaming, so the gpu was really just enough to kind of cope with the demands of um hd uh, digital art, as well as um. The the two screens so the the gpus, as i say, a little bit old it’s, the asus geforce gtx 1050, with just four gigabytes um but we’ve also put in a solid state, hard drive, and that seems to to help keep things running pretty quickly. So it’s got two terabytes of solid state. Uh um, two two gigabyte solid state drive in there. Sorry, no, not too good about two terabytes that makes more sense, isn’t it um. Yes, i mean that’s kind of the main thing.

Obviously, it’s running windows um at 64, bit um it’s got a couple of leds in there, which i’m pretty pleased with but i’m, not sure that really adds much to the performance, um and yeah. I think that’s probably about it so that’s pretty much all i wanted to talk about today. Hopefully, that’s helped with the the fully monitor and, if you’re, just starting to get set up for um, uh, digital painting, then hopefully having a look at that sort of specification that i’ve got running um i mean i’ve talked a bit about the two screens. I think that that, for me, that’s really important, but you don’t need two screens to get started with them with digital painting. You don’t really need anything. You don’t have to have something as powerful as this. You can start on something much more simple. I mean, like some people, do amazing things with ipad pros and you’ve got just that all in one i haven’t really used an ipad pro and i’ve had a little play on one um, but that’s about it really and there’s more simple machines you can get, but I think with it, as i said, this was kind of my second setup, so this was a nice, a nice upgrade for me, and now i never have that frustration of things getting too hot or slowing down and if you’ve experienced that as kind of an early Early career sort of digital painter, i suppose our early student, when things start really slowing down and you’ve, got lots of layers, and it can get really frustrating so having something with a bit more um.

A bit more kick to it can be, could be really beneficial, because i mean these. These are obviously the tools of of what we do so so why not um invest that a little bit more, if you’re, able to but yeah, hopefully that’s, been helpful. Um, please feel free to ask any questions. It’D be great to see um some more people subscribing and giving this this video a like. If you think, it’s been useful, so yeah thanks for watching and hopefully i’ll i’ll see you soon. Um i’ve got another process, video coming out pretty soon as well. So yeah watch out for that it’s um, it’s gon na be pixel art and i love about pixel art.