I just finished a component audit of the game, but its great that the rulebook uh inside it has uh how much of each card you should have what tokens. You should have just be aware that there is plenty of tokens and cards in this game. Um and Ive just double, checked everything and looks like all the numbers are sweet Im going to set up for um the generic um scenario I mean I shouldnt, say generic but um a new home crate Im going to set up for this. For those that want to watch with me um, I have yet to play or set this game up, so that might be a plus for some for some others. They might want some more experience to do this, but for those that are starting out like I am Im just going to show you how Im going to set this up in video form. So stick with me, I better clean out this table and get started. Okay, so, as I said, this is for the a new home crater scenario, which is recommended for your first game. We start with our generator its going to go right in the middle um orientated like so place it towards yourself Next Step. Ive set the rim pieces around the six of them um theres, two that are left out that look like this um for those that want to know um its a cliff side up um. As you can see, it takes up a lot of the table and theres a lot more to set up with it.

This this kind of game will take up your table um, just as a little warning. Um Ive set up the same as whats in the rule book Im, not sure if it really matters what order these Rim pieces are in, but I try to match the image inside the ruble. That was that step next step is to place the Beast of the generator um in the middle of your game. The drawers on the bottom here so its going to go down and see this beautiful stuff. There is an upgrade piece um that will just stay out separate for the moment. So no need to worry about that as of yet grab this Cookhouse tile and you place it behind the generator theres a space thats blank right behind it that you can put for that. Think for the ease of seeing things Ill, just remove the generator from now, and I will put it back at the end to remind you guys that thats meant to be there just so you can see the rest of the board Next Step. You grab your coal bag and your wood bag. Five wood goes onto the top left up here: theres, a symbol indicating that also white silver. There and five coal go to the top right. Just like that. Next up, you grab these stunning wall tiles and uh. What you do is you pull face down? You saw the shuffle Im just going to sort of rush, my hand and we go around the corners of the boards Im going to start the top right up there and you put these uh down face up because when they do have three deposits.

So at the moment thats a coal deposit um – I might get some blanks in your – kick – see theres a blank, so Im just going to bring that for the moment, but we dont need those down. The bottom were going to have another blank which you cant, see it on the bottom. Uh Ive got a wood, and another wood Canal is three as soon as you hit three three that shows them. Um resources we get rid of the blanks and leave those are the three around the wall. Ah, next we want to put out um some of our tiles, so these ones go to the five chosen threes randomly and we place them where there isnt deposits Ive got deposits here here and there so Im gon na put one down here. Okay put one down here, and it was: nice, fell off the top okay Im gon na shut up my near tools, which are like this on the back: pull them up grab three of those Im gon na place them um approach, clockwise order around matching matching those Into your problem here: Music, okay, okay! Next, we flip them over and we see what deposits we have so, for example, its going to grab this one for this one. This one has a total of three trees and two coal, so Im going to place some resources on those once were all flipped up and finished off here, so Ill set that up so Ive placed down all the resources.

Here again, the black cubes of the coal uh brown ones. Here the wood just match what it says there Ive got trees, these white ones are the trees and Ive got a steam cover up, probably just one: okay like that, and so The Next Step It recommends. Creating a bank of all the resources that um arent on the board at the moment, so my bank is just going to be to the side and also other things around here, Im going to put my generator back and then well start creating other things that are Extra to this, like all the cards and all the boards here, lets see if we can fit it on my table Next Step, you want to grab the Expedition cards, so weve got that on the back. I believe you dont put the Outpost ones in. I think theyre, four, that you take out spoon into a b and c, giving a good Shuffle Up and Im about to grab a three cards from the a deck one. Two three and these three cards will go on the right side of your map and then look at the first three Expeditions that you can choose from the other. Three decks just stay nearby, so Ive just placed uh the three ready to go on the right side. Here the three decks Ive got off to the side. Next up is to grab the technology deck and in this scenario, we dont use the steam Hub card.

So you put that one back in the box um these ones. We give a bit of a Shuffle Up special and we get to choose four at random, so one two three four and these will go at the bottom of our map. The rest of the cards go to the box, so theyre not available for this game, and we also put a development token on each of these. Weve got about four tokens: um thats, the active, so I believe, thats inactive, so they inactive each of these. Next, we grab a society card, um theres, many heres, normal and hard versions of different types of societies. For your first game and from my first game Im just going to choose the normal side for society one and they recommend that as well. And these will be uh stats that will add to our game and coming up next we set up our population board and its in the game. It comes in two parts you just jumping together like this um, you get three sickness markers for the three types of workers put on the far left for this scenario: um and then based on a society card. We start with eight children, so they put Market their own children. Well, weve got 12 engineers and 20 workers 12 Engineers 20 workers at the top um. This is a hunger token and food token. We start on eight. This may be different. Depending on what tile you drew um Im, drawing you these specific tiles, but if you draw a tile with three food on it, you then add that says in here add food coin.

To that I didnt draw any tiles that added any food. Unfortunately, so Im starting with eight food, this is meant to go at the top of the map. Im going to try and just squeeze this in the top of my map, um see how I go and just squeezing right. At the top up, there um see how we go with the with the rest of the jumper nearby heres, a little supply board um, and in this scenario they say that the corpse Market starts at one okay. So we put that little token here looks like this. A little token goes on one uh, based on our society. We start with uh four wood and five coal, so Ive got my four wooden five coal right here, um thats, actually, four so Ill fix that up. Theres another one and um, we also start with based on our population board so because we had eight children, one application board that matches the two Maple symbol. So theres gon na be two of the children tokens uh. We had enough from workers to be five workers and three engineers and youll notice, that on the population board, if you look at it now with in front of you that has the maple side. On top of it a place, you spent tokens nearby as well, and this is to the right of the map next to setup is the building board and you have multiple of certain tiles and theres a shadowy spot underneath where theyre meant to go its always on The non upgrade side I mean there are some that um cant be upgraded, like the workshop has the same on both sides, um and theres, other ones that get left to the site, because theyre based on different laws that you might make them so Im just going To decipher now, it tells me that the text and the rulebook to do that and Ive also piled up multiple.

