So what is going on everyone, fernando silva here with another video and as you can see, we got something pretty freaking cool behind us. So what you’re seeing is floating resizable windows on ipad os 15 on an external monitor, so secondary, monitor, support and yes, there’s still a little bit of mirroring going on. But you can see that now we have the entire monitor to play with whether it is my 2019 ultra wide or a 49 inch or just a 24 inch monitor. It seems to be that now we have some sort of secondary, monitor, support and i’m going to show you guys exactly how to do it and the way we’re getting this done is to an application called shift screen. Now, if you’ve been following the channel, you know that i’ve been playing with shift screen since the very very beginning version, one two three and now we’re on version 4.0 and in the beginning it was just a way to again get full secondary, monitor, support, or at Least, instead of mirroring have the entire display be taken up instead of being letterboxed, and it just evolved over time. So today, i’m, just going to show you guys a little bit about shift screen right now, it’s still under beta, so there’s a few limitations and there’s only certain access, so basically it’s not available to everybody in the app store you need to request for access. But i wanted to play with it and see pretty much what the future holds with uh shift screen and ipad os 15.

, but enough of that let’s figure out exactly what’s going on so let’s hop right into this everybody. So, as you can see, we have the 12.9 inch m1 ipad pro and then a 29 inch lg monitor on top of it or right over it and to walk you guys through exactly what the experience is going to be like right and the shift screen should Work on pretty much any ipad as long as you can connect it to a monitor of any way, but the way i’m doing it right now we have a usbc cable. So, even though it’s a thunderbolt it’ll still work – and this is connected to a bridge usb c hub over here, which has an hdmi out, which then goes to the monitor itself. So if we plug this guy in i’m, going to show you guys exactly what the current solution is that we have Music, so you can see you give it a second, this little icon, pops up and then boom. You have a letterboxed mirrored secondary display of your ipad pro screen, which literally has zero efficiency gains. It’S super ugly. You can see like half of my screen, isn’t even being used, because i have an ultra wide screen, so it’s, absolutely terrible. So then instep’s a company called shift screen or an application called shift screen which has been around for at least a year. Now i want to say, because they’ve gone through a couple iterations, but this is shift screen it’s a little icon right here.

You give it a second to load up. You can see that on the monitor itself, it found out exactly what your screen resolution was so 2560 by 1080 and now right away. You can see that something’s different, yes, it’s a blank purple screen, but you can see that the entire secondary, monitor is being taken up and then also you can see that the cursor looks very familiar. So it looks like a regular mac, os or windows cursor that you see on a desktop. So what i want to show everybody is just give you a brief walk through because again, this isn’t test flight it’s in beta it’s not available to everybody. Yet i’ll leave a link down below to see if you guys want to get some beta access to it, because again the developer was nice enough to. Let me try this out and test it out and show it off to you guys to see exactly what to expect, but as of right now, the limitation is that we can only use web browsers, so the only way to access everything right now is, if you Can see that we have a blank screen on the bottom right, it says open first window, you click on there and then all of a sudden you’re greeted with this awesome new screen. So you can see that we have the web browser right here and then all these applications or web applications that are going to come when the final version of shift screen come on so right now, if you try to click on them, they don’t work, but you Have notion google me zoom slack: these are all applications that i use microsoft teams so very relevant applications of web applications that are going to be useful.

Once this is actually out, then you have a little control center over here, so you have a little brightness toggle. The pointer, if you want to open a web browser, you just click on this guy. You can see that there’s a web browser type in espn, and then you can see that i have a full fledged running web url or web portal going through here. So you can see the entire screen is being taken up so i’m scrolling with my trackpad. You can scroll with your finger if you want, you can resize these windows. So if i go to the corner of these windows, you can resize them and again you can use your finger to resize and move them around. I believe so, i’m moving it around with my finger, can i resize with my finger uh? You probably can but it’s, probably not super person. Oh yeah, you can look at that, so i’m resizing with my finger. So again, these are all things that are going to be really useful when it comes to using a secondary, monitor with ipad os 15. and then again you can have multiple tabs, so you can open up as many tabs as you would like. You know let’s open up the shift screen website, so you can. I will link shift screen’s website in the description below, for you guys to go ahead and check it out and see exactly how to register to be part of the shift screen test flight, but so far it’s been really really cool and then what i do want To test out is opening up more windows.

So if i go back down here open up this guy, you have the option to open up another web browser or if you can see down here, you can add another desktop. So yeah you can have different desktop modes. So let’s open up another browser. This time, let’s go to, so go to let’s go here and you can see. I have two windows that can overlap over each other. I can resize them it’s very, very cool, like it’s again how it should work on ipad with it being such again such a powerful device and so limited with software. So obviously we got to look at the channel, so we can crack this one open. So here you can see that we’re playing a youtube, video we’re playing my own youtube video through the secondary, monitor support on its own floating window that i can resize and do whatever i want to now. Yes, the sound is an issue, but the sound is an issue not because of shift screen, but because of how i’m outputting the sound through the monitor, because right now, the way i have it set up is that any sound should be going through the monitor itself. But since the monitor doesn’t have its own speaker system, it defaults to a speaker system that doesn’t exist so that’s an issue with an hdmi and the usbc hub versus shift screen itself. If you just plug in some headphones, i’ll go with a pair of bluetooth headphones.

