I can recommend to young artists in todays video. I review a brand new contender on the market. The franzia rubin standalone drumming tablet welcome to the saigami project. My name is sunny and im a published freelance comic creator. Thank you to franzi frunzi, im, not sure about the name. Im. Sorry about that for sending me this tablet for review and before well start. I just state that this is not a sponsored review. All opinions are my own, based on my experience of using the tablet for about a week. Alrighty fresh out of the box lets see what we have here. Weve got a android 11 tablet with a 10 inch hd ips screen 64 gigs of storage and 4 gigs of ram a battery power stylus with pressure sensitivity of 1024 levels, a protective case that can also be used as a stand, a charging, cable and adapter a Smudge guard glove that actually fits my smaller hand comfortably and a one year warranty card and user manuals. All these comes at a price of 2′ us dollars and is all you need to get started on digital art whenever, wherever, as the name suggests, this is an actual standalone tablet similar to an ipad. So you wont need any computers or stationary power sources to work with it, which is definitely one of the biggest pluses here, if youre still in school or travel a lot or just want to create digital art on the go or on the comfort of your bed.

Tablets like this are super convenient and comfortable to work with, but how well does this tablet work lets. Take a closer look at what we have here from an artists perspective software. The tablet comes with some pre installed drawing apps, but you can also get your software of choices from the play store, as there is now a nice range of driving apps for android. To my surprise, clip studio paint is also available for this device and runs perfectly in my opinion. Csp is hands down the best software for driving on the market, especially for comics, so having it on the frequency. Revenge. Tab immediately made this review process much easier. For me note, clip studio, has a monthly subscription free, but you can get some free trials to see if its for you, there are also other great free apps available for this tablet, like medibank krita concept, canvas painter and so on. You have four gigs of ram to work with so youll be able to get some decent performance here, but i also wouldnt push it too far with enormous file sizes or going nuts with 3d models in clip studio. You also have 64 gigs of built in storage that you can extend with another 120h, which should be plenty for your driving needs. The display we have a 10 inch, hd ips display plus bezels, which is a decent size to work with. As someone whos used to the galaxy tabs amoled display this one feels a bit grainy and with dual colors, but its also unfair, to compare a budget tablet to the best display currently on the market for the price category.

The reuben step has a pretty standard screen, but if youre working on a high resolution artwork, i definitely recommend fiddling around with line stabilization to avoid pixelation. The screen is not laminated. So, whenever youre, drawing on it, theres gon na be a gap between the tip of your pen and your cursor. Nowadays, more and more drawing tablets tend to reduce this gap to provide a more natural driving experience, but also remember that you can still buy wacom tablets that will have the same gap and glassy feel. The tablet comes with a pre installed screen protector, which is always nice, especially if you intend to draw a lot on your screen and want to avoid scratches, but it also can make the tip of your pen feel more plasticky against the screen. I honestly would recommend getting a paper textured screen protector to make the experience better, but its also highly up to personal preferences. The pen, the rubins tabs pen, is a sleek heavy battery power. Stylus the box comes with two batteries, so franzi got you covered for the first little while, but in the long run you might want to look into getting rechargeable batteries for your pen. The stylus has 1024 levels of pressure, sensitivity which might sound low compared to the market standard 8192 or 4096, but it still gives you a decent enough control over your line. Weight additionally, apps, like clip studio, allow you to adjust your line, stability and pressure control.

So a bit of playing around in the settings can help you make more out of this stat too. The line quality is okay, too theres, no shoelacing or weird blotches, but it isnt perfect either theres a bit of wobbliness here and there, especially for slower lines and drawing curses wonky at times too. So i definitely needed to adjust my line, stabilization and smoothing, but also know that im used to professional equipment if youre new to digital art, this might be less noticeable. The reaction time of the stylus was snappier than i expected. I got a quick response whenever the tip of the pen touched the screen, even with lighter pressure. The latency varies in different apps in clip studio theres, definitely a lag its noticeable, but also isnt, terrible once you get used to it. I got wavers latency in other tablets before so, given the price category here its not that bad at all touch and palm rejection. Another nice feature for driving is touch control which is hands down. One of my favorite things when it comes to driving on touch enabled tablets. You can use your fingers to zoom in or out rotate the canvas, choose, tools or tap for undo and other commands. This function makes drawing on tablets more intuitive and, in my opinion, easier and more natural than drawing with shortcut keys. The palm rejection is also pretty good here, even if youre drawing without the glove on it was very rare that my palm got registered on the screen.

It tried to rotate the screen a few times, but once you wear the issue its match guard, this problem was not there anymore, my hand also didnt leave any random pen lines or blotches on the screen. So that was a pleasant experience. Manu sometimes touching commands is a bit slow, so this might all be due to delayed response rather than a superior palm rejection technology, but regardless it works in favor of an artists needs verdict. This is a neat little tablet that i know i would have loved when i was starting out with digital art, and i was struggling with non display tablets. The fact that you can take this with you anywhere and have access to premium apps is great and, with the price in mind its a pretty good deal, is it a great driving experience its decent? If youre someone whos looking for great line, control and accuracy, you might be better off with a driving monitor, as your smaller model starts around this price category or there are the non display driving tablets. If thats your jam, however, remember that you would also need a pc for all those. However, if youre someone whos looking for a more flexible and easy option, the freedom to draw wherever whenever this has that going on, there definitely are better tablets on the market. But unless you got lucky with refurbished models, the price frenzy has here will be pretty hard to beat. Who do i recommend this tablet, for i think its a great deal for beginner artists, looking for a budget alternative and for creatives just wanting to dab into digital, doodling or coloring.

The tablet is nice and sturdy, so it could be a great and safe fit for kids too. It can also be a decent on the go driving alternative. I know many artists, myself, included, will have their pro set up with a pc but keep a standalone driving tablet as well in case inspiration strikes, while theyre not at home, or do smaller works like edits fixes and so on. The fact that this tablet runs clip studio means you can sync and access your files even easier, so this can be a neatly extension for your studio. It also could be a good fit for students, as apart from drawing you can use it for note. Taking ebooks zoom calls games whatever kids these days use tablet for summing things up. This can be an affordable starter tablet for folks. Looking for digital creative hobbies, young aspiring artists and kids wanting to explore digital driving without the restrictions of pc settings, if you think this tablet is a good fit for you or your friends and loved ones, you can find the links to purchase in the video description Below, if youre using my links, i may earn a little percentage. It costs you no extra, but its a nice alternative way to support this channel on my works, while youre getting the goodies for yourself if youre unsure or have further questions regarding this tablet, just put them in a comment section below, and i will be happy to Answer them based on my experiences, i hope you find this review useful and dont.

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