Hey guys adam lobo here from adam lobo tv and since you all love the videos, we are diving straight into the reasons on why you should get something well for this huawei mate station s. I have 7 reasons why you should get it right now. Music, first is the fact that this is the world’s first fingerprint power on an unlocked desktop, as mentioned earlier, that the mate station comes with a keyboard which has a quite comfortable and slim form. Factor and what’s. Extra cool is the fact that there is a fingerprint power on button very similar to their laptops, but this starts up your pc and login into windows instantly now this is surely a huge plus as typical. Pcs only allow you to scan your fingerprint only when logging onto windows, where you’ll need to, of course, manually turn on the power first. Speaking of the keyboard. Again, i don’t know about y’all, but i’ve always preferred having a full size keyboard, especially with the number pad at the sides, compared to a tiny little keyboard on laptops, as it is even easier to use when it comes to video editing. Since each scissor key mechanism has a 2.5 mm, travel with great tactile feel on every single press. Now, as for the next reason, would be the efficient multitasking capabilities. So remember how i kept going on and on on mentioning about the multi screen, collaboration between huawei smartphones and their tablets and laptops.

Well, guess what you can do the same on this midstation s, where all you have to do is just tap your smartphone against the right shift. Key to activate that now, for those of you who are new and not familiar with the multi screen collaboration, it is actually a feature which allows you to have your smartphone screen right on your laptop or, for this case the pc screen to make daily tasks like Answering your texts from your smartphone and transferring pictures on your pc itself without ever lifting up your phone and if you guys, are a student or working in a work from home situation. This makes things very easy, especially when it comes to having virtual meeting and opening another screen to take notes and also opening another third screen to do further research on the topics discussion. So if you guys want to impress your lecturers or your bosses at work here, you go looking at. The third reason would be how that this is the perfect choice for a limited test setup. So when i moved into the new studio, i wanted to keep the space as minimal and functional at the same time. So the desk that i’m, using for this setup, is a cheap linmon desk from ikea, where it fitted in perfectly without needing to buy a big and expensive table to house the main station s. And since the pc comes with a capacity of 8.6 liters. It is third of the size of a typical, regular pc case and the pots in front and at the back, makes the overall design not only functional but also very minimalistic.

Indeed, then, as for the fourth reason, is the bigger and immersive viewing experience. Now, since the package comes with a 23.8 inch, full hd display with a 90 screen to body ratio, it gives you high definition picture quality, so you don’t have to squint and look at every inch when it comes to having precise video audio or even photo editing. Since you have that large of a display compared to having a typical laptop screen now having the screen eye level, is also way much better to improve your posture when it comes to hours and hours of using the pc. Since the monitor is somewhat of an eye level and, of course, speaking of a long term usage, it is surely an added plus that the display also offers tuv rain land, low, blue light certification and is flicker free too, which is very beneficial for any kind of Situation, whether if you’re light or a heavy user like me and for reason, number five – is the quiet, cooling support for the mate station s. Now, since the midstation s has a vertical blade fans that work in tandem with the high density, bionic heat sink, it gives an excellent cooling performance during a very long usage where the previous video that i released in this channel took me about 8 hours or so Of video editing non stop and the fan did not sound like a lawn mover, as it was quiet at 22 db when it’s idle, and only at 28 db.

When is doing intensive work on the pc, then looking at the second last reason is the amount of i o and the wireless connection speeds both for wi, fi and bluetooth as well, starting from the i o first in front there’s, the usb c port that supports Fast charging for your smartphone up to 18 watts, then you’ll find another usb type, a and also the headphones jack. Then, looking at the back there’s, the rg 45 ethernet port, four usb type, a ports, a hdmi vga and a serial port as well, to connect lots of external options and in terms of wireless connections, it has two times two mimo wi fi and bluetooth. 5.0. As well and finally, for the seventh and the last reason to get the huawei mate station, s is because of its pro performance and its self upgradability. Now, with the specs of a 6 core amd, ryzen, 5, 4, 6, 0, 0g processor and an integrated radeon graphics, it also has 8 gigabytes of ddr4 ram and 512 gigabytes of nvme m.2 ssd storage. And with this it handled my blackmagic raw 6k files. Well, without any issues with playback when it comes to video editing on premiere pro now, although i’m not much of a gamer, i did test out genjin impact for y’all as well, and, yes, it ran the game smoothly during my whole entire hours of gameplay. Now, speaking of playing online games or just going online, since it has the integrated 2×2 mimo wi fi connectivity, as mentioned earlier, this goes very well with huawei’s own ax3, dual core wi fi, since it has wi fi 6 and it comes with a crazy, affordable price Of 199 ringgit and if you guys, live in a huge house, probably a two story or even a three story house, you can have more of the ex3 dual core wi fi to connect it as a mesh system and finally worth mentioning.

Is that if you guys would like to upgrade the ram and storage yourself, you can do so since it does support a dual channel, ddr4 memory for additional ssd, hd and ram, which was extra sweet, alright guys. So those are seven reasons why you should really consider getting the huawei mate station s, and with this do let me know what you guys think and if you guys are planning to get it at the comment section below and let’s discuss over there. My name is adam lobo and i’ll catch.