Like airpods pro or something like that, then you’ll be able to listen to it perfectly. So, overall shift screen has been wonderful. I’Ve had zero hiccups, again we’re on beta one. I think i had to restart it one time, but that was mostly my fault, because i had a billion things running on the ipad pro, but overall shift screen has been great. I think it’s going to have a lot of upside. So if we go over here, i’m going to turn this off, but let’s see what some of these can do. So if i want to open up this okay, this moves everything over for me. You can now play with different views. So if i go to this one then – and i want to move it over to here – then i got another split screen view and if i want to open up another window, it opens up automatically for me right. There let’s go to, and this is awesome. I have three windows taking up my entire 29 end screen, i can research on one of them watch videos on another and then do whatever i need to again we’re only dealing with web portals. So obviously i can’t have lumafusion on here and things like that. But we’re taking strides forward for this to be the future, and this will be a reality, which is what i want so badly and then the next thing i do want to show you is that i want to be able to multitask on the ipad itself.

So this is where it gets a little bit wonky again, it could be because i’m on ipad, os 15, so i’m on a beta firmware and then i’m using a beta test flight software, so it’s a bunch of different things. But if i pull this down and open up twitter, it should stay on there and look at that. It is a couple of times it did reset on me, but, as you can see, i still have full access and control to my secondary monitor, but i also have twitter on the actual ipad itself, so it’s a cool little again idea of having secondary, monitor support For the ipad pro now, if i get rid of the entire application altogether, then it goes away totally and i’m back to mirroring my regular ipad os screen. But again, if i go right back to shift screen, even though i’m multitasking still, as you can see, it’s still running perfectly no issues, i freaking love it and again shift screen is doing something special here and i’m gon na see what other options there are because We’Re playing with this live together so again, these are all the applications that are going to be coming soon. Then you have all the different tabs that are open. You have the different view modes, so i think this is like night shift mode or whatever it’s called and then in the settings section. If we go into settings we have general settings, so you can change the background.

So if i want to go blue or orange uh change it to english the night temperature mode, i can change it cursor size. You can change, iphone, trackpad speed, you can change, so you can use your actual iphone as a trackpad. If you need it ipad, mouse mode, so there’s a lot of awesome settings that you can play with here to really make your own and just feel more comfortable using it. Then you have keyboard shortcuts and monitor configurations. So you can see that it checked that i’m at 2560 by 1080. For the monitor that i have to make sure that everything from an aspect ratio is done correctly. Then you have web browser settings so default search engines and things like that. So overall shift screen round of applause to what for what they’re doing, because overall it’s been awesome. So if i click back on here, then i’m back and you can see that my background is now that orange color that we selected but that’s pretty much everything that i had to show you from a shift screen perspective, at least with their first release of their Test flight because again we’re only dealing with web browsers for now and i’m, just hoping it gets a little bit better as time goes on and it’s gon na be awesome. Guys, it’s gon na be freaking amazing. So definitely stay tuned, subscribe. I’M gon na get out of this view, let’s go to the normal view and talk a little bit more about shift screen and exactly how to get it and things like that.

Let’S go so, as you guys saw from the video right now, like i said, we’re in a very early stage of beta with shift screen 4.0. So right now only websites are working, but, as you can see, there is going to be some more capability in terms of web applications being able to quickly log into your gmail or your microsoft or whatever suite of applications that you guys use, because right now, like I said it’s in testing phase. The developers want to see how stable it is with regular users like myself in order to keep those windows resizable, making sure it can multitask with other ipad apps and things like that. But right now, in the stage that it’s in so far, it’s been working great, but right now, if you guys just need a web portal, something to check your email, something to get some online documents done, and things like that right now shift screen is working and It’S working well i’m really excited to see over the next couple days and weeks how much better it gets and it’s solidifying and then finally be able to be released to the entire public. And one thing that i don’t know – which i will talk about as i get more information is i don’t know if this is gon na, be a free update or it’s gon na be a totally new application that you’re gon na have to repurchase so stay tuned. For more information like that, but overall shift screen has a concept.

Right now is working great and resizable windows with a secondary, monitor, support where you’re not letterboxed in that’s. All we wanted from apple, and it looks like shift screen – is gon na fill that knee. For now at least right, but i’m gon na leave some links down below for you guys to check it out, like i said, it’s still under test flight, so you’re gon na have to ask for permission to actually review the application, and things like that.