Microsoft flow simulator aircraft, yes, that’s right! Ladies and gentlemen, today we are taking a look at the project mega pack, a330 300 for microsoft, float simulator let’s, get into this video hello, youtube, i’m pilot stud and welcome back to another video. Now, as you can see, we are looking at an a330 in microsoft. Flight simulator: this is a freeware aircraft made by the quite obvious project mega pack team. As you can see on the side of the aircraft and oops, we just went into the building the a330, of course, being a dual engine: long haul airliner used by many airlines around the world. The aircraft itself is getting pretty old now, but with airbus bringing out the neo variant, it’s sure to be in our skies for a bit longer. Now, if you’re, unsure about the project mega pack, team, it’s, headed by a guy called clink, he and his team initially started out with delivery mega pack, but they’re now working on an aircraft mega pack and putting it together as a whole project. This is their first major airliner, we’ve had the a321, and but that went off the f320. This is, of course, a whole another ball game. I’Ve tested this aircraft vigorously taking out taking it out on a takeoff landing and a flight about the south of england and there’s, certainly some positives and negatives, and you know me i will go into all of them today. Now i should point out that there is some known bugs with this aircraft.

The team are looking to fix these with numerous patches down the line. These include, sadly, no icing or wing flex yet, and the rudder is slightly sensitive in addition to that, most controlled spoilers reversers do not work just yet so use keyboards or peripherals to control them, but now the moment of truth let’s hop into the cockpit. So, throughout this video, i would like you guys to remember, keep it in your brain that this is a freeware aircraft that you can download, probably about now, i’ll put a link in the description. If the embargo has been lifted, it’s been made by a team that have not been working for money. They’Ve done this out of the kindness of their own hearts. So keep that in mind as we look at this aircraft now. What we’ve got here is a modded a320 cockpit. The basis does go of the airbus a320 default version in microsoft. Flight simulator, however, as you can see, they’ve added loads of features first of all, brand new textures have been applied. We’Ve, of course, got this beautiful new throttle down here that looks very different to the a320. It doesn’t just stop here. We’Ve got plenty of new buttons added some work. Some don’t we’ve also got new physical parts of the cockpit such as the window lever here, and this part over here. Looking behind us, we’ve also got some new modeled spaces over here does look very nice overall. It is, of course, a massive difference to the a320.

I did underestimate how far they’d actually go with this let’s get this aircraft started up. Okay, so one thing i should note is that if you want to use this airliner, you do have to uninstall the a320 nx and reinstall it when you want to use it, because this aircraft is incompatible with it. This of course means this. Airliner is not study level because we haven’t got all of the avionics correctly in here, but who knows down the line? We may see something special. This does mean we’ve got the default mcdu in here as well, and sadly that means this aircraft may not be 100 compatible with that sim now, i’m, not sure they may have added some stuff in here, but i can’t recall the default um airbus mcdu from the Original game because i haven’t used it for a while. So if i’m missing something please correct me in the comments down below and i apologize we’ve got new cover. Ups on this nav button here looks a bit light to me. I think it should kind of be see through if i’m not mistaken and, of course, as i said, we’ve got the new throttle lever down here. Overall, it looks a lot more like the a330 cockpit. It hasn’t just been an a320 cockpit with an a330 external model. For a freeware airliner in its early days, it is beautiful, i have to say, zooming in you can see. The textures are a bit pixelated, but hey no one’s going to get this close anyway.

Whoever works on the engines deserves a raise, even though this is freeware, because they’ve done an impeccable job here now, as you can see getting closer to the aircraft, it does look a bit funny, in my opinion, a bit low fidelity with the blurry textures and some Kind of weird kind of curving effects now i’m, not too sure what’s going on here, but i’m sure they’ll fix it down the line. Another thing that is slightly annoying is these windows, not just what’s, going here with the texture layering, but once again this is a freeware airliner and it’s first released, so you can’t expect it all. Now a real highlight of this aircraft is the amazing new sounds. Thank goodness they haven’t just ported over the default a320 sounds, the engines have got brand new sounds and the aircraft as a whole has now. Sadly, you can hear the audio kind of loop sometimes so there is a bit of pause and crackle occasionally, but it’s no biggie at this current moment and there you go, you kind of heard it there. Turning on the nav lights, you can see the lights being here at the back of the aircraft when we turn the navigation lights on, you can see this light does pop on there’s no horrible lights escaping from their bulbs, so that’s, certainly a plus the gear assembly Is remarkable, although they could do with a bit more color here, because it looks like um we’re missing some metallic silver and it’s just white at the moment, but hey updates are down the line.