The same doesnt seem not to do that, so I I assume you just put multiple up in there, but yeah lets stay to the right side as well. Next up, you want to grab your hope and discontent board for places of these Im, going to put all the blue tokens to like shuffle them up and Chuck them into your hoop bag, like so yeah theyre shuffling around same thing with the discontent bag grab. All the nine tokens that you have put them in and shuffle them up. Okay, now, based on our society card, were going to draw two of discontent, one of which is active Im going to draw two of the hope, both of which are active, so discontent without looking Im going to draw two or one at a time. So the first one and that ones active I need slot and the second one is not active like that and then blueberg theyre both going to be active. When I draw these up there, Shuffle okay, that one there a bit of a mix here and then we keep these bags to the side, this will go next to the population board at the top of the of the map. Next Ive got the round and morning board uh, so Ive got my round token up here to put at the top um Ive got storm Marker set to nine for this snow, and you Shuffle up all the morning cards on here, and this is meant to go Above your hope and discontent board um if you can fit it, I mean whenever youre trying to keep saying we meant to put these Im sure it doesnt really exactly mode for some of these but Im going to try and follow uh.

What the rulebook says to me all right: next, we get our law cards so the back of that the first eight um are always in both sense of things. We then also choose another four, so we Shuffle up these Shuffle and grab some other four to Chuck in the rest wont be used in the game, so they can be chucked out. So this is another four that I got and I think theyre freely available to look at because Im gon na have to choose some buildings here, because some of these might introduce new buildings also grab the um, the dust deck for the law consequences so that theyre, The purple looking ones the rest of the Dust ones, look like red, I believe so grab these ones. I guess we shuffle them up Im, not sure I might probably not, because it probably calls for specific ones um and they go into the future law display which looks like its to the left of the map. Lets grab some special buildings, though so unlock all the faith and uh order ones, which is like the filled kitchens and your Cemetery, which has the double size. The snow Pits on the back of the fill kitchen. So theyre always going to be there to be unlocked. Later in the game, Im just gon na put them underneath um Ive also got this child shelter thats, always in care house. I dont have um, but I do have the fighting arena.

You must sit in the public house, so Im going to add them to the bottom as well. Ive got my laws on the left side. Here I probably should put them this way, so I can actually see them. Laws and law consequences, um yeah right so uh with a dust board, and this is going to go above the uh hope track and round. Marker area um grab the triple zero card for the inevitable you Shuffle up the social dispute deck and you flip it face down with this new Shuffle Im, just not going to count any time to do this. I dont know, and it forms the dust deck in the middle. I assume this stays to the right. You get to see that next as well and thats um thats it for the dashboard, the rest of the Dust cards theyre just like reference cards, so theres, a big stack of them Ill just come to the side until theyre referenced during the game. Alrighty the generator board here so here as it says, Ive got these three little tokens here uh. I cant remember like Jupiter like that they have the duo going on. It says it like this: the first three slots, cold knockers on the fifth one. So one two three four five come back there weather cards. We use them all. In this scenario, the first scenarios Im just gon na shuffle them up a nice good place there. This is to the left side of the board Im just gon na move that up next we choose an advisor theres four to choose from here, um Im going to choose the social advisor because uh it talks about exhausting Justice.

I havent played the game yet, but Ive noticed that Ive got a Justice active on the very far left at the moment. So since this is the order of setup, I might as well try and take advantage of that. So this at least I could use this first round, I assume in Seoul. I also grabbed this cauterized card. Just I guess it bounces things out um talks about if I have at least certain amount of Hope to draw more season cards so kind of cool, and we we keep those next we grab citizen cards and for solo game. We draw seven season cards um, so Im gon na draw seven from watching on the shuffle seven one, two three fours five, six seven. Now it tells us to choose and discard one of the seven here I dont really know exactly what Im doing but Im thinking. I might discard Christina wardrobe because its looking wardrobe on it too much more, but I feel bad discarding a charity um and I still have to pay the cost. If I just got one so I have to spend a wood to discard this card. Thats gon na be from my stockpile here: Ill lose a wood, so I put my um on the bottom right here. I think Ive switched it compared to the rule book, but Ive got my discarded citizen Susan, Paul and Ive got in my hand the other six citizens uh. Next, you want to grab your face tracker card.

Have it nearby, probably preferably near the round marker and also grab the scenario, one cards with scenario 101 facing up Ill, just put that nearby as well. It recommends um, I think it says the top right. We just have to place these green tokens on round four and 11. as per the first scenario car. As you can see, it talks about round four around 11.. Now that scenario deck actually weve got to take out the storm card 108.. Lets put that next to our weather deck, which is on the generator board. I assume this is your active weather card. Google then says to grab the three stockpile, markers and put them next to the scenario display and also you can grab out of this um uh nice plastic. Here, your uh, I think its a reference sheets. I think its like action scriptures in the role that you have so I should be grabbing out of this um. The social advisor thats, like a nice little handy reference sheet that you can use for the game. You can also grab the first play Mark. If you want, if youre playing solo, um Predator ready so thats pretty much it um, it says to them to put anything that you dont, think you need into the back of the box um. I would definitely keep the tiles nearby as well, because Im assuming were going to reveal some new tiles. It does take up a lot of my table um.

I dont really want to zoom around, because this is pretty much my whole table with my with a few of my things. Shoot shop in the corner looks a bit messy, but I do look forward to playing this game um.