So this is a convertible laptop as we’ll see in a moment, and you could say it wasn’t handheld, but actually, if you add this bump case, it’s definitely a handheld and it was really designed for that market. So let’s get into it. As you can see, the screen resolution is relatively high compared to other notebooks of this size, there’s no optical drive, but even in 2006. I think we could see that optical drives were starting to become redundant with increasing use of usb sticks, streaming and cloud services. Let’S have a look at the hardware itself, so, on the left side, we’ve got the pc card slot and the wireless on off button. This switch is on the wi, fi and bluetooth. You can’t separate them it’s all or nothing. Moving to the back, we’ve got the vent and we’ve got a modem, connector ethernet connector and a sub d port for connecting to a vga monitor around on this side, we’ve got the two usb ports: the power input, a microphone headphone and sd card slot and we’ve. Also got the slot for the stylus which pops out it’s, sprung and it’s got a sprung tip to protect the screen. So we’ll pop that back in there at the front there’s, nothing to see just the battery itself and i’ve got the smaller three cell battery. The six cell just sticks out a little bit more. Underneath we’ve got the battery catches for removing the battery there’s access to the ram door.

Maximum is one gig, although it is possible now to get a two gig chip that’ll go in there. On the other side. This is the door that accesses the hard disk drive and it’s got a 1.8 inch hard drive in there and down at the bottom, we’ve got the connector for the optional port and we’ve got some lovely bits of felt on the bottom to stop it from burning Your knees, if you’re using it as a laptop opening it up, we can see the keyboard it’s. Actually, a very nice keyboard to use the keys, have got plenty of play. It’S got a nipple mouse with the buttons here and here and obviously no room for a track pad on such a small device on the right hand, on the left hand, side, sorry i’ll just bring your attention to this, so it suggests that this is windows. Vista compatible, i think, with a gig of ram and a 1.2 gigahertz processor that’s pushing it a bit, but perhaps we’ll look at that in a later date: the um audio it comes out just under the monitor there’s. Only one speaker, it’s, not um, stereo there’s. A couple of indicators for you, caps lock and things we’ll spin this round and then we’ll have a look at the screen itself. So on the bevel for the screen, we’ve got the microphone hole, we’ve got a fingerprint sensor and we’ve got a couple of buttons. So we’ll just log in there we are, and so this is um down and left up and right and then we’ve got some function keys.

Oh, we just rotated the screen. That’S fine, then we’ve got some function keys. So if we press the function key and a we get the calculator pop up and if we press function key and b, we get the microsoft jata pop up. These are standard. You can alter them later and there’s a rotation key. So we can flip the screen around it’ll, go through all four rotations and there’s an alt key, and it doesn’t do anything on its own, but pressing and holding does bring up the task menu, and so, if you’re having issues, you can always shut it down. Using that and up at the top we’ve got a button that dims the backlight, so that actually turns the backlight off in this light it’s hard to see. But if i put a brighter light over, you can see, the screen is actually still on and outdoors. It would be visible and i’ll show you that later and pressing function and that puts it in power. Saving mode we’ve got the indicator for the battery for the hard drive and the power switch, so we’re going to flip it. This way just want to show you the fujitsu menu, so we’ll flip the screen around until it’s facing the right way. There we go, and so on here fidgets, who have included a menu. Let me just pop the stylus out of it silo and the fujitsu menu. Basically gives you access to all the things you might want, while you’re in tablet mode, but obviously don’t have a keyboard to access, and so we can easily swap to the control panel, and we can also swap easily to the tablet pc keyboard, it’s, pretty horrible to Use but it is there that’s fine next up, we’ve got tablet and pen settings, so this allows you to select all the different options and there’s a calibrate option as well.

Then we’ve got our direct brightness control app. This is the same as the tablet and pen settings as you’ll see, it’s just brought it up and, of course, there’s. The dim and bright screen option on there: that’s: okay, quick access to the audio devices, quick access to screen and window capture, organize favorites for your web applications, power options, printer options and then the lcd brightness. So we can have it dim, bringing it back up. Of course we can have it bright, then we can enable and disable the button panel and then there’s the settings for the fujitsu pop up itself. So you can choose the items you want on your list and remove any that you don’t let’s talk about the screen. It does have a high pixel density being only 8.9 inches across, but it’s a very glossy screen which can make lighting difficult. As you can see, the viewing angles are quite poor as well, so you don’t have to come off far before you can’t see it it’s a trans reflective screen, which is very unusual in a notebook, and this means that in direct sunlight, you don’t actually need the Backlight on – and this can be handy if you’re working outdoors as it’ll extend the battery life significantly. This battery will run about three hours instead of two when you’re outdoors with the backlight off here’s the screen in direct sunlight, as you can see, it’s actually quite clear. But as soon as we move into the shade between the glossy reflections and the lack of direct light, the screen’s nearly impossible, the backlight itself could be brighter in well lit indoor environments, it often doesn’t feel quite bright enough, and but that said, it’s more than usable.

The glossy film is to protect the screen, as is the spring in the stylus, and allowing you to use it as a tablet and obviously stop the screen from scratching too easily. So we’ll run a crystal benchmark on the disk and the disk is the original disk and as such, it’s very old and so it’s, probably wearing out let’s, see what kind of results we get. So, as you can see, the disk benchmark scores for this are hardly impressive, but it’s not exactly as surprising for a 14 year old ide hard disk. So what about the internet? We have to bear in mind that this is now an obsolete operating system. So google chrome no longer supports xp, we could try opera, but the latest version of opera has a tendency to find dead links and won’t open a lot of pages. So, as you can see a lot of the time opera is not much use either. So i would recommend mozilla firefox, however, bear in mind this machine in particular is too slow to run any antivirus software or anti spyware, and therefore you’ve got to be very careful about which sites you actually visit. Otherwise, you may end up with a virus load and computer that’s good for nothing. The other thing to bear in mind is because it is so slow, uh being 15 years old or nearly 15 years old, and even websites like youtube. You will struggle with video, playback and that’s in part, because the graphics chip on board and just can’t play video easily, as you can see, it’s quite jerky a bit glitchy, so yeah, not great.

So in terms of internet experience. Basic websites are absolutely fine. A bit of searching and downloading but you’re going to need to use firefox internet explorer, we’ve not discussed, but there’s no point discussing that. As we all know. So we do have a touch screen, which is great obviously for drawing programs and it’s, not pressure, sensitive and but still it’s nice to be able to just write on the screen and so it’s more than capable of doing a little bit of photoshop. I wouldn’t be doing anything too complicated. Can you play games? Yes, of course you can so here we are. This is star trek elite force released in 2000, so it’s not exactly uh a new game. As you can see, it runs quite smoothly, we’re in full resolution. Here and at least the full resolution for this screen, obviously, on a on a better system, you could have more so you can play some older games. Obviously, you’re not going to be playing fortnite on this um it’s, just not possible it’s a little awkward with the um with the nipple mouse rather than a real mouse, and i think i’m probably about to die so we’ll leave it there. Can you do any video, editing, hmm there’s, a question? So vsdc is a free video editor and they still do or they still hold the xp version. So it is possible to do video. Editing, though i doubt it’ll be very quick. So let’s add a couple of videos and just see how it copes, as you can see, even playback is a little bit choppy, but it does only have the gma 900, so it was never going to be easy as for conversion and i’ll plug it in and We’Ll just see how long that’ll take so we’ll go for a low quality to give it a fighting chance and there we go xbot project we’re going to continue because we’re using the standard version and we’ll let that run.

So there are plenty of more powerful handhelds uh, better design. Perhaps, but to be honest, i have a soft spot for this. One it’s very robust, i’ve owned it a very long time, but we’re going to have a look at some others in the future, including the libretto w100, which is a very unusual laptop in that it has two screens and no keyboard anyway, that’s for another day, if You’Ve got any comments.