Let’S take this aircraft right right now, so here we are departing from london gatwick at runway 2, 6. Of course, taking off, we fly to the east and turn around come back in for a landing. Now i did experience some issues with the flight model, but i’ll get into that later, but for now enjoy these engine sounds with the take off. The flight model on takeoff is pretty good a bit like the default a320. In my opinion, and not as good as the a320 nx, but to be fair, i can’t really compare them and because of course, one has had a lot more time on and of course, the a320 nx is a far bigger project. This is personally a bigger task because you’re making a hell new aircraft, so the flight model can be a bit iffy at times, but overall on takeoff it’s, pretty good. You can see looking outside this aircraft, i mean it does look really nice it’s, going to be perfect for screenshots and, of course, long haul flights down to the caribbean. Now an issue that’ll happen for me was to do with the autopilot, as you can see on the screen now, i’ve even put a webcam to show me moving the side, stick my inputs, weren’t being accepted by the aircraft and i’m, not sure if this is a Default microsoft float simulator bug and because i’m, not using the a320 nx, but i turned autopilot off. We were setting ourselves up for the ils at landing on runway two six and it didn’t do anything.

The elevators and rudders seemed to work, but the ailerons they just weren’t moving the aircraft. It was really bizarre as soon as i reloaded in this problem seemed to go away, but it was a bit of a cause for concern for me not to sure what’s happening here if you’re experiencing this put it down below, because it might just be some file That i’ve broken somewhere, but i really doubt it, but as long as you save your flight exit to the menu and reload back in, it seems to go away coming in on landing. This, of course, is known as the butter machine by so many and to be honest for me for my first landing, it wasn’t too bad. Now, of course, with this aircraft, you’ve got a bigger landing gear, that’s also tilt very effectively with the a330, and they have modeled this um in this aircraft, and this made me struggle with it because it’s nothing like the a320, so i kind of came in to Land like the a320 kind of forgetting we had the tilted gear, and it was hard not my best landing by any means, but still a lot of fun. The aircraft came to a swift stop and the flight model on landing was pretty nice. Two hundred 100, 60, 50. 40. 30. 20. Now they put four months of work into the model, which is amazing, i have to say, and as and as long as you don’t zoom in too close, it looks pretty good.

We’Ve got a semi custom, cockpit as well with custom throttles engine starters lighting with some mcdu changes as well. We’Ve, of course, got. The custom rolls voice 720 engines with sounds, and they were provided by ft sim plus and, of course, the aircraft is pretty true to life in terms of dimensions. Now, let’s talk about the future updates. They plan on adding a third mcdu, sorting out some cockpit sizing flight model changes and, of course, smaller details. I’Ve already gone through some of the known issues, so they’ll be fixed down the road. Now i made this video before you guys get to try it, and i should say around now, there’s also a 30 livery mega pack for this aircraft, which is something to get very excited about. I hope virgin atlantic’s in there back on the ground here at gatwick. Right now, at night time, i just turned the landing and taxi lights on to show you how they look and they look pretty good. So what do you guys think? Do you like the project mega pack with custom, sounds of course, this beautiful aircraft model and a semi custom, cockpit, it’s, certainly a fantastic freeware aircraft of all the add ons i’ve tested it’s the best freeware aircraft so far, except from the a320nx. But you know it is what it is: it’s, not a study, level airliner, nor was it intended. So i mean, if you’re coming, to get this to get a study level airliner.

Then it’s not for you wait down the line for someone like pmdg aerosoft to make one. I think the lighting in the cockpit, especially at night, deserves a massive shout out as well. They’Ve done a superb job here. So what are your thoughts on this? Tell me down below i’d, be really interested. You guys are probably now only getting it downloaded. As this video came out straight on release. I hope you really enjoyed this review thanks again to clink for giving me an early access um copy of this airliner. I am quite impressed if you enjoyed this video, be sure to like comment and subscribe as well as check out my amazon affiliate links for all of the equipment. I use down below and consider becoming a channel member for exclusive perks, but from me today.