The answer is portable design, plus oled display. I say these are the highlights of this laptop because if you look for laptops the older panels, theres asus vivobook k15 oled, which is a budget option, but its not lightweight at 1.8 kgs, then there are a number of other premium old laptops theres. The dell xps series, which have the oled option the recent galaxy book 2360, but these cost more than one lakh rupees. There is the zenbook flip on it, but that too, is at 85k starting price. Now the 56 ch is expected to launch around 60 70k and at that price, oled plus the portable design, is an interesting combo. I mean this is the laptop, and the first thing that strike me about this laptop is its weight. 1.1 kg its super lightweight. This is the oled version, but theres another variant with an exo display and that weighs even less less than a kg. As for the design, this laptop has a very functional sort of design. It has an aluminum chassis and the lid has this horizontal line and theres the fujitsu logo. The bottom is kind of usual with vents, the dual speakers and this one long rubber fit all this is fine, but the highlight is obviously the oled display. These are the specs 60 hertz oled display with 2.5 d glass on top fhd resolution, 100 dc ip3 coverage and 400 nits of peak brightness. Now i said this is the highlight, because the display quality is actually pretty amazing.

The colors look, vibrant and nice. The blacks are very deep and watching movies and shows is a great experience, its also fairly bright. So, even though this is a glossy display – and it is reflective, no doubts, but the good brightness kind of manages that the point is this: all: it makes sense for a work laptop like this one. One thing to note, along with this variant with an oled display fujitsu, has also launched another variant with an exo display, which is said to be 80 to 90, more power efficient when compared to lcds, while also bringing the same good picture quality anyway. The portability and the display are on point, but what about the rest of the laptop first lets check out the specs. So this is an intel evo, certified laptop and comes with the 11 gen core i5 1135 g7 cpu with four cores: eight threads 28 watt tdp, and this can go up to 4.2 gigahertz theres, the iris x, gpu, 512 gb of m2 pci ssd and 16gb lpddr4x Ram now ram and ssd are sold, but when we opened up the laptop we found that the ssd can be removed, but this will void your warranty, so i wouldnt recommend doing this now. I would have liked the latest 12 gen intel chipsets, but the 1135g7 is a capable processor for a work laptop like this one. Let me just show you the benchmarks. This is the pc mark score.

Now this is the geekbench score. And finally, this is the crystal disk mark score. If you want to know about the ssd speeds now, as for the day to day performance, the windows 11 boot time is pretty good 13 seconds to log in and 16 seconds to desktop, plus the laptop was a consistent performance usage with a number of chrome tabs Open videos playing apps like slack running in the background, the laptop obviously does not break a sweat, theres no lag. We also tested some photoshop on it and the performance, while editing a photo was good, so the performance seems good and as for the thermals, they are decent for a laptop in this size. There is only one fan that goes on turbo when there is intense load on the cpu. It doesnt make much noise so its not too distracting, and i also noticed no weird heating when using the laptop or even during benchmarks, performance support. Let me come back to the design and build quality of this laptop. So, like i said, i love how lightweight and easy to hold this laptop is, but there are a couple of quirks about this design one. There is this cut out here to open the lid, but you cant open the lid with just one hand. Second, this cutout is in the center, but if you look at it from this angle, the trackpad placement looks a bit weird yeah, just ocd things. The trackpad is also quite small, and it has these buttons which do look a bit dated, although the response is good, the keyboard, on the other hand, is pretty good.

The keys are tactile with a lot of travel, the feedback is good, the keys are backlit and even though the keys are a bit small, the typing experience is very good. Anyway, the hinge is solid and i did not notice any major flex in the build if youre wondering theres, no fingerprint scanner here, but the 720p webcam, which, by the way is decent when it comes to quality, also doubles up as a windows, hello, camera. The software is windows 11, with office 2021 pre installed, and there are no weird bloatware apps, just the regular windows apps and software. Now the port selection is interesting on the right. There is the thunderbolt for usbc, port and theres a usb, a port which has the anytime charge functionality, as you can see from the symbol. This basically means that, with this port, you can charge an external device, even when the laptop is turned off pretty cool. On the left, theres the headphone mic, combo jack, another thunderbolt 4, usb c port and an hdmi in plus output – i mean hdmi input mode is red in laptops, and this basically means you can use this laptop as a display. Now i showed you the two bottom firing speakers at the start, with the speakers can get pretty loud once direct audio is turned on yeah theres, direct audio support, which lets you enhance the sound quality with different modes, equalizer options etc. Moving on to the battery theres, a modest 53 wattage battery and fujitsu claims 10.

7 hours of battery life. On this, in our usage, we saw an estimated battery life of 6 hours 40 minutes, which is fairly good. As for charging, this comes with a 65 watt usbc charger in the box, and the laptop also supports for power banks as long as they are higher than 7.5 watts. Apart from all these, the fujitsu ch has two years of warranty and if youre wondering about the service center availability, we asked fujitsu about it and ive added all the details in the description so make sure to check it out overall, at the time shooting this video. I dont know the price of this laptop, but im expecting it to be around 60 70k and for that price this is quite an interesting laptop theres. Obviously, the beautiful oled display – and i like how portable and light this laptop is. The chipset is 11 gen, but the performance seems good so far. The ports are super interesting with two thunderbolt 4 ports and an hdmi 8 plus output. Now this is not a perfect laptop. I feel the build quality could have been better along with the trackpad and theres, no fingerprint scanner, so it all depends on the pricing ill paint. The price of this laptop once we know in the comment section down below so make sure to check it out and also, let us know what you think about the laptop at its price comment below and yeah. Give this video like make sure to share it and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tech.

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