Morning Skincare Routine | MY SKINCARE ROUTINE with VALERIE CHU
True welcome to my channel today were in my bathroom. I just woke up but im going to do this video for you guys showing you my everyday skincare routine, how i prep my skin in the morning so check it out. I start off with this sk2 facial treatment, gentle cleanser. This spends about Music, this much on my palms, Music and use a small amount of water to just work it out after you worked it out, itll be like this and then ill just gently massage this cleanser from the bottom of my face and work. It outwards and carefully around the t zone area and just gently massage it after when youre done like massaging everywhere. I would then rinse it off with water and just slowly that water from my face dont rub it because it will be very damaging from your skin. So just gently dab all the excess water out of the way there youre done first step. One of my favorite things to do in the morning is: i would use a face mask for around about five to ten minutes. I would use this rose. Hydrating face mask from fresh ill show you. It just gives my skin an extra moisture in the morning, so i would just Music put it all around my face. I love using this everyday its just because my skin is so dry over here. Weather makes my skin really dry, and this just helps keeps it moisturized Music, something i would like to do essentially to kill two birds in one stone is while masking, i would grab this three skin harley street london rose gold illuminating eye mask.

I will put them under my eyes over the mask that i already have just helps with two things happening at one time: Music. If my skin is puffier, i would grab a tool like this. I love facial tools, give me any facial tools and i would just try it. This facial tool is currently one of my favorite, its by teresa tarmi. It vibrates, which feels really nice under your eyes, and i just go. You can hear its just like vibrating right now and i would just use this Music over my eye mask under my eyes. Just you do this motion Music for like two to three minutes per eye. Oh, it feels so good Music and once im done with this, i usually leave it for eight to ten minutes. So now we just wait: okay, im back, so we can peel these off now and im gon na rinse it off Music. Same thing again, i would take a towel and gently just dab the excess water Music once ive removed the hydrating face mask from my skin. I would then use this dr barbaras, the good vitamin c serum Music and just gently rub it in after that ill. Just wait for it to dry away once the vitamin c is dried from my skin. I would then grab this honey savior all in one skin repair self by pharmacy, Music then ill just place it over the vitamin c on my skin. Just kind of rub it in as well dont have to rub it in that.

Much because ill show you guys in a bit. This is just something that helps my skin hydrate, even more so ill grab the same tool that i was using for my under eyes. So this tool by theresa you kind of massage it all around my face so ill do this for around about three minutes. It just helps circulating the um Music, honey, um, repair cream that i just used, and you always do it outwards from inside out. Once im done, i would just let it dry and wait for a minute or two and then grab whilst im waiting for it to dry ill grab. My fresh sugar caramel lip balm love this. I love caramel just to moisturize my lips before i apply anything over nice moisture. Sorry, my dog is like sniffing all around in this bathroom because he wants to follow me and now he wants to get out. So give me a second Music to that. I would then use my fresh vitamin nectar, moisture, grow, moisture glow face cream. This is so good. I love this, so i would also apply it over the product that i just used: Music im just gon na let the moisturizer Music sit in and dry. So, in the meantime, just wait for a minute or so as well, and after that i would then use this library white caviar eye extrude. Sorry, i cant really pronounce this extraordinary ordinaire extraordinary um eye cream that i just bought so ill.

Definitely leave a review after to tell you guys if its good. This is the bottle Music. It comes with a cute Music eye roller, so you get this in the package. So how you use this? Is you just press this pump? Music? All you need is one pump per eye, so just grab this and use this eye roller the end of it just kind of catch it and put it on my hands and then kind of use this to use the ball to like kind of like grab it Up and slowly and gently just roll it around my eye area, so underneath my eye all the way up and im doing this like circular motion Music, once youre done, do the same with the other eye, so just Music were done. Oh wait! This is a most important bit because skin care, routine, like i feel like sunscreen, is like one of the most important things to incorporate it with your skincare routine. So i use this beer biore beer, um, uv water essence, spf 50 sunscreen its like a aqua base or like a water base, which i really like because it doesnt like isnt sticky against my skin, which i love, because you dont want something outside sticky and then Off so that when you use your makeup, it just doesnt work well, so im kind of like just make sure that goes all over my face there, it is were done. Thank you so much for watching my everyday skincare routine and i hope you guys enjoy it and the products that i use might not suit your skin.

But i hope that it gives you an idea for what type of products that you might be looking for, or you might think that you would want to